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  • Akiyama's strategy in the Pandemic game to barricade the vaccine check rooms, and then swindle Yokoya out of 300 million alongside getting what he wants.
    • In Musical Chairs, Akiyama encircles Yokoya with Gaya Alliance to prevent Yokoya from getting to his chair. He tries to break through but hits the ground instead. So now, Yokoya's henchman Ikezawa wins the game, without even realizing it.
  • Nao, with a completely straight face and bright smile, telling Akiyama that the third reason she knew Fukunaga wouldn't betray her in the 2nd Revival Round was because she had a crush on Akiyama. The look on Akiyama's face is priceless.
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  • "So... to make sure absolutely sure that his 'spirit' doesn't reach here and stays away from bidding... how about we have Harimoto confine himself to the farthest toilet of this building?"
  • Who would have thought that the mask people are trolls.
  • When Nao dupes Fukunaga, her own teammate, Fukunaga's expression is priceless. Her "Okie-dokie" is funny as well.
  • The S&M Question. Akiyama is just at a loss for words.
    • It's even funnier in the TV series, where after he gives her the offense/defense metaphor, Nao ponders out loud whether that makes her an S or an M. Hearing this stuff come out of Nao's mouth is more than Akiyama can take.
  • The TV series adds several funny bits to the second round. After Akiyama tells Nao to go talk to people, she doesn't actually move till he gives her a "you know, as in NOW" look. We then get a montage of all the players inflicting their sob stories on poor Nao. Later, after she's gathered the prospective team members — mostly dopey-looking guys — she remarks bluntly that "We can't afford to worry about their appearance." (This is even funnier if you know this moment is inverted from the manga, where the team members tell Akiyama they could hardly refuse Nao's embarrassing begging, and she says she couldn't afford to worry about how she appeared...)
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  • Akiyama says that he is one of Nao's belongings as part of the Loophole Abuse for him to help her.

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