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  • Zenkichi's very first crowning moment involves defeating Hyuga in one punch. Hyuga had just beat all the kendo delinquents bloody with his skills, and knocked out Zenkichi earlier.
  • Takachiho's ability Auto Mode getting beaten by Medaka's Kurokami Phantom!
    • To elaborate, Medaka bypassed Takachiho's super reflexes by simply moving too fast for her opponent's body to react.
  • Zenkichi's fight with Munakata is this. Munakata is seriously badass with his Hyperspace Arsenal, but then Zenkichi one-ups him by countering every single weapon that Munakata threw at him! Which, mind you, involves sledgehammers, pistols, grenades, a bazooka, and THIS.
  • Zenkichi gaining an ability of his own (Parasite Seeing) and him using it to defeat all of Emukae's mandragoras.
    • And right after that he manages to convince her that her Minus wasn't such a bad ability after all.
  • No love for Hitomi, the woman who gave birth to Zenkichi and probably where he got all his badass genes from? Well, here's a few:
    • In her first meeting with Emukae she swoops in to save her son from her Touch of Death powers, kicks the girl into a railing so hard her son thought she killed Emukae and then proceeds to sew her to concrete.
    • Her second fight with Emukae has her using gardening shears to slice and cut her way through vines as thick as a person and produce a motherfucking chainsaw to tackle a giant made of vines.
    • Constantly being hit on by Kumagawa of all people and keeping her cool throughout it. In fact, she deliberately made him crack. That's right, she made Kumagawa crack.
    • And she does all this while looking like she's twelve. Lamarck Was Right indeed.
  • HINOKAGE. He's so strong that people tend to forget him out of sheer fear, and yet he continues to protect and help everyone, knowing full well that his efforts will most likely be forgotten.
  • Kumagawa. Just... Kumagawa. Despite supposedly being the weakest, unluckiest being on the planet.** This guy took out a bunch of Abnormals like it was nothing. One of those Abnormals being a guy with superhuman reflexes.
    • His All-Fiction essentially allows him to warp reality. And oh god does he use it in the creepiest way possible. Like staying alive after impaling himself with a giant screw.
    • He's also unusually good at manipulating people, despite being a Self-Proclaimed Liar. Heck, he almost manages to recruit Kujira into his team!
    • His gambit in the Student Council Election Battle, wherein he volunteers to be the first to fight so that the rest of his teammates can take out Hinokage, Akune and Kikaijima who were, at the time, training in order to prepare for the next battles.
    • Chapter 88: I want to beat them!
    Kumagawa: "I want to beat those with friends when I can't have friends! I want to beat those who work hard when I can't work hard! I want to beat those who win when I can't win! I want to beat those who are happy when I'm this miserable! Even if I'm hated! Even if I'm despised! Even if I'm useless! I want to prove that I can be better than the main characters!
    • This guy forced Medaka to go all out. And this was after he gave up his reality-warping abilities. Wow.
    • The successors of the Student Council decide to take advantage of Kumagawa getting several orders of magnitude weaker as a result of him losing All-Fiction. And so Kumagawa gets ambushed, stabbed, sniped, sprayed with acid, tasered, tossed down a staircase and tortured by gardening tools. He still gets back up. And proceeds to kick the asses of all five girls who attacked him in one fell swoop.
      • In that same chapter, he explains that as the weakest being alive he knows everything about weaknesses, allowing him to instantly detect blind spots and vulnerabilities. It's also heavily implied that he succeeded in banishing an almost-certainly omnipotent person with just his aforementioned analytical skills and a simple Minus.
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    • His mind games with Aka Aoki have to be seen to be believed. Just go read Chapter 105.
    • His landslide victory in the second popularity poll. also counts as a crowning moment of funny.
      • Of note, he has more votes than 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places combined.
    • So we have Zenkichi versus Medaka. What to do? GET IN THE WAY.
    • Also in the final episode of Medaka Box Abnormal, an original story based around him. Everything he does in that episode is awesome.
  • In chapter 117, Zenkichi declares war on Medaka and Ajimu. YMMV on whether this is stupid or noble, but it takes brass balls to stand up to two superhumans.
  • "Dark Hero" Tsurubami Kamome. Zenkichi initially dismisses him as a Closet Geek who is too shy to even make eye contact. Tsurubami proves him very wrong when he challenges Zenkichi to kick him, and counters him before he can even move. After proving how badly he outclasses Zenkichi, Tsurubami offers to help and looks Zenkichi right in the eye to show that he's serious.
    • He later manages to take down Medaka.
      • Though she gets back up and curbstomps him next chapter, and shows that she doesn't even need to see abilities anymore in order to copy them. Whoa.
  • Munakata's fight with Kumagawa.
    • Munakata actually managing to kill Kumagawa! Shame he's immediately one-upped when it's revealed that Kumagawa had managed to stay alive by retaining All Fiction. Somehow.
  • The Naked Apron Alliance's gambit in the Bloody Sevens game, a cunning ploy, that, for once, was not perpetrated by Kumagawa, but rather, Kikaijima! Rendered in her initial villainous version to boot.
  • Medaka winning a tug-of-war match against the entire school with enough force to send students hurtling into the air. Okay, maybe that's par for the course. What's better is that the last one holding on to the rope was Zenkichi, and he didn't let go for one second.
  • You know that the world of Medaka Box is bonkers when you learn that there's a voice actress who remodels her internal organs to be able to play any kind of role. Her first demonstration of her talent? Mimicking a piano. And actually sounding like one (or at least good enough to fool most people).
  • Zenkichi wowing the crowd with his harmonica skills. Even managing to make Medaka tear up!
  • Zenkichi's ultimate moment of awesome: winning against Medaka. Against. Medaka. Even Ajimu, our resident nigh-omnipotent being, thought it was impossible, and he did it. And he might have captured her heart in the process, too!
    • And the way he did it (according to Ajimu) was awesome and heartwarming: he appealed to the student body's compassion, and most of them listened.
  • Ajimu has repeatedly stated to have quadrillions of skills. On this and the next six pages are 600 of them.
    • Also counts as one for the scanlators, who decided to translate and type set every single one. Wow.
  • Zenkichi's successful Batman Gambit in chapter 144.
  • Nienami cutting a aircraft carrier in half with her sword.
  • Chapter 145, five words Altered God Mode - Model Zenkichi
  • Chapter 151. "Book Maker. It's a seal that took even Ashin'nin-san three years to remove. Well, it's pretty weak right now, so maybe you can remove after thirty years! Good luck."
    • Zenkichi's epic rejection in the same chapter.
  • Chapter 183: Zenkichi tanking Iihiko's hit head on, losing an arm in the process.
    • The end of the chapter counts as one of the biggest in the series: Iihiko is FINALLY defeated.
  • Chapter 153: How does Zenkichi's student council keep Medaka and the Jet Black Wedding participants from going to the moon? Crash the jet they're flying in into the rocket naturally.


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