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  • Abandon Shipping: Very early on, before a lot of information had been released about the characters, some people shipped Kyle and Michaela by virtue of them being respectively Kaito and Miku. Once it was revealed that Michaela was in love with Clarith, this mostly stopped.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Because mothy writes his characters to be complex and morally ambiguous, this often occurs among his villainous characters.
    • Eve Moonlit and Allen Avadonia each deserve a special mention. Is Eve an Ax-Crazy sorceress with a deranged psyche or a broken woman whose delusions were a result of the Venom given her? Is Allen a Jerkass who glorifies the murder of innocent people in order to protect his sister, or is he a selfless sibling acting in extremely conflicted circumstances?
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    • In-Universe example with Margarita Blankenheim, where the "Gift" PV ponders whether she was a psychopath who took joy in killing others, or if she was simply manipulated by Julia.
    • Elluka Clockworker, throughout the series. Is she an ultimately good, heroic sorceress struggling to do her best in a complicated world of ambiguous morality, suffering from friendships with people she will ultimately outlive and the trauma of her past, or is she a selfish, hysterical, and callous witch who does whatever she wants and is increasingly desensitized to the suffering of others as her endless life goes on? The reveal that she's actually an amnesiac Levia, and her subsequent absorption into Ma upon this reveal only makes her more clouded as a character.
    • Irina Clockworker. Is she a victim of the circumstances of her birth, broken by factors in her life she couldn't possibly control and pursuing vengeance because it's all she has left in the world, or is she a cruel, jealous girl who only needed a small push to fall into villainy because she never sought to fight her true nature as an HER? Her genuine love for Lemy in the Pierrot novel and becoming a part of the evil entity Ma makes her nature even more muddled. And once her soul is expelled through her reincarnation as the Master of the Court/Doll Director, it just makes her character even more confusing.
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    • Another In-Universe example with Gallerian Marlon in his novel; Sickle, as well as some of Gallerian's allies (and former allies) question if he's actually gone mad and turned against the morals that he had as a youth, or if he was always willing to cause injustices to get his way and in his youth his desires just happened to align with what was just. Sickle makes a point of saying that, while he watches Gallerian, he can never really see what's going on in his head, so his motivations for everything he does can be questioned this way.
  • Archive Panic: Being such a large narrative with scores of material, often new fans end up confused where to start with even just the songs alone; many more, unless they constantly prowl for updates, end up missing out on tons of information brought on by new releases and new translations. It's common for many fans to take one arc in the series and stick with it, rather than keep up with everything at once.
  • Broken Base:
    • Whether or not Allen is overused as a character became a minor split among some fans, with his inclusion as a POV character for Cloture, presence in several short stories, and his reincarnation into the Tailor of Enbizaka novel. What side you're on typically depends on if you think of him as an overarching protagonist similar to the likes of Elluka, or just a Creator's Pet that mothy decided to keep around.
    • The increasingly heavy reliance on plot twists to move the plot forwards has polarized many fans. While some are appreciative of how it keeps the story interesting and unpredictable, others find the repeat revelations of varying scale to be contrived and gratuitous, as well coming to the detriment of things like character development and pacing.
    • The Reveal that Kayo killed the Miroku family out of revenge is probably the most controversial twist in the series. Either it's a good twist that makes Kayo more interesting and tragic, or it's a completely gratuitous twist that throws a perfectly fine narrative and creates a heaping amount of Fridge Logic.
  • Continuity Lockout: As can be expected with a series this long spanning across so many different media, although to mothy's credit he makes many efforts to keep fans in the loop in case they missed out on an installment of the series, such as including story summaries, glossaries, timelines, and occasionally explaining in the narrative itself.
  • Crack Pairing: Platonic/Arte is very popular, strangely enough.
    • Ichika, the artist most commonly associated with the Chronicles, has made a comic of Riliane/Banica.
    • Venomania/Gallerian or Vanomania/Karchess is quite popular in the Chronicles' yaoi fandom as well. Sadly, this often leads to poor Karchess going through serious Wimpification.
    • GEAR and the Master of the Graveyard is also popular. As is GEAR and Gardener/Gammon Octo.
  • Creepy Awesome: Banica Conchita is beloved by the fandom, despite (or because) she's a monstrous cannibal who will eat everything, even the most disgusting things imaginable, and eventually becomes an actual demon.
  • Cry for the Devil: Many of the villains in this series are given very tragic backstories, which the novels elaborate on.
    • Duke Venomania, among other tropes, gets this because of his horribly abusive childhood leading him down the path to evil in the first place. We as an audience don't see the whole story in full until after everything has fallen apart.
  • Draco in Leather Pants:
    • Duke Venomania is infamous for this, since despite brainwashing, kidnapping and raping countless women, there are some fan girls who want to willingly join his harem at their own free will due feeling bad for his troubled past, and being handsome, and....did we mention that he's really handsome? Some fans have (at least jokingly) suggested that this means his charms have an effect in the real world as well.
    • Gallerian is popular enough that even mothy had questioned why he had so many fans, commenting that he intended the character to be a complete scumbag.
  • Ear Worm: The "Lu, Li, La" part of the Clockwork Lullaby series is pretty much guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Though, being a franchise that started with songs, there are plenty more in the Chronicles.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Many. Rajih, Neruneru, Chartette, and, of course, Josephine.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Several villainous characters, though in particular, Venomania's entire schtick post-demonic contract involves being irresistible to women (albeit with magical aid) and Conchita only becomes a sexy beauty (as remarked upon by several characters) after she contracts with Gluttony.
  • Fanon:
    • While no designs have been released for several of the members of Venomania's harem, fans generally agree that they look like the Vocaloids and UTAUloids their names reference, such as Tette Cetera resembling Kasane Teto or Priema Soap appearing like Prima—some fans have even tried to identify these members as extra harem girls in the Venomania manga based on their hairstyles.
    • Similarly, Maria Moonlit/Alice Merry Go Round's design has never been officially released either, with the only thing we know about her being that she's a Miku. Most fans, however, believe her to look like the character depicted in the song "Madam Merry Go Round". Certainly helped by Gammon claiming that "Madam Merry Go Round" is what would become of the Master of the Court if she continued to pursue her "utopia" and sure enough the Master of the Court ended up reincarnated as none other than Alice Merry Go Round.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Kyle/Germaine from the Daughter of Evil series, mostly from KaiMei shippers due to them being KAITO and MEIKO. Their banter during Cloture of Yellow helps, though this sinks pretty quickly when Kyle starts trying to kill her for mistakenly thinking she killed Michaela.
      • Then there's the fact that they both have Marlon blood, making them distant relatives (Germaine being a descendant of Banica and Carlos).
    • Michaela/Clarith is one of the few Official Couples in the series that has also been warmly embraced by the fanbase, due to the sweetness and tragedy of their romance as well as the fact that the two characters are among the few undeniably good people in a franchise filled with more morally gray individuals.
  • Fandom-Enraging Misconception:
    • Go to any group of mothy fans and say that "The Last Revolver" is undeniably the song for Wrath. We dare you... Became Hilarious in Hindsight when it turned out to be a prequel to the song for Wrath instead.
    • Any new fan who says that the Daughter of Evil characters were reincarnated as Vocaloids. Which originated from a fanmade PV for Re_birthday which was commonly mistaken for canon. This also became Hilarious in Hindsight when Riliane ends up being reincarnated as a Rin lookalike in the Fourth Period.
  • Franchise Original Sin:
    • Mothy's notoriously bad Engrish in official translations and, most egregiously, "The Muzzle of Nemesis" PV, which English fans cite has having ruined the drama of the song. Engrish in the PVs and lyrics have existed even back in the early years of Evillious (an example of the former is Moonlit Bear's inexplicable "Do you wish it for the one who loves?" or "What do you hope to the moon?") but were less emphasized and subsequently less remarked upon by fans.
    • The tendency for novel adaptations of mothy's songs to have discrepancies with the songs themselves. In previous installments they were so minor as to draw no notice (such as Venomania seemingly recalling his old face as Cherubim in the song but having none of his memories in the novel, and Margarita mentioning having a mother in the song but her mother dying in childbirth in the novel, etc), however there was a great deal of outrage with it in the Tailor of Enbizaka novel, as the change altered a fundamental premise of the story instead of just a backstory note (the change being that Kayo did not do her murders as a result of her psychosis).
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • The Evillious fandom shares a bit of overlap with many other Vocaloid based light novel/manga/song series fandoms, the Kagerou Project in particular being one of the more well known in that run. This is in part because these other series were likely inspired by the Chronicles' success.
    • This used to be the case with the actual Vocaloid fandom before the light novels were released, but as the Evillious Chronicles displayed itself as an increasingly complex series with its own internal canon and characters, it became very difficult to enjoy and understand more casually as Vocaloid fans tended to do. Thus there was a split between those more interested in Evillious than Vocaloid as a whole and those who just liked the songs. Evillious fans will sometimes get frustrated with Vocaloid fans who often mistake characters for each other or are unfamiliar with basic plot points, and Vocaloid fans will sometimes disparage the Chronicles for being difficult to understand by the songs alone. Not that there can't still be overlap between the two, but the friendliness has cooled somewhat.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This video has a scene that becomes this after the release of "The Muzzle of Nemesis".
    Master of the Hellish Yard: Hey Ma!
    Ma: I'm not your mother!
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Riliane, big time. A cruel, selfish despot, but also an incredibly lonely and unhappy young girl with more responsibility than she could ever handle, who finally breaks down when the revolution is in swing.
    • And Venomania, once his backstory is revealed. Literally his only crime in being born was that he was ugly. Yet for this, his mother commits suicide, he's locked in a basement for years and years, and when he's finally brought out he's treated worse than a servant. The brother and childhood friend that he managed to get close to, respectively, plotted to kill him and cruelly made fun of him (even if she didn't really mean it, he thought she did). After killing his whole family in a fit of rage, he was just about to kill himself.
    • Conchita as a child. She was forcefed and terrorized by her mother so that she was dangerously overweight, suffered the destruction of her whole family, and the one bright spot in her childhood—her engagement to Carlos, who was starting to really care about her despite her appearance—is ruined when she sees a wineglass at her engagement dinner, triggering her PTSD and causing her to eat so violently that she scares them all off. The person she grows into is an abominable monster—but you can't help feeling sorry for the poor, abused girl that she once was.
    • Ney Phutapie/Marlon after her death.
    • Meta Salmhofer. Growing up without parents and engaging in a life of crime and terrorism for a while, she had a change of heart after giving birth to twins, and resolved to protect her children from being used by the scientists, only to get murdered and her children kidnapped by Eve. She mentions in her song that she's never been loved by anyone. Ever.
    • Nemesis. Assassin for Pere Noel and a murderer possessed by Wrath. She grew up alone in a hut in the middle of the woods, abandoned for a certain amount of time until she went mad, and had to kill the only person she ever really loved.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: The fact that Ney is a Marlon double agent is a twist in the first two novels of the Daughter of Evil series, but very clearly spoiled on the back cover of Praefacio Of Blue, which depicts her standing next to Prim and maniacally wielding a knife.
  • Memetic Badass: Chartette Langley.
  • Memetic Molester: Kyle Marlon, due to his epilogue in the Fanbook stating that he started living with Yukina Freezis after traveling the world as a painter. (Although with no dates specified she could well have been of age by that point.) There's also his engagement to Riliane and crush on the physically teenage Michaela. The fact that he was possessed by the Demon of Lust at the time didn't help...
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • An early one was "IT'S ALL KAITO'S FAULT!" due to the fact that whenever something went wrong in the Seven Deadly Sins series, a character played by KAITO would usually be the indirect cause.
    • Before the truth came out about how the hell Conchita was so thin, it was a widely accepted meme to say that it all went to her boobs.
    • Jokes about Allen's beheading.
    • Mothy himself has become a memetic Magnificent Bastard.
    • People joking and complaining about when the Wrath song is coming out was fairly common before its announced release, particularly claiming the wait was making them angry.
    • The wacky names of some of the characters have become memes on their own, such as Neruneru Nerune and Murararamurajakotasupopopo (what Muzuri originally wanted to name Banica).
      • This is even lampshaded in Quartets of Evil, when Banica names her daughter Larakinaboshinogotokuamuuru, meaning "cute." Even Vlad is surprised!
    • Karchess' memetic habit for cross-dressing.
    Yufina's gone missing? Bringing out the drag
    • Pollo tasting like chicken.
    • The hilariously screwed up version of Clarith from "Aku Musu" has become a spokesperson for frustrated fans.
    • From The Muzzle of Nemesis video we have the line "She decided to revenge" and the Nemesis Facepalm. See Narm below.
    • Referring to scissors when jealous of someone (usually someone who has Evillious merchandise)
    • Referring to Gallerian as trash became very popular with fans after mothy referred to him as such in reference to his disbelief on how popular he was with fans.
    • As if Gallerian isn't greedy enough to begin with, fans like to interpret his greed in.... Another meaning.
    • "EVERYONE IS EVE", in reference to the revelation that said character unconsciously takes over the identity of numerous other characters in the series, including Mikulia (who died before Flower of the Plateau) and Platonic and Margarita (who died long before the audience meets them and were always Eve as far as the narrative is concerned). On top of that, she's also the Demon of Sloth. On its way to becoming a Discredited Meme, having been used excessively for at least a year on end even as new revelations unrelated to this one are released, to the point where several fans are sick of hearing it.
    • As the reputation of the Chronicles grew and the series only continued to grow more and more complicated, *not understanding what's going on* or at least pretending not to has itself become a meme in the fandom.
    • A little while after the Clockwork Lullaby album came out, "self-aware Kiril" became a meme (based off of Kiril saying, "Vocaloid, huh?" in the album near the end when talking about the Third Period souls singing).
  • Misaimed Fandom: The Duke from "The Lunacy of Duke Venomania" seems to have quite a large fanbase who wish he'd seduce them into his harem.
  • Moe:
    • Young Nemesis.
    • Hansel and Gretel when they're not busy being creepy.
    • Allen and Riliane too, especially as little kids.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Actually subverted in many cases, particularly with the Seven Deadly Sins Series protagonists. Various events are presented as such in the songs, while in the overall series proper (particularly after Master of the Heavenly Yard came out) these characters end up being redeemable in some sense after all. Some notable exceptions to this are:
    • Prim. She can cross this in one of several places, depending on whether you consider what happened first in the timeline or what the audience got to see first, but the most damning thing comes when the audience finally sees the whole picture: She triggered two decades' worth of international suffering and warfare, all for the sake of spiting one woman who died halfway through this plot. In her last appearance in the series she's (basically) unconscious the entire time.
    • Ma. Her horizon is hard to pinpoint as well, but she's definitely crossed it by the time she reveals that she never cared for Nemesis at all, and sent Hanma to kill her rather than raise her. In the end, she's the only character who's completely erased from existence instead of moving on or being cleansed to start a new life in the next world.
  • Narm: Whenever mothy fails to pull off Nightmare Fuel or Tear Jerkers, it usually becomes this. For example, Allen's paragraph-long scream in the novels.
    • "The Muzzle of Nemesis" video has such Engrish gems as "She killed lover" and "She decided to revenge" in the text, although fans love the video anyway.
    • One of the Vessels of Sin is a spoon. A very powerful spoon, yes, but it makes for odd sentences such as "Mikina killed her father with the spoon."
  • Narm Charm: In the Clockworker reprise of "Recollective Music Box," it's sung by Hiyama Kiyoteru with varying and oddly tuned pitches that make it sound almost whiny and comical when not considering the lyrics. Considering that the song is about how the two women in the world he loved most are dead, the strange pitches can come across as him singing as he's holding back tears, varying between complete and utter depression for low parts and wailing for the chorus.
  • Nausea Fuel: Evil Food Eater Conchita, both the song (where Banica's menus get displayed on-screen) and the novel, where we have such delightful scenes such as Banica eating a plate of worms for her dessert.
    • Certain parts of "The Lunacy of Duke Venomania" might initiate this instead of a fetish.
    • One of the images in the PV for "Flower of the Plateau", depicting a naked Mikulia graphically mutated into a flower in a disturbing sexual fashion.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Has its own page.
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • "Tailor Shop of Enbizaka"; the guy she's stalking doesn't even know her. He doesn't even know she's stalking him. She then starts killing his family. The poor guy doesn't even figure it out until it's too late.
    • Eve Moonlit and the sheer amount of influence she has over the Chronicles, as revealed in the novel version of "Gift From The Princess Who Brought Sleep". She can hypnotize you into believing she's anyone and you wouldn't even know that you're palling around with a tiny doll.
  • Praising Shows You Don't Watch: As the majority of mothy's work outside of the songs have yet to receive proper or readily available translations, the majority of the fandom who praises the plotlines and characters introduced in the books and manga are going off of what fan translators have told them rather than reading it themselves.
  • Squick: "The Lunacy of Duke Venomania" has several scenes that are likely to provoke such a reaction.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Fan reactions to seeing that the cast list of the (non-canon) fourth theatrical adaptation of the Daughter of Evil added on some unknown male characters, merged a few minor revolutionaries, removed Elluka and Gumillia, and chose not to give most of the characters colored wigs. Unlike many adaptations of Evillious, this one has actually striven to be more faithful to the source material, so those expecting total accuracy were angered once they learned of the differences. Some Japanese fans even speculated on getting refunds. This only got worse when the musical actually came out.
  • Tough Act to Follow: The Evillious Chronicles is mothy's most successful and well known work—so much so that anything else he makes is quickly dropped by much of its fans the minute they realize it's not related to the series (English fans in particular, who have trouble accessing material to begin with and don't want to expend the effort).
  • Unexpected Character: Few people were expecting Rin from 10 Minute Love to appear in master of the heavenly yard, much less for her song to be confirmed as part of the Evillious Chronicles canon.
  • Unfortunate Names: Pollo is named after Apollo, the god of the Sun, prophecy, light and truth. It's also the Spanish word for chicken (which is ironic considering his fate). There's also Neruneru Nerune, named after a popular Japanese candy.
  • The Un-Twist: The reveal that, unlike the other awakened sin vessels, The Master of the Graveyard is literally Banica as opposed to an Identical Stranger that took on her appearance was not surprising to anyone.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: "Seven Crimes and Punishments'" PV is simply gorgeous.
  • What an Idiot!: Really, Scherzer? You couldn't take one minute to make sure you didn't end up kidnapping the niece of your financial adviser?
  • The Woobie: Many, but Allen, Micheala, Kyle and Clarith in the Daughter of Evil series stand out.
    • And Elluka, who lost everything she held dear in Original Sin Story and keeps on losing friends throughout the franchise.
    • The Clockworker's Doll. The lyrics of "Master of the Court" make her something of a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds too.
    Doll: How can the lifeless me understand? How can the heartless me understand?
    • Kiril Clockworker. He grew up as a ghoul child, had to watch the two people he loved most try to kill each other (one succeeding), unintentionally destroyed his homeland, and ended up a poor, miserable and crazy old man in a broken country who lost his gift to make music boxes. His tearful version of "Recollective Music Box" from his perspective just makes you wanna give the guy a hug.
    • The Patient from Blood-Stained Switch. She has a murderous split personality that she's terrified of, was bullied by a classmate that she was implied to have a crush on, and she was implicitly raped by her own father, whom her other personality later killed. In the Muzzle of Nemesis light novel, it's revealed that she eventually committed suicide in the clinic she was being treated in.
  • Woolseyism: In the early days of the fandom, translators usually took some liberties with the source material. Some of the ones made official by mothy are frequently bemoaned by the fanbase, but "Daughter of Evil" (the phrase also translating to "the evil girl/daughter") is often praised as giving the series a more unique flair, and is endorsed by other people working on the series in addition to mothy.

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