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Kumagawa's abnormality isn't healing
Much like the ex-presidents invisability, healing is a side effect of his true, terrible abnormality. I have no idea what that is but I do know that it is terrible because Medaka already has it. That was what Oudo found when he tried to use his Unreasonable Taxation on her. Just like whenever Kumagawa attacks someone, his arm was horribly damaged, then instantly repaired, the only real damage mental. She obtained it three years ago when they last met, perfected it, then realized the utter wrongness of it and immedietly repressed it.
  • Confirmed.
  • In chapter 70 he downright states that his power could destroy the world, if he doesn´t pay attention.

Kumagawa is actually a Split Personality of Zenkichi
No real reason, really. It would just be hilarious if her biggest follower and the one guy she couldn't help/control were the same person.

Kumagawa is reformed and will become the Vice President INSTEAD of Zenkichi being promoted
  • Kumagawa will also win Medaka's heart. Zenkichi will become an Unlucky Childhood Friend. At least he has the miser for backup.
  • Confirmed, by chapter 92. Well, the part about Kumabawa becoming Vice President, anyway. No news about the other part yet.
    • Could possibly be Zenkichi's reason for wanting Kumagawa's arm band.

Medaka is a Humanoid Abomination/Eldritch Abomination in a human shell
After what was revealed about Medaka's inner self in chapter 55 and the severe Creepy Child vibes she had in the flashback, it is reasonable to think that she's something else playing at being human with varying success. It'd explain her God-Mode Sue ability to bend reality (Tropes Are Not Bad). Whether she actively knows this is another matter.
Medaka (Chapter 55):Within a beast like me in an abnormality that a human cannot withstand.

Zenkichi is a Normal
One that is so Normal he can deal with the sheer insanity of all of the Abnormals and Minuses running around, which manifests as his willingness to befriend them as equals and apparent resistance to certain abilities. Or maybe it's because he's been hanging around Medaka, an Abnormal compared to other Abnormals, for so long that everything else is easy to deal with by comparison.
  • Think about the number line. The Abnormals are the super positive, while the Minuses are the super negative. Right smack in the middle of them? Yeah, Zenkichi could be the zero, neither positive nor negative. (Ok, that sounded better in my head.)
  • I agree with you on the 'Normal' part. But he is not right smack Normal. I'm more of the opinion that he is a 'special' Normal, in that he is BOTH super positive and super negative at the same time, leading to others thinking/feeling that he is a 'Normal'. Otherwise, its kind of hard to explain the door incident when it switched back to his DOB when he tried to enter...
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  • Further expansion of this theory is that he could keep up with Medaka's power leveling, be one of the first to meet the minuses, etc. Why is that so? Either he has abnormal luck, in which case, he would be list either an abnormal or a minus, or he's what I'm guessing: At the same time an Abnormal and a Minus, so everyone can only understand him as a Normal, when he is actually Normal, because he is 'Abnormal/Minus' to the extreme.
  • How exactly is he an Abnormal and a Minus at the same time, though? Especially since being a Minus/Abnormal seems to depend a lot on personality. For example, Munakata's power is basically the urge to kill, which is technically a minus, yet he's an Abnormal. Kumagawa can heal, but he's so damn evil he's a Minus. How does Zenkichi emulate superpositive and supernegative at the same time?
    • Sidenote: All Pluses and Minuses are classified as Abnormals. Plus/Minus is a sub-catagory.

Zenkichi is a Zero.
Based on the math theory going on — the Mary Sues are "13", the Anti Sues are "-13"... and Zenkichi has shown he's more or less immune to both's abnormalities. Following the math, this would make Zenkichi a Zero — a null.
  • He may be a "neutral", in that he neutralizes abnormal powers. He might even be able to touch Mukae's hand without it rotting him.
    • Confirmed. He starts out as a normal but then becomes a zer0 later on after acquiring the skill devil style which nullifies plot armor from Hanten.

Zenkichi's abnormality/minus (if he has one anyway) was sealed away by his mother.

After chapter 70 Zenkichi will become The Dreaded for Kumagawa!

Someone else gave Kumagawa his "All-fiction" Minus
It's been confirmed that Kumagawa didn't have that power when Medaka beat the crap out of him in middle school. It's possible someone else gave him the ability a few years ago, and is the real Big Bad of the series. The idea of someone running around creating Anti Sues with the power to destroy the world For the Evulz is pretty creepy.
  • Confirmed. It was Ajimi.

Zenkich has Anti-Magic
There are a few hints that Zenkichi may not quite be the Normal that he seems, and that his abnormality may be the ability to resist/keep up with some Abnormals. He's certainly been shown to resist a lot of powers, it takes a combat abnormality or a natural phenomenon (explosions, poison gas, etc.) to take him out, usually. He even resists syringes made by an abnormal when fighting Medaka II!
  • And he can remember Hinokage!
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why can Zenkichi fight back against Oudo's body control command to kneel, despite being a Bad Ass Normal? He's a Zero — an anti-abnormal, of course. How can Medaka do the same thing? She copied Zenkichi's abnormality, of course. How is Medaka going to fight against the -13 class? With the same powers, of course.

Zenkichi's original ability was Live Zero
Going on the above theories, and the name of one of Ajimu's skills. Maybe Zenkichi's original ability was Live Zero?

Ajimi is a personification of the Void
Yeah, there is another one!

Zenkichi is a Youkai
All of the youkai in Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan have the same two colored hair that Zenkichi does, so maybe his ridiculous ability to not die comes not from hard work, but from being a youkai. I mean, what Normal could survive being impaled in the back by seven or eight weapons?

Shiranui is an Emotion Eater
This page states that she "swallows" people. This might be hinting to her ability to eat emotions especially negative emotions since she also states that Zenkichi is too sweet to swallow. There is also the Big Eater aspect of her character.
  • Chapter 85 reveals the name of Shiranui's abnormality is "Real Eater", the actual effects of her "eating" Hinokage has yet to be determined.
    • Add this theory with how it's said that the personality shapes the ability, considering how Hinokage's Mister Unknown becomes Theme Song, maybe her skill can manipulate somebody such that the skill would change.
    • Well actually, it seems to run in the family. She can, in a similar way to Ajimu, trade someone's ability with another one.
    • Partly confirmed in chapter 179 where it's revealed that "Real Eater" is a skill that alters other skills and and in the process also rewrites a persons personality. It's more appropriate to call her a "Personality Eater".

The actual Medaka is a dream and the dreamer is Zenkichi.
Idea behind this is the meaning of the Magical Girlfriend trope. The Magical Girlfriend is basically an imaginary friend, who are often more "perfect" than the child, who creates them, and always leading the child into new adventures, like Medaka did with the young Zenkichi.

When Zenkichi and Medaka met each other the first time, Medaka possessed no personality and Zenkichi was in an age, where children start to create this imaginary friends. Somehow, Medaka adopted Zenkichi´s idea of his "perfect" friend and became it! This is why Medaka is so idealistic: She is an ideal herself, a personification of Zenkichi´s own dreams as child. While Zenkichi grew up and start to saw the flaws of his ideals (and became a little cynic), Medaka kept her sometimes childish naive personality. Still, she is dependent on Zenkichi, as we see by her complete breakdown, whenever Zenkichi was close to death.

That´s said, it is not Zenkichi, who protects Medaka´s ideals. MEDAKA is the true guardian, always trying to uphold the ideals, even Zenkichi became to doubt, which allows Zenkichi to develop an realistic, but still optimistic view on the world.

Gagamaru didn't always have Encounter
During the fight with Shibuki, when she uses her Scar Dead on everyone, Gagamaru is hurt too. With his ability, though, he should never have gotten hurt in his life. Therefore, in his childhood, he must not have had Encounter yet and it may have developed from his desire to push away all of the "unexpected accidents" in his life.
  • He actually did have Encounter when he was a kid - at least, by the time he met Shibuki.
  • He probably did always have it, it just wasn't developed enough yet for him to control.

will become the next Big Bad.

Her entire motivation for starting the Flask Plan in the first place may have been simply to create other beings on her level.

  • Similar to the WMG involving Medaka. Ajimi has the Orange And Blue Morality for a eldritch horror. But unlike Medaka in the WMG she is not benevolent.

Zenkichi will spend the rest of the arc trying to decipher the cryptogram
  • Since he is kind of a Butt-Monkey, and there's been some lack of focus on him
    • Confirmed as of Chapter 115. He doesn't seem to take being in last place well, and now he may be recruited by Ajimu

Zenkichi actually has an Abnormality/Minus, and Ajimu traded Parasite Seeing for it with Lip-Service
  • She had to trade All-Fiction to give Kumagawa his Book-Maker back, so presumably she can't just give other people skills as she wishes and can only swap skills. She has Zenkichi's original ability now and perhaps this would become integral to the plot later on.

Whether you would develop an Abnormality/Minus depends on your blood type.
  • That, or the author REALLY likes the AB blood type, even by Japan's blood type-obsession standards.
    • It's probably because any other blood type is too "Normal" for most of the characters.

There is a more serious reason for Zenkichi being more cynical in the present
  • Zenkichi as a child generally seemed extremely cheerful and optimistic. While you could dismiss it as simple maturity, he still seems to advocate the ideals that he once gave to Medaka. Knowing Isin, it may connect with this current Zenkichi vs Medaka arc

  • Not necessarily in the "meticulously plans out the entire plot" way, but more in a "what? My story's not doing so well so I should change the genre? Fuck you, I'll show you genre change" way.
    • The first part is simple enough: take the original premise, file off the romance subplot into standard characterization and then apply Medaka's sheer ridiculousness to the typical fight arc.
    • Part Deux: Deconstruct/subvert/parody the shit out of that change. It's not just a shonen/fighting manga: it's a shonen/fighting manga where the main plot is to make people into shonen/fighting characters. Don't give then special abilities through "devil fruit" or "soul reaper/hollow/full bring" or "ninja magics" inherent to the setting: straight up call them "Specials" or "Abnormalities."
    • Part Tres: Just keep at it, raking in both that sweet, sweet shonen fandom and those who enjoy a good vicious parody, and everyone in between.
    • Part Shi: Here's the pay off. After all of this, after introducing the most mind bendingly broken character yet (to be certain, give her quadrillions of abilities), after going this far... flat out say the entire journey up to this point has been worthless. No one grew. No one achieved anything. But now that the characters know this, they can progress. You know what's really important now? What'll finally get everyone to where they need to be?
      • That goddamn romance subplot you dumped way back at the beginning. Fighting? Who needs it, the main heroine can never be beaten. Making friends? They're already friends, and no one's actually really trying to antagonize anyone. No, what needs to be address is the UST in the main characters. And it'll be address in the most over the top, deconstructionist/reconstructionist/weirdest way you can pull off, capping off a truly ridiculous series.
  • This, my friends and fellow tropers, is Nisio Isin's grand plan to screw with everyone. It does not necessarily need to be maliciously based. Hell, it could have even been planned from the beginning. But the important part is outlined above: turn a typical shonen tale into a twist, non-ecludian mess. Ouroboros that thing up. It's a slice of life/romance, then battling, then a parody, then a deconstruction, then a reconstruction. Finally, it's a romance arc again. And always, always, make it self aware and ridiculous.
  • Part Five: Profit.
    • I applaud you sir. I had a similar theory, but your explination sounds better.
  • This seems to be a theme in Nisio's works. Bakemonogatari, Katanagatari...fighting is ultimately meaningless in them too.

Sukinasaki is going to be the final villain to be effectively beaten in Shonen-style, and Najimu Ajimi will end up being The Unfought
  • Seems like that.Sukinasaki is a downright Creepy Child who has proved to be somewhat evil and manipulative in the one-shot already, and seems to be an old enemy to Kumagawa himself, who was, by the time they met, the pre-Big Bad. Would that make her a Bigger Bad character? Well, about this, I don't know. Also, she's got a quite broken Abnormality, as she can brainwash and control everyone by using her cards(except, of course, Medaka and Najimu).
  • As for the Big Bad Najimu Ajimi, well, let's see... Immortal?Check. Has an overwhelming number of different powers?Check. Can negate her enemies abilities?Check. Can read other people's minds?Check. Can be anywhere, anytime? Check....In the end, Najimu is one of the most evident game breakers in manga history, possibly. There's no possible way she can be defeated in a battle against the characters, except maybe for Medaka, as she already mentioned. As a matter of comparation, Kumagawa was able to erase the world with his ability, and couldn't beat her. The best he ever could do was to seal her powers, an act that has been apparently losing its effectiveness...This way, she's going either to change her ways and leave the main cast alone(which can really happen, if Medaka bests her both in arguments, or in the election), or win, and then in a would-be quite spectacular twist, resign from her victory, and leave. But battle-wise, she's physically invincible.
  • Partly Jossed, as Sukinasaki is revealed to be quite a nice individual by the end of her chapters, completely averting the image of Manipulative Bastard she has created in the one shot. Najimi really ends as The Unfought antagonist. She wins in the end, but in the end "resigns" her victory, deciding to leave in a pretty bombastic fashion

Najimu Ajimi is the Author Avatar of Nisio

The Sheer amount of fourth wall breaking on her part, and the implications that the entire plot is a product of her imagination turned into reality very strongly suggests that Najimi is both the Author Avatar and a Self-insert genderbended version of Nisio himself.

The Devil Style ability is enhancing Zenkichi's original ability as an unintended consequence.
This is because his Devil Style ability is a passive instead of active ability removing all plot luck from consequences. Zenkichi's original ability is some kind of active skill that he subconsciously uses through sheer willpower, which results in him still being able to pull off plot because his original power allows him to do things that should've been impossible for him to begin with. By nullifying plot his powers come in full force.

To put it another way since he can resist abnormal and minus abilities these things will always have diminishing returns when used against him when he starts to invoke his power through determination always instead of sometimes. And other examples of his not-normal abilities like how he has a borderline harem because of his inexplicable ability to use heart or the fact that he atracts wierd people so he's destined to always have contrived coincedences only instead of a chance of it not happening it will always happen.

Ajimu isn't dead.

Presumably, Ajimu has fought Ishiko thousands of times, give or take a few hundred, over both their existences. And Ajimu apparently lost every single one of them. Now, it would make sense that a few of these fights ended in her death. And it would make sense that out of her quadrillions of skills, one of them would be able to defy Ishiko's and bring her back to life.

  • Iihiko doesn't have a skill and Hanten'in mentioned that Ajimu was never outright killed by Iihiko before.
  • More or less Confirmed by the last chapter of the Manga. The note that Ajimu leaves on her card from the Hundred Flowers Run Arc is an invitation to play again, and everyone else seems to take this as absolute confirmation that she's still alive. Not that many of the characters ever believed she really could die anyway.

Ajimu's next goal was to defeat Iihiko
It would make sense since he has been the only thing ever she couldn't win against.


Everything in the series was a mass hallucination event.
They were all kids just playing with superpowers. Iihiko shows what happens when you try to use those "powers" against a violent thug who doesn't care for the rules.He warmed up to their game eventually, at least.
  • Not exactly hallucination, but still make-believe games. In the epilogue, it even states they lost their powers when growing up, "as if they didn't need them any more". Why? Because they were actually a huge group of anti-social kids (often highly gifted kids, who can't connect to others of their age) who couldn't make friends (it's said quite often that both Abnormals and Minuses have troubles with that) who instead make up fantasy stories, and then start connecting with each other over them.


Mogana's real married surname is Kumagawa.
Although Kikaijima probably uses a different surname in public, there is a LOT of Ship Tease between Kikaijima and Kumagawa during the Naked Apron alliance. It also explains why Kumagawa Misogi is hiding from everyone else; he would break the promise he made during the Graduation Ceremony if the others found out that he was finally happy.

Explanations for Iihiko Shishime's powerset.
  • He is an extra-dimensional being similar to Leliel. Attacking what appears to be his 'real body', is only attacking a shadow-form, which is why it'll fail. You need to be able to perceive and interact with higher dimensions to attack his real body.

Explanations Najimi Ajimu's powerset.
  • A form of chaos magic. She may have quadrillions of powers, but thinking she has fine control over such seems absurd, even by the manga's standards. She uses them in the form of a shotgum blast, where she may have a vague idea of what she wants, but little control of the exact end result.

Ajimu is a future version of Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • They're both nigh-omnipotent brunette with yellow ribbons in her hair. Ajimu's long forgotten the SOS Brigade and has probably recreated things a few time. However, she's drawn to Zenkichi because of his similarities to Kyon...


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