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  • Approval of God: Although The Letter She Kept Waiting For isn't canon, mothy still enjoyed one of the fanon videos for the song, even pointing it out on his twitter.
  • Creator's Favorite: Despite killing two of them off early, mothy claims that the Three Heroes from the Daughter of Evil series are his favorite characters, especially Mariam. Several fans agree that they are all plenty badass.
  • Crossdressing Voices: A variant; in "Banica Concerto!!", Lich and Eater's singing debuts are provided by Meiko with her voice pitched lower.
  • The Danza: Sort of. Riliane takes the pseudonym "Rin" after the revolution. Similarly, Liliane/Riliane Mouchet is Only Known By Her Nickname, Lily.
    • There's also Rin Chan in the Pere Noel arc; the Envy arc also has quite a few, with Rin and Miku Miroku as well as Ren.
    • Rin from "Ten Minute Love" and the end of Master of the Heavenly Yard takes the cake—she basically is Rin Kagamine in all but full name (her surname is never revealed).
  • Development Hell: Word of God states that the Wrath arc took the longest to release because he wanted to condense Nemesis' whole life into the song (something he didn't do for most of the other sinners and didn't have to do in the "Story of Evil" because it was a series and not just one song). This apparently proved to be more difficult than he expected.
  • Fan Nickname: Fans commonly refer to the Demons of Sin as the demon they're based on, i.e. Asmodeus, Belphegor, Lucifer, etc. It helps that those names are in the English titles of the songs.
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  • Fan Translation: Almost all of the content of the series in English or with English subs is fan-translated. The closest mothy has gotten to providing official translations for any of his works is giving them alternate English titles.
  • Follow the Leader: The success of the novels, expansions on what was originally just a series of popular Vocaloid songs, not only put mothy on the map but also made it clear to other Vocaloid producers that it was financially viable to turn their song stories into literature. Cue many other expansion novels of popular Vocaloid songs. Some are better received than others, often depending on whether or not the work is viewed as a cash grab or if fans don't like having their interpretations nullified by explanation.
  • God Never Said That: For a while some fans were convinced that when the girl from Bloodstained Switch was given the injection, she split into two, eventually becoming Elluka and Irina. It was even considered fact on the Evillious Wiki for a while. But it turns out the "source" was comments on the video on Nico Nico that couldn't actually be attributed to mothy. Since The Original Sin Story -Act 2- album came out, the references made to the song's events on Elluka, Irina and Ma's and pages on the wiki have been removed.
    • Due to the fair amount of difficulty in fans outside Japan finding information outside of the songs and the possibility of Youtube reuploaders not sourcing videos correctly, many fanmade songs and PVs for the Story of Evil are taken as fact.
  • I Knew It!: Way before The Clockworkers (Irina and Kiril) were revealed to have such a big impact on the story, many parts of the fandom were convinced they would be represented by Iroha (due to Irina's love for cats) and Kiyoteru, respectively. It was confirmed they played those characters in the second "Original Sin" Album.
    • Also Hilarious in Hindsight, but there were some fans who predicted that Joseph was really the prince that Conchita was formerly engaged to before the details were confirmed on the website.
    • A huge amount of fans guessed a line in Evil Food Eater Conchita was about her being abused by her parents, but it never actually was explained, so that theory lost a lot of popularity. Guess what happened in the novel?
    • Albeit it was based on a translator taking liberties in their subs, but a lot of fans did still guess that Gallerian was killed by the Wrath character. The details were the only things off (the most common theory was that Gumi's character was related to Tony Ausdin).
      • What's more, fans insisted from the beginning that "The Last Revolver" and the Wrath song were related, the only thing off was that Gumillia wasn't involved in either song at all.
    • A few people actually guessed that Seth and the Mask of Intentions were related. Seth actually being the Demon of Wrath was seen coming by practically no one.
  • Jossed: From the Story of Evil alone, mothy's development on the series jossed many theories; among the most famous, it disproved the idea that Michaela was a princess, that she loved anyone but Clarith, that the characters were reincarnated into Vocaloids, or that Gackpo would serve the role of a prince or minister in the story.
    • The Gift novel, with one throwaway line, also jossed a common fanon that Elluka (and Ma, who was thought at the time to be the same character) was invulnerable as well as immortal. In a similar vein, mothy more vaguely jossed the theories that Ma was exclusively Elluka or Irina by his statement in an interview that it wasn't that simple.
  • Meaningful Release Date: The PV for "Master of the Heavenly Yard" was released on February 28, 2018—a full ten years to the day since the Chronicles started, bookending the franchise.
  • Playing Against Type: GUMI as the Master of the Hellish Yard.
  • Teasing Creator: mothy is this for his desperately analytical fanbase, refusing to shed light on his most pressing plot twists and instead only giving vague statements, such as his remarks about who Ma really is. It's a common phrase among fans, as well, to say that mothy's non-novel works raise more questions than answers.
  • Wiki Rule: The Evillious Chronicles has quite an extensive one. Considering how confusing the series is, this is probably for the best.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The song "The Letter She Kept Waiting For" was supposed to detail the end moments of Riliane in the monastery, and in fact for a long time few fans knew it wasn't the true ending to the Daughter of Evil series.
    • "Abandoned on a Moonlit Night" apparently was going to be called "Zoo Detention" with, presumably, a completely different plot.
    • Mothy released an instrumental track called "Red Cat Easter" at one point without revealing anything about it. While never officially confirmed, it's heavily speculated by the fandom to have been his initial conception for "The Song I Heard Somewhere", both due to the timing (having been shortly before the OSSCE album release) and the themes of "Easter" involving rebirth (ie, Irina's rebirth into a red cat body).

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