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"I'm Tish, and I live here with my family!"
"This is Tash. She's not real."
"It doesn't matter!"
"Tish Tash!"
The show's Opening Narration

Tish Tash is an animated Preschool Show that was developed by ChangHwan Shin, and produced by Studio Gale, August Media Holdings, Karrot Animation, and ASI Studios.

The series follows the adventures of a young pink bear called Tish, her family, and her larger-than-life blue Imaginary Friend Tash, as they learn about the world around them. No matter what troubles they face — be it surviving long, boring car trips or helping Tish's baby brother not to be too sad about losing his favourite toy — these special friends can create new worlds around themselves, embarking on fun adventures.

The series premiered with a Korean dub (titled "티시태시") on EBS1 on September 28, 2020, and all 52 episodes have aired by December 22. Each episode is 5 minutes long, but is usually paired with another segment to make a Two Shorts format. An English version airs in the UK on BBC's preschool channel, Cbeebies. An English episode was uploaded to YouTube one day before the Korean premiere, but it has since been taken down.


See the trailer here.

This show contains examples of:

  • Alternative Foreign Theme Song: Originally, the show aired in South Korea with the regular 15 second Opening Narration being dubbed. Halfway through however (at least starting with episode 19), an alternative theme song lasting 1 minute and 8 seconds started airing (despite having been on the internet days before its premiere), and can be viewed online here.
    • Likewise, the Korean broadcast originally had no end credits in sight (which is already different from the original, considering it has its own instrumental credit sequence); however with the addition of the new theme, there is also a different ending song that showcases Tish and her family and friends dancing.
  • Best Friend: Tish is best friends with her Imaginary Friend, Tash.
  • Don't Ask: Pola is baffled at how quickly Bobby went to sleep, after how feisty he just was about getting into the car. Rosa tells Pola that it's "best not to question it".
  • Dub Name Change: In Iceland, Tish and Tash's names were changed to Rán and Rún respectively.
  • Imaginary Friend: Tish has Tash, who's larger-than-life and looks nearly identical to Tish (except she has blue fur).
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  • Ms. Imagination: Tish, who together with her Imaginary Friend goes through many adventures using her imagination.
  • Name and Name: An example of which the word "and" is not actually mentioned, as the title refers to the two main characters.
  • Opening Narration: The show's theme song has Tish introducing her family and explaining that Tash is her Imaginary Friend.
  • Spiritual Successor: This show is a British-Korean one to the Australian cartoon Bluey, as both are a Slice of Life about a young animal child and her family (with a younger sibling involved), playing games by using the power of imagination. Funny enough, Bluey is already admittedly a Spiritual Successor to the British cartoon Peppa Pig.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Pola sings a quick song in the family car about how nothing can go wrong. Right after he sings that, the family is stuck in traffic.
    Rosa: Oh, you just had to sing that song!