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Warning: Unmarked spoilers abound!

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  • The fight in episode 3. That is all.
    • OHKO punch by Shizuo to a street-punk... straight out of his clothes.
    • Simon pulling off a Crazy Awesome stunt by leaping out of a five story building to catch a vending machine Shizuo just threw.
  • Izaya stomping on a girls cellphone and then shaving a guys head.
  • Episode 6. Kyohei Kadota singing and dancing when Kazutano regains consciousness. That's right. Steve Blum. Singing. And DANCING.
    • Gets better after they deck the smuggler despite being sleepy from the chloroform.
      Smuggler: Hey... who are you guys?
      Kadota, Erika, Walker and Saburo: We are... THE DOLLARS!!!
      Smuggler: Dollars...
      [Saburo punches smuggler in the face]
      Smuggler: I'm so... sleepy.
  • "I have all the pawns I need..."
  • The middle of episode 11 is this for Mikado. The episode then proceeds to 'maintain' the level of awesome, especially if you've watched Baccano!.
    • The true moment of awesome is when Mikado sends the email. Up to that point, everyone in the background of every episode is drawn in the same shade of grey. The moment that the email gets dispatched, everyone in that crowd starts being shown in full color. And people said the Dollars weren't a color gang...
  • Anri revealing herself as Saika's host by calmly stopping a knife with her forearm.
  • Shizuo going all-out against Saika's children.
    • And eventually finding restraint to stop himself and being happy about it.
  • Walker strolling up to a van full of kidnappers and casually lighting them all on fire in episode 18. And he even opened his eyes!
    • He also took advantage of himself being a Motor Mouth and a Cloudcuckoolander to confuse the Blue Squares gangsters holding Saki hostage.
    Walker: Unlike in the movies, in manga, no help came for the poor girl and only a terrible dark fate lay before her. And so this got me to thinking... if a hero were to suddenly come out of nowhere and save this poor damsel in distress, then maybe real world would go all 2D and turn to an anime... Where I would then become the total super hero savior-type with special powers that lets me all the hot chicks and build a massive harem I've always dreamed off!
    Izumii: [Walker's] just as freaky as ever.
    Walker [Walker brings out dual molotov cocktails] Dan da da da!!! We're about to embark on "Operation Let's turn reality into a to a bitching anime story by way of a happy ending!"
    [Awesomeness ensues]
  • Episode 22 Anri is about to be assaulted by some Yellow Scarves thugs, so the Dollars start banding together to try and help her escape. Everyone who is close to Anri's location start assisting her - giving her a chance to escape, making obstacles for the thugs, and even attempting to disguise her with a giant bunny costume. There truly is a power in numbers.
  • Masaomi single-handedly taking down a whole bunch of Horada's goons in episode 23, armed only with a Jimmy bar. Notably more awesome in the light novel, in which it takes a few cracked ribs and a lead pipe to the head just to get him down, but even then he's not out cold.
  • Mikado and Anri's respective entries in their Big Damn Heroes moment in episode 23. It's hard to decide which is more epic, Mikado skidding in on the back of Celty's motorcycle, or Anri slicing a steel door in half with Saika.
  • Shizuo vs Horada in Episode 24. Also counts as a Funny Moment. 'Nuff said.
    • Especially when he throws the highway sign like a javelin.
      Shizuo: ONLY PUSSIES RUN AWAY! [Throws sign at Horada's car]
  • Shizuo vs. Izaya in Episode 25. AWESOME SAUCE!!!
    • Bring on the parkour!
      • A smaller example would be Seiji flooring a thug with one punch. Yes, that Seiji.
      • Mairu beating up Hiroshi and his group effortlessly and topping it off with some fanservice by kissing her sister soon afterward.

    Durarara!!x 2 
  • Vorona's debut when she faces Celty and has her distracted long enough to lure him into a wrap full of thin wires to "cut" off her motorbike helmet.
    • Her second appearance includes her fending off Anri when she wielded Saika and sniped at Celty with an anti-material rifle.
  • Members of the Dollars once again grouping up to save people (the kidnapped girls) this time from the seedier members of their own organisation. This includes Walker using pyrotechnics again.
  • Shizuo vs Vorona, which includes:
    • Shizuo shrugging off a ballistic knife to the chest.
    • Kicking a car along a road to provide himself with cover from gunfire whilst chasing a truck.
    • Shattering Vorona's AK47 into hundreds of little pieces by backhanding it.
    • Jumping in front of some falling knives to protect Akane.
  • Mikado stabbing Aoba in the hand with a ballpoint pen for involving Anri in his schemes. When Mikado immediately switches back to being his meek self, it actually unnerves Aoba.
  • And while it is a bit dark, Vorona and Sloan being utterly outclassed by the Yakuza.
  • Akabayashi gets rid of his Saika-influenced eye after being attacked five years ago. And he does it the hard way.
  • Mikado setting the stalker on fire. And this was after he was beaten to a pulp by that stalker.
  • Erika stopping Izaya from performing a Breaking Them By Talking on Anri.
  • Kasane Kujiragi revealing that Saika can be broken and reforged from fragments to Izaya... by having a brainwashed Slon beat him to a pulp and kidnap him. Who's the Manipulative Bastard now?
    • Izaya turning on the tables against Kasane by staying out cold long enough to have his backup arrive and subdue the brainwashed Sloan.
  • Kasane's spider-woman impression is fairly impressive, managing to outpace a raging Celty.
  • Shizuo blocking an excavator falling from several stories high with his shoulder and then walking it off to go Tranquil Fury on Izaya.
  • Shinra overcoming the third Saika's influence and then later using it to sever Celty's head from her body, after having Shizuo toss him into the air after her.
  • Togusa ramming Nasujima with his van after Kadota recognizes him as the one that ran him over. After everything he's done, the son of a bitch sure did have it coming in the long run.

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