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  • Although it means she could get killed, Elena successfully uploads the story of Irina's suicide to the web to rouse the people against Putin's regime.
  • Len saving Rin from Camui in "Farewell to the Dream" by knocking the gun out of his hand with a 90-degree kick.
    • In their second faceoff against each other, he manages to defeat Camui with the Atomic Suplex Hold. These are even more notable since both times Camui was the better armed one in the fight.
    • Their second encounter is also a repeat of their encounter in their past lives. Len, both times, is trying to get to Rinnote  and Camuinote  get in his way. This time Len defeats him. Kind of mitigated by the fact that he didn't reach Rin in time anyway, though.


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