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She's going nuts!

The Evillious Chronicles is a series exploring the depths of evil in humanity, with corrupting demons and death in every arc. But a long-running series like this can't be serious all the time.

Novel-specific entries go on their respective trope pages.

  • In an interview in "Waltz of Evil", we learn that Pollo spends his past-time playing games with the zombie soldiers.
  • The food items in the “Evil Food Eater Conchita” are pretty funny by just how virtue of disgusting they are. They also include a carpaccio of Tako Luka. And towards the end, it’s darkly funny seeing the pixelated dishes labeled with “cannot be shown due to adult circumstances”.
    • There’s also a reference to Servant of Evil, with the “Servant’s special brioche”.
    • And to top it all off, the cast list labels “Len as the dumb butler”, “Rin as the less dumb but mean maid”, and “KAITO as the cook who cannot get a break”.
  • The fact that according to the PV for “The Madness of Duke Venomania”, Venomania’s harem includes Riliane’s horse.
  • Although claimed by many fans as the saddest series in the Chronicles, the Story of Evil has a lot of these
    • Chartette’s rocket glove, while handled to awesome effect, seems more at home in a comedy than a fantasy epic.
    Mariam: S…such a confusing name…
  • Elluka's treatment of Platonic in Gloom of Held. After essentially kidnapping her, she refers to it as "hiring a servant without paying her," traps her in the house alone while she visits Held, and forgets to leave her any food.
    Held: You do cruel things…
    • Later, Irina tries to torture Held. Held is quick to remind her that the torture doesn't work because, as a tree, he has no nerve endings and can't feel pain.
  • Karchess dressing in drag to get at Venomania. His segment of the song involves KAITO singing in a falsetto.
  • The Servants' Motor Mouths in "Capriccio Farce". And the Master of the Court joins them at one point! What they're saying might also be counted as Black Comedy.
  • The yonkoma manga. All of them.
    • Special mention goes to "Aku Musu," with its violently suicidal Clarith, creepy Yukina, and obligatory Christmas Episode.
    • From the "Deadly Sins of Evil" manga there are endless examples, but this particular one from the Daughter of Evil segment sticks out for making one of the most tearjerking scenes of Cloture of Yellow into comedy gold.
    Riliane: No… I have a thinner waist!!
    Allen: AUGHH!!
    Riliane: My eyelashes are longer too!! And I'm not flat-chested! Even my mouth!!....
    • In another one, Kayo sees her "lover" talking to an overweight woman. The next day, Kayo has stuffed her kimono so that she looks overweight too.
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    • Elluka trying to teach Michaela and Gumillia to be more human. Gumillia stuffs nuts in her cheeks and Michaela immediately starts trying to fly.
    • Elluka tricking Karchess into wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit to sneak into Venomania's mansion. Karchess is not pleased.
  • Quartets of Evil also has a few.
    • Michaela eats the Very Amazing Green Onion, thinking it was the right way to use it. She then sings Ievan Polkka to make a new one.
    • Venomania gets increasingly hopeless at getting a woman in his harem. He then flirts with Michelle, who is walking with her father. Gallerian grabs his hair and gets mad at him for attempting to ask out his daughter. Venomania then has to pay Gallerian because of it.
    • Gallerian's obsession with his daughter is also played with in his section.
    • The reason Kayo falls for Kai is because of his butt.
  • The unintentionally terrible Engrish in the PV for "The Muzzle of Nemesis", containing gems like "SHE KILLED LOVER" and "SHE DECIDED TO REVENGE". And yes, they are written in all caps like that.
    • Also, speaking of narm, every time that you think about Tako Luka killing Gallerian's family for too long, it becomes hilarious.
  • In "The Journey of Two Mages ~The Great Wall and the Watchman~", after being told for the third time that she and Gumilia can't pass through the wall for looking too foreign, Elluka loses her temper and summons a wind to blow the poor watchman away. Accompanied by a PV which depicts them all as chibis when this happens, with a little Gumillia curled up on the ground trying not to get blown away, it's really mothy's most comedic song. And to top it all off, there was nothing behind the wall once they got through.
    • Also in the PV, the look on Elluka's face just before she blows the poor watchman away.
    • Did Elluka and Gumillia really expect the watchman not to recognize them without changing their clothes and faces?
  • There are several choice moments from Waltz of Evil's emailed comedy stories:
    • In the Venomania episode, I.R. ends up judging a contest to see who can make the best chocolate, with the winner presenting their chocolate to Sateriasis. She tastes Lukana's, which is good, Maylis', which has alcohol in it, Mikulia's, which doesn't even look like chocolate, and then Gumina's, which has paint in it. She declares Gumina the winner.
    • In the Conchita episode, Banica is trying to celebrate the holiday Setsubun; for this, she has Arte and Pollo make a big pot of beans and asks Joseph (the only one able to withstand the heat of the beans) to throw it at the "oni." Joseph asks what an oni is and is told that it's an evil being... so he throws the beans right at Banica.
    • Another funny moment comes right afterwards when Banica threatens to send him to the guillotine and Joseph basically replies she can't do that since that's Riliane's line.
    • From the first Daughter of Evil episode, Gumillia being disproportionately grumpy to find out there are no mages in the Jakoku Doll Festival.
  • It's scary in context, but from "The Tailor of Enbizaka" it's a little hilarious to hear Kayo's definition of "cruel" as being someone saying "Nice to meet you" and "good day."
  • In the Greed chapter of the "Seven Crimes and Punishments" story, Hansel pretending to be Michelle by using ventriloquism and speaking in a falsetto, and the fact that Gallerian fell for it completely.
    • A lot of Hansel's banter with Allen is pretty funny, like with their different opinions on just who looks like whom and Hansel's wisecracking attitude through the whole story.
    • Gretel/Arte doing a Magical Girl transformation pose (complete with By the Power of Grayskull!!) to turn into Ney. Allen doesn't get it.
    Gretel/Arte: TRANSFORM!
  • All the hilarious antics Allen and Sickle get into recruiting the sinners to pose for the Seven Crimes and Punishments CD jacket cover in the related yonkoma manga, including but not limited to:
    • Venomania agreeing to pose because Sickle says there'll be pretty women there.
    • Conchita carrying Sickle off to eat him.
    • Kayo blushing girlishly about being on the CD jacket cover...then brandishing her scissors and asking with a black speech bubble what she should wear.
    • Poor Allen being unable to meet with Riliane or pose with her on the cover.
    • Venomania mistaking Kayo for Lukana, eventually irritating her into threatening him with her scissors.
  • In the Fifth Pierrot novel we learn that the Demon of Wrath is literally a mask with sentience, a species which apparently filled up an entire country in the Second Period. That on its own is pretty funny, especially with everybody stepping on him once his true form is revealed (giving no indication he can feel pain.)
    • Later on in the novel Arte has this exchange with Banica concerning Pollo acting so moody towards her:
    Arte: You did nearly kill the person he'd been calling his mother up until recently.
    Banica: That's not fair. I did fail in the end.
  • In the Tailor Shop at Enbizaka novel, Behemo gets in trouble with Sickle for incarnating Allen on the ground world for his crazy scheme (reuniting him and Riliane, which will cause world-ending levels of shit.) For some reason, Sickle has Behemo go down there to retrieve Allen. He promptly ignores Sickle and just lives life pretending to be a human, even working as a maid, until Allen at least fails in his quest.
  • The Graveyard ending as a whole. Banica and her servants go to an alternate dimension just because Banica's hunger isn't satisfied. It has an entire fantasy lore all its own and reads somewhat like a parody of Evillious itself. Not to mention that there's a race of giants in it. This is a MAJOR contrast to the very pitiful Court ending and the otherwise happy Heavenly ending.
  • Pretty much the fight between Gallerian and Adam, when you look past the actual reason of the argument, in Judgment of Corruption can be funny. Not only do they look alike, the real person in the doll was Irina Clockworker, someone who had probably never crossed their minds, seeing as she was pretty much inactive after the Duel of Merrigod Plateau. Thinking deeper into it, it's even funnier once you consider that Irina had incarnated as Maria Moonlit during the Court Ending, becoming Adam's mother rather than his lover, Eve. And she was also the Master of the Court who considered herself Gallerian's daughter. Do the math.
  • There exists some "Very Amazing" things, such as the Very Amazing Green Onion and the Very Amazing Octopus. Should anyone ask how they are very amazing, the default response is that they are nothing but.
  • A small one in the "Clockwork Lullaby" booklet—Kiril summarizes the subject matter of each song. He gets to Re_Birthday, which is without a doubt one of the most insanely confusing songs in the entire series. What does he say about it? That he will keep its contents a secret from TALOS for now, declaring that "the boy in the song hasn't been born yet", and leaves it at that. You can practically hear mothy laughing at us...

Meta and fan content

  • Mothy once tweeted about the fans often saying he "killed off" a given Vocaloid in one of his songs, to which he responds thusly:
    mothy: It’s a common mistake, but I’ve never killed a Vocaloid in any of my songs, not even once.
    The only ones dying are “the characters being playacted by Vocaloids”, not the Vocaloid characters themselves.
  • From the fandom, we have this installment from The Abridged Series. It's a collection of therapy sessions for the Evillious characters, which goes about as well as it sounds like it would. It includes such gems as:
    • The doctor asking Eve why she stole Meta's babies. Eve's response?
    • When the doctor complains that she doesn't get paid enough for the job to be worth it, Venomania randomly appears to tell her that she should be a stripper instead.
    • Kayo screaming at the doctor when she asks why she murdered the Mirokus.
    Doctor: I heard you killed three women out of jealousy. Why? Is it because they were prettier than you-
    Kayo: HELL NO! THOSE BITCHES STOLE MY HUSBAND!!! (breathes heavily) And you're...gonna steal him too...
    Doctor: SECURITY!
    • Allen's session starts out as a Tear Jerker, but when the doctor tries to hug him, Venomania randomly pops up and calls her a pedophile.
    • The doctor trying to comfort Elluka after she cries over Irina's betrayal. Again, Venomania randomly pops in, this time to call the doctor a lesbian.
    • Riliane explaining the Green Hunting. "Killing them all at the same time just seemed so much more easier than killing them"
    • The doctor actually gets along pretty well with Margarita...until the latter offers her a "gift". "I knew it was too good to be true..."
    • Josephine.
    • Lemy flipping out on the doctor, who screams for someone to get her out of the room.
    • The fact that the doctor had to interview...Riliane and Allen's glass bottle. And its reaction when she questions why she's talking to it.
    • Clarith's session, like those of Allen and Elluka, starts out a Tear Jerker. Unlike those two, the doctor doesn't even try to offer her any sympathy.
    Doctor: You should have stuck with the tree.
    • The doctor's interview with Banica, mainly because she's not even trying to psychoanalyze her. She just wants to know how to eat a lot and not get fat. She gets so insistent that Banica gets creeped out by her!
    • And finally, just when the poor doctor thinks it's over, she's told that she'll have more patients the next day. She doesn't take it well.