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Basically, anytime Akiyama (or sometimes Nao whenever they team up) deliver a coup de grace is a CMoA. One can routinely get a feel for whatever ridiculous - but nonetheless awesome - thing Akiyama's going to do when the game is demonstrated, by imagining what a normal person would think of as the stupidest move in a game, then wondering why a super-genius Chessmaster might do it deliberately. Net upshot? Stuff that looks Crazy Awesome that's actually Awesome by Analysis. In a manga based around winning high-stakes games of wits, he does this a lot:

  • During the first round, after lying to Nao's former middle school teacher, Fujisawa Kazuo that's he's about to steal his money and gives it to Nao, Fujisawa locks himself up in his house over-protecting the safe, which contains the money he has and Nao's. But what actually Akiyama's after is to replace the real LGT letter with the fake LGT letter which is an hour before the actual time since Fujisawa was so paranoid that he missed that chance to retrieve it. Nao also got fooled as well since Akiyama didn't tell her too in order to make her acting seal the deal. Fortunately, Nao (and later Akiyama) gives Fujisawa 100 million to pay off his debts.
  • In the second round, Minority Game note , thanks to a tip off from Nao, Akiyama finds out that Mr.X is Fukunaga even before Fukunaga's revealed and ruins Fukunaga's plans. However the biggest epic moment was during his turn where he need not wait for 6 hours. All Akiyama needs to do is put the vote "NO" inside, show everyone that he's not lying by holding the "YES" after his vote and declare that he'll win. This throws the remaining three players into a ridiculous spiral.... AND Akiyama wins thanks to the help of No.22, who was earlier suspected as Mr.X.
  • In the first revival game, Downsizing game, Nao was tricked into participating it since she's the only one with no debts(thanks to a sly LGT officer). Furthermore, no one wants to help her even Fukunaga tricks her into taking 30 million from her. However with the help from Akiyama (who acts as Nao's assests), they manage to hatch a plan to get some votes from Fukunaga and trick the rest of the contestants into giving Nao 10 votes each. How it does that? After telling each contestants that Fukunaga will win with the highest amount (Which is true), Nao tells them to give her 10 votes and will give them 70 million at the end since anyone who gets eliminated will be revived (which is false).
    • And after the game, Nao figures out that if their desires are not overtaken by greed, everyone wouldn't be in higher debt and be saved. So she eliminated Miura Takayoshi, the only one who apologize to her for his betrayal at the earlier round and give him 200 million to pay off his debts. What's more Nao tells everyone that she's going to give back everyone their money and start out the same amount they have from the beginning.
  • At the end of the third round, Contraband Game, Nao lays out a Breaking Speech / "The Reason You Suck" Speech on Yokoya like a king hit, even if Yokoya, by his own standards, had just won. Nao's speech was able to take a self-interested, greedy manipulator and through force of personality and the dissonance of her seeming honesty, shake Yokoya's assumptions about what he knew, and what she knew. She also chose a great time to strike - right after Yokoya delivered a successful Breaking Speech to resident Chessmaster Akiyama. Nao then breaks down all the reasons that Yokoya was the true loser, and Yokoya claims that since he won quite a large sum of money, and that since the Liar Game tournament is essentially a zero sum game (or "one person winning means another person loses), Nao's goal of saving everybody is impossible. Nao then tells Yokoya that there was a very simple way of toppling his assumption before leaving, successfully provoking him into entering the next round when he had been planning on just quitting. Then, when Akiyama asks Nao how she was going to break the zero sum game, Nao then admits that she had been lying, and said those words solely to provoke him into another round where they'll have another chance at taking back all the money that Yokoya took and use it to pay off everybody's debts.
    • "Doubt: 100 Million." Oh so very much. Not just a brilliant moment, though - it's made even better by the revelation afterwards that Akiyama really had no idea whether there was any money in the case at all. Right or wrong, he called doubt just so that the other team would know they had the balls to do it.
  • In the second revival game, thanks to Nao's Character Development, she manages to convinces Fukunaga, of all people, to cooperate with her in the last round after reading Fukunaga's true intentions. She first devise a way to make Fukunaga a traitor and tips of the opponent Nao's fake lying habit. Once it happens, Nao PURPOSELY loses and at the second last round, the opponent got tricked completely. Only Akiyama knows of her plans and scolded her on doing that plan. However it leaves Akiyama speechless due to her reason why Fukunaga helps her and thanks to his lessons during the time she's with him, she wants to demonstrate that she didn't need Akiyama to solve all her problems.
  • In the Pandemic Game, after Saeki Kiyoshi and Kawai Tatsuya are qualified to the next round and being tricked that Nao's up to no good by Yokoya, Akiyama uses their guilt when they keep refusing Nao's pleading by asking them to do a simple task. To lock themselves in the one of the four room (since it's the only way to determine their status) each while Akiyama and Akagi Kouta in the remaining room. Yokoya tries to bribe Saeki and Kawai in a total of 300 million but fails. And the plan succeeded without anyone losing.
    • And if you think that neither of them win as Kurifuji, one of the LGT officers who's taking care of Yokoya, tells them... You're wrong. Turns out that due to Nao's lying, Yokoya was tricks into bribing Akiyama and Akagi swindling him 300 million from him. The expression of Yokoya and the LGT Officers says it all.
  • During the Fourth Round, Musical Chairs, when it only Nao, Yokoya and Fatso (or Teppei Ikezawa) left, Akiyama reveal his true plan by using all the Extra Alliance (Minus Hiro Shimakata a.k.a Young Jump) and Abe Yukiko and encircle Yokoya, forcing him to not take the chair to sit. This is one plan that Yokoya did not see it coming.
    • How it happened you ask? Before Young Jump betrays Akiyama to Yokoya, he manages to get all the trash medals that Young Jump kept and trade with his teams. After Harimoto's team is eliminated, he approaches the Extra Alliance, reveal Young Jump's betrayal and hatches a plan to use Teppei's trash medals (A LOT after the Extra Alliances checks it) into real money. note  Not even Yokoya would expect that Akiyama would use a 'Power Play' against him. Sure Yokoya could have escape but due to the fatigue and not getting any sleep by staying up all night to prevent other teams to make contact. Ultimately Teppei wins by default and lets just say he's not to happy about it once he realizes he won without any of his medals.
    • In Chapter 124, Nao points out that despite being pressed on both sides by Yokoya's and Harimoto's groups, those two groups will eventually need to team up with Akiyama and the "Extra's" group because they have the most voters to decide the winner. Which means, they have the upper hand over both groups. Even Fukunaga is stunned that the previous crybaby, frightened girl who used to be so easily tricked by others was the one who was calling the shots.
    • A minor moment occurs in chapter 126. As noted above Akiyama's team is currently losing, which means one of them is going to become an "Extra". Baldy immediately refuses to even take that chance and starts bossing everyone around and because he has all of their secrets (like where their chairs are located or the numbers of the chairs) and can just betray them to Yokoya or Harimoto, he gets away with it... for one night. Akiyama decides that Baldy's just not worth the effort and gives Baldy a fake location. Thus Baldy gets eliminated without the opportunity to even join up with Akiyama's opponents. To make it doubly awesome, Fukanaga takes the time to coldly and calmly lay it out to Baldy just how utterly screwed he is:
    Fukanaga: Acting like you're the boss here, dripping with selfishness and egotism, and not giving a damn about the team. My group came to the conclusion that we have no need for someone like you. Die.
    (the signal to take a seat goes off, thereby eliminating Baldy)
    • As Kurifuji notes in the next chapter, this wasn't just some petty revenge for bossing them around but actually the smartest move they could play. Baldy probably was going to betray them sometime during the game (and had severals ways to utterly screw them over in the process) so the only possible option would be to lie about the location of Akagi's chair at the start of the day, while also getting the location of Baldy's chair. The only thing Baldy actually has to use now that he's an Extra are the numbers of the chairs but Yokoya and Harimoto were already well on their way to figuring them out anyway.
  • In the final quailifier round, Bid Poker, in Chapter 156, Nao figures out that the true leader of Harimoto's group is actually Kimura. Akiyama already knew that, but it doesn't change the fact that Nao figured that out all by herself and in her own way. (even though that Nao's sulking on Akiyama finding out first.)
    Akiyama: During their time as participants in Liar Game they witness countless of deceptions, lies, even getting duped or tricked by one another but at long last they found someone that they could trust whole-heartedly. *points at Nao Kanzaki* They could team up and work together because of the existence of one Nao Kanzaki. I'm sure that your group realizes that one she opens her mouth, she would spew petty words saying that she wants to save people or work together. That's the reason why she gets duped, abused or tricked. But even after that, she would never tries to entrap them. Everyone here who've participated since the Pandemic Game with her, has been through 3 games including this game. She's been through many rounds of this game and in all of them, she's been fooled time and time again regardless of the nature of this game. And yet, she never once try to get back at those who deceives her. Before the last round of the change session, all the players were really cornered with no way out in sight. You'd been driving them in a corner all throughout the game, and finally, they realized if there's one person who would never ever betray them it's Nao Kanzaki. And once they did, not even your bond of steel could stand up to them.]]
  • Akiyama's gambit in 181. Yokoya is in a constant state of Oh, Crap! when he realizes what Akiyama has planned up his sleeve. To "save everyone" like Kanzaki predicted, Akiyama first bids on numbers 17 and 18. Because allowing him to get them would cause everyone to lose, one of the remaining groups each sacrifice their chance to bid on Akiyama. Then he switches his tablet with Kaneko's so that Kaneko's team can't bid on him and because each of the members can pay the penalty for losing, everyone who can't afford to lose is saved.
  • In the final round, Nao's short speech in chapter 187, at the beginning of the last game of the last round. She sees right through Yokoya once he describes his father's teaching that "a person's worth is decided by how many other people he controls." This has, apparently, been what has been guiding him throughout the Liar Game. In response, Nao points out that, because Yokoya is merely putting into practice his father's words, everything he does is not thanks to his own ability. It's thanks to his father's control, and Yokoya will never be able to break free from that control if he continues to live by his father's words. Even Yokoya goes speechless, and pale with fear. Let's restate that: Nao just gave Yokoya a Breaking Speech. Hot damn.
    • Akiyama and Nao's gambit in the final round. They both knew that Yokoya would make both his and Akiyama's team lose so that he could have his revenge on them. So, they tricked the other two teams into locking themselves into a deadlock. However, that's just the best part. Akiyama rubs in Yoyoka's face that it was basically Nao that defeated him. This leads to Yoyoka basically giving up and giving Nao and Akiyama what they want, uniting the players against the LGT, thus causing them to cancel the game.
    • To repeat. THEY BROKE THE LIAR GAME, convinced Yoyoka to turn 'good', and all in all won completely and utterly.

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