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The Avadonia family, proof that Parental Substitutes can be just as loving.

mothy shows that in the Evillious Chronicles, past all the tears and the evil and death, there's still a lot of moments that will make you go "b'awwww."

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  • From Original Sin Story, we have:
    • Kiril risking everything to revive Elluka inside the Sin.
    • Although it didn't end well, Elluka's last moments promising to protect her sister-in-law in "Survival 'Ma'" showed just how much she cared for Irina back in the day.
    • The scene in "Escape of Salmhofer the Witch", where Meta resolves to protect her children from being experimented on.
      • Even more so, her determination to get them back after they’re stolen by Eve. Mama Bear has never been so appropriate.
    • Hansel and Gretel's relationship, which runs so deeply that even their reincarnations are almost always side by side and in sync.
    • Despite the fact that it was started by brainwashing, Adam and Eve's relationship was nonetheless filled with sweet moments, from their pledging their love to each other in Project 'Ma' to comforting each other after leaving their children behind. They still did care for each other.
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  • In "The Portrait Glassred Drew", Gumina paints a portrait of Venomania's real face, saying that she always loved the real him, wishing that she could have conveyed that back then and that he accepted his real self. It's also heartwarming to know that she heard Venomania's love confession before he died, or at least figured out that was what he was trying to say.
  • In "Waltz of Evil," mothy stated in an interview that Banica and her servants became friends when they found her and cheered her up right after her mother's death.
    • In "Drug of Gold", we get to see Carlos' view on being eaten. It's as adorable as it is creepy.
    "I will be with you forever."
  • Clarith's reason for not killing Riliane:
    Clarith: When I looked at that girl, crying all alone/I saw the girl that I used to be
  • From The Muzzle of Nemesis album we have the follow-up song "Blink," which features Riliane after the revolution and has her observing the sapling Michaela, wondering about what the future (hers and the rest of the world's) would be by the time it's grown. It's a small song, but it shows just how much that selfish and petulant little girl has changed for the better.
    Rin: A prayer to the base of this tree/For an eternity of peace
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  • The duet in "The Maiden of the Tree ~Millennium Wiegenlied~."
    Michaela and Clarith: If you can live through this safely, and if the day comes we can meet again, let’s live in harmony together in the forest. I'll be waiting there for you forever.
  • In Praefacio of Blue, Yukina's moment with Kyle where she begs him to take her along to confront his mother, because she’s tired of standing by while her friends get hurt. He gently insists she stay behind, but not before she makes him promise he'll come back safely.
  • Keel's friendship with Kyle is pretty sweet when the former isn't berating him over his reckless decisions or threatening him to stay away from Yukina, given all the times he's helped and supported him.
    • When Kyle loses confidence in his skills and tries to burn all his paintings, Keel buys the last one and tells him he can buy it back when he feels better. (With the price doubled of course.)
    • Kyle himself notes that Keel's mansion has always been a safe haven for him when the pressures of his home life get to be too much.
    • It's Keel that uses all of his connections to unravel the conspiracy done by Prim Marlon.
    • In Praefacio, after Kyle's promised to withdraw Marlon from Lucifenia and knows it won't be easy politically, Keel takes him aside and says he'll help as much as he can.
    Kyle: Is that all right?
    Keel: We're best friends, aren't we?
  • Twiright Prank reveals that Allen was such a good kid that he even managed to make Banica like him; when he shared a snack with her while she was possessing Riliane, she returned the favor by sharing a "secret" with him. That secret would later turn out to be the basis for Riliane's regret message.
  • In the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, Mikina becomes consumed with guilt after Keel's death and leaves her home to live out her days alone. Shaw tracks her down and tells his other siblings, and they all rush to her side before she dies.
  • Although it's minimized in some of the other songs, Gallerian near the end of "Judgment of Corruption," hugging his "daughter" in his final moments.
  • Allen saving his sister from the Lucifenian Resistance in "Servant of Evil", even knowing he was going to his death.
  • Deep down Ney, despite only being their half-sibling, thought of Kyle, Riliane, and Allen as her siblings.
  • In "Heavenly Yard," a brief moment at the end has Sickle gently greeting Allen and asking him how he’s feeling. Considering all the crap the kid went through in life, it's nice that he has someone being nice to him.
    • There's also the revelation that Allen's interference in the real world to save his sister and Yukina was because Sickle was willing to bend the rules for him.
  • Knowing Nemesis' history, it's sweet to know that she had someone she loved who loved her, despite the tragic consequences. She looks very happy in her flashbacks.
    • Doubly so when you listen to "And the Girl Went Mad-End of a Moonlit Night-"; in that, Nemesis slowly loses the ability to feel anything but anger. Upon meeting her lover, she slowly but surely regains her other emotions.
  • From the "Seven Crimes and Punishment" story, Allen's interactions with Hansel and Gretel show that the two twins, despite being creepy as hell in Original Sin Story, aren't all that bad in the end. Gretel turns into Ney and tries to apologize to Allen for killing Michaela, even if it's not in her nature to actually say it, and asks him to give Riliane her regards. There's also Hansel intervening to save Allen not once, but twice in the story.
    • Allen's reunion with his dead parents is as heartwarming as it sounds like it would be, especially seeing how happy they are to be with their son again.
  • Listening to the children in "Barisol's Child is an Only Child" finally sing together in the final stanzas of the song, having spent all their lives alone before finding each other. Even considering their falling out later, being Levia and Behemo.
    Barisol's child is an only child
    But nowadays they're two children.
  • There are two such moments in "A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson". The first is an adorable seven-year old Germaine wielding a small sword and stepping out in front of Leonhart to protect him from Abyss and the Espionage Task Force despite being obviously outmatched. The second is Leonhart, who had only spared her with the intention of using her later due to her blood relations, being so moved by her love for him that he protects her instead of handing her over like he was going to, deciding to become her father for real.
  • "Swear an Oath on that Bridge" is a very melancholic song with a deceptively happy tune, featuring Elluka wondering if she can change fate and stay with Arth, Anne and the other heroes after she swears her oath. Both the melody and subject matter make Elluka seem very human and loving, despite her attempts at downplaying it. The official PV is even cuter.
  • The Grand Finale of the franchise as a whole: Allen and Riliane finally being reunited, and creating the Fourth Period.
  • Adam and Eve's appearances as Irregular twins in Master of the Heavenly Yard. They are so adorable. And even Michelle can be seen playing with them in the other room of Evil's Theater!
    • Also, their devotion to their mother, the Master of the Court really, Irina. This continues on when they reformat in the Court ending.
  • Riliane's concern for Kyle in Master of the Heavenly Yard. She thinks he's unsafe because he's also technically a sin contractor and may be hunted by Gammon. Not only that, but they don't reunite with fighting. Now that they're made equal because of the destruction of the world, the only thing they ever get to talking about is how they both were possessed by the Demon of Pride.
  • The Master of the Court giving Gear a Black Box so that he wouldn't hate her. After what she's done with Eve, and even though they're technically already mother and son, it's nice to see Irina make up for what she's done, sort of.
  • Venomania offering his hand to Banica in Seven Crimes and Punishments. Then later on, he finds out she's his descendant. It's just nice to see.
  • The master of the heavenly yard album reveals that Cherubim's full name is Cherubim Venomania meaning that he was allowed to keep his real name. While he still suffered, there is something sweet about him being recognized as a part of the family.
  • Song of the Third Period, the twelfth and final installment of the Clockwork Lullaby series, details all the souls of the Third Period, led by Michaela, singing to help Riliane and Allen move onto the new world. With it's soft, elegant sound to it, it beautifully contrasts with the darkly humorous Banica Concerto!! and the nightmarish The Karma of Evil Will Not End.
    • The last line of it (or more accurately, the last one that doesn't feature "lu li la") is a duet between a Gakupo and a Gumi. Considering the two only couplings that would be likely to have that part (Venomania/Gumina, Nemesis/Nyoze) and the emotional way the line raises in pitch at the end, this is definitely poignant.
  • At the end of "Banica Concerto!!", Hansel, Gretel, Lich and Eater are referred to not as Banica's servants, but as her friends.
    • Its sorta-sequel, "grEAT Journey", reveals that Carlos somehow came Back from the Dead and reunited with Banica.
  • In the "Clockwork Lullaby" album booklet, we get Kiril finally earning his happy ending, working for Sickle/TALOS in making music boxes that end up being the origin of the Clockwork Lullaby and then reuniting with the real Elluka and marrying her. Special mention goes to when Kiril and Elluka analyze "Swear an Oath on That Bridge" together and Kiril wonders if Levia-as-Elluka could become a savior if she regained her humanity. When he asks the real Elluka, she simply smiles and nods, showing that not only does she believe so, but that she evidently holds no ill will towards Levia for masquerading as her for so long.
  • Ichika's Twitter brings us this image of Ann brushing Arth's hair, which is beautiful enough on its own, but then it's made even more heartwarming when Ichika adds this image of young Riliane and Allen copying their parents! Can you say Cuteness Overload?
  • In a weird sort of way, the picture "grEAT Journey" paints of Banica's continued adventures through the multiverse; Banica's crew feels more or less like a Family of Choice, all people from different lives who find themselves in a happy, affectionate bond with one another, no matter how evil they were. Even Seth is kind of accepted as a member of the family!
    Carlos: Overcoming all the chaos, we will go on
    We reconstruct our bodies, reduced to beasts
    Bearing sharp claws, black wings on our backs
    If it's for our master, we have no regrets
  • "Waltz of the Departed", where everyone dances together before the Third Period ends, with Rin-chan singing the Period's farewell song.
    • The first two pairs we see dancing together are Venomania and Kayo and Gallerian and Nemesis (in the Clockworker's Doll). Nemesis is even smiling as she dances with her father.
    • Among the romantic pairs in the mix, we can see Clarith/Michaela, Karchess/Yufina and Anne/Arth.
    • Like Nemesis, Germaine is dancing with her father.
    • Kyle and Yukina dancing with each other.
    • Hansel smiling as he watches Rin-chan from the Evils Theater II with Banica.

Meta and fan content

  • Fanon example: This installment of The Abridged Series features one for Meta.
    Meta: So you guys wanna take my babies and, let me guess, do experiments with them? Because I'm a test tube baby too? And it'll make me a perfect being? And it'll relieve me of my crime? What interesting information! Here's my reply! (cue Meta running away with her babies) I'm running! Running, running, running, running! Those bastards can't catch me! Their security systems sucks!