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  • Nao gives us the ending of the first Revival Round, where she frees the only person there who was even remotely nice to her from the Liar Game and reveals her plan to save everyone from it.
    • Fukunaga herself pulls off one of these much later, by giving Akiyama the money that she won from the second Revival Round.
  • Nao and Akiyama shouldering the debt of their three allies on the opposing side so that they can leave the Liar Game at the end of the Contraband Round. One of these people, Akagi, decides to stay in the game to try and help them pay off their debt and in doing so he becomes one of their most steadfast allies.
    • In chapter 139, it's revealed that Akagi is leaving the game. He writes a heartfelt letter to Nao, thanking her for her altruistic actions and gives her the 200 million yen she needs to pay off her debts and allow her to leave the Liar Game.
  • Chapter 166, the end of the Bid Poker game. Harimoto's alliance can only be defeated by an alliance with greater funds, which Kimura points out is pretty much impossible in practice since a member of such an alliance could conceivably make off with a huge amount of money by betraying the rest of the group, and the others don't have the close bonds that the cult has. As it turns out, everyone not in Harimoto's group formed an alliance and held to the agreement. They might not have faith in each other, but they've all played multiple games with Nao and know that through it all, she's never tried to betray or entrap them no matter how many times she gets tricked herself. Their faith in her integrity is strong enough to hold them together.
    • And then, in chapters 168 and 169, we're given a double-whammy of Heartwarming when Harimoto gracefully admits defeat and admits that Nao is a "ray of light" who has given him hope. It turned out that his original reasons for starting the cult were relatively altruistic and he reveals himself to be a fundamentally decent person when he leaves a note stating that he would use all the money his group had saved up in previous rounds to pay off Akiyama's debt as well as that of those his group had substituted themselves in the game for. What's most heartwarming about all this though, is the fact that Akiyama outright says that the actions of Harimoto's group alone may have restored some of his faith in humanity. Considering what he'd been through, Nao's tearful reaction to this just makes it all the sweeter. It even made me tear up a little just reading it - rare, for Liar Game!

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