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  • This piano cover of "The Dragonborn Comes" from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, featuring an awesome PV with Miku seemingly singing live next to the PV's producer himself on piano. And that's not yet taking into consideration Miku's already awesome singing (including singing in Dragon Language at the end).
  • This video featuring Luka Megurine lipsyncing to ABBA's "The Winner Takes It All" using Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA's Edit Play feature. The producer was very meticulous with the video down to Luka's lips trembling during the singer's vibrato parts.
  • Party X Party, in which the Cryptonloids more-or-less play Dungeons & Dragons. And the ending reveals that Miku was the Dungeon Master all along!!
  • "The Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku", a sequel to "Disappearance of Hatsune Miku". It involves Miku coming Back from the Dead and realizing that as long as people still love and remember her and her songs, she will never truly die.
  • Haku and Kaito fighting with lightsabers.
  • Streaming Heart is awesome and so is its PV, especially at the end where the woman breaks through several barricades with a crowbar in order to punch her unfaithful boyfriend into the stratosphere.
  • Portrait of the Pirate F includes a pretty awesome swordfight between Peter Pan and Hook, not to mention a creepy but awesome spin on the story thanks to the twist ending.
  • My Crush Was A Monster Boy has Gumi realizing that the boy she fell in love with is a monster. While at first staring in utter surprise, she just continues to be with him, feeds him ice cream and when the military comes, she makes a stand with him against humanity.
  • "Jailbreak" has its two main characters (Kuina and Kawasemi) dream of busting out of their caged town with an airplane. As time passes, the boys go down different paths in life, but Kuina joins the oppressive task force they so hated, and Kawasemi continues to build the airplane. And during their first meeting in years, Kawasemi finally flies the plane into the bars of the cage. Although he probably doesn't make it and he didn't really escape, Kawasemi did do what no other person could do before— break the barriers of the cage around town.
  • "Sun Quan The Emperor" has Luo Tianyi, who's usually portrayed as moe as possible, as a fierce Magnificent Bastard, intending to unite all of China under her banner.
  • Meta: After years of small updates to the Vocanese project, the 2017 concert for Tianyi and Ling had the remaining members all get their voices previewed. Sure they weren't finished until later, but it was a promising preview of what was to come.
  • "Vocaloids are Lame". What does Pinocchio-P do when someone calls Vocaloids lame? Makes a catchy song about their comments.
  • “Alice in N.Y”, solely because of the fact that Len actually wins for once. And with a very ingenious idea, disguising as Rin in order to defeat Miku in a fashion show, upstaging her as both a model and a designer. That, and the character designs are glorious.
  • "Seraphim on the Ring" by Mitchie M is a Pro Wrestling Episode, with the Face team Cutie Angels (Miku and Rin) fighting against the Heel Amazoness team (Luka and Meiko). The awesome moment comes at around 3 minutes into the video, where the Cutie Angels stop and listen: the crowd is singing the chorus! They then pull off their Finishing Move, Angel Blast into Angel Suplex, winning the fight.
    • Special mention goes to Kaito's commentary throughout the song. While Mitchie is known for making the Vocaloids he uses sound realistic, a lot of praise went to Kaito's lively announcements, which they felt added to the wrestling premise. This is especially notable considering that people have been trying to make realistic sounding Talkloid segments for years.
  • Teniwoha's Villain (sung by flower) addresses the topic of gender dysphoria, concerning a transgender youth who's shunned by society. By the end of the song, they've embraced the role of the 'villain', happily dressing up in showy masculine clothes and singing about how they're not afraid of hiding themselves anymore.
  • BRING IT ON, the theme song for the Kagamines' 10th Anniversary written by Kagamine legends REOL and Giga. The song is a full-on Badass Boast in song form, with Rin and Len daring anyone and everyone to call them "second to Miku" now and how much they've grown since their release. Bring it on, indeed.
  • Tokyo Zombieland features Rin and Len fighting zombies! What could be better?
  • Doubling as a heartwarming moment, one concert had Lamaze-P, the man who made PoPiPo dancing alongside Miku as she sang his song.


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