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Years later and the Athena Exclamation is still in style

     Season 1 
  • Episode 1: The newest Pegasus tops our original series Saint Seiya Pegasus Seiya and injures a god. Be it a fluke or whatever, he dishes out a wound that startles even Mars.
  • Episode 2: Kouga slowly grows accustomed to his cosmo of light.
    • Nearly the mid-part of the episode Soma owns Kouga.
  • The newest Aquila/Eagle female Saint takes a page out of Seto Kaiba's book of Screw the rules and decides to give the female-saints-must-wear-masks law a finger and kicks the ass of the Saint that mocked her for having to wear a mask.
  • Episode 4: Dragon Ryuho (Shiryu's son) avenges his father's loss in the Saints tournament in the original series.
  • Episode 5: At the end of a test to determine who will be in the roster for the main part of the Tournament Arc Soma, the resident Hot-Blooded guy brushes off the Trash Talk (bordering Kick the Dog) of a dick-headed classmate regarding his long departed father.
  • Episode 6: For anyone who had been tired by Kouga's Mouthy Kid behavior Eden silences in 3 seconds by rendering him numb with his lightning.
  • Episode 7: Soma shows off his new move and Kouga masters the Pegasus Saint Pegasus Ryu Sei ken
  • Episode 8: The first Gold saint shows up and effortlessly wastes Kouga
  • Episode 9: The last of the Five-Man Band of the Bronzes makes his appearance, Haruto. Controversially for some viewers he's a "ninja" (or as Haruto puts ninja Saint ) who is mixed in the Saint Seiya verse. Whether you're on board with the people who say Haruto is The Gimmick you'll likely have second thoughts when you witness first-hand in this episode when jutsus and Cosmo-powered attacks are thrown together. it's awesome
  • Episode 10: A big bag of action this episode is. To list:
    • We see the new generation of Saints launch their first Storm the Castle
    • While futile, Kouga, Soma, Haruto and Ryuho make a stand against Leo Mycenae. How does it end? Shame on you for highlighting this. They're beaten senseless.
    • Seiya shows up and saves all the bronze saints (save Yuna who escaped with Aria)
  • Episode 11: Yuna defeats a Silver Saint with minor help from Kouga.
  • Episode 12: Andromeda Shun shows and scares a Silver Saint, without his Cloth. Then Kouga and Ryuho finish him.
  • Episode 13: We witness the resident Ikki of Omega's training: enduring being punched over and over by a gold saint. Ikki-like? More like Ikki ascendant.
    • Kouga takes down a Silver saint by himself and earns the blessing of Seiya who gives the last of his light on Earth to say he leaves Athena in the new generation of Saints hands.
  • Episode 14: Yuna faces off against her mentor and holds her own. When it's clear she's Not in This for Your Revolution with Mars forces she does a You Shall Not Pass! and owns the Silver saints sent by Sonia who have been watching her fight with Yuna.
  • Episode 15: Hydra Ichi gains a Rank Up to Silver Saint level and pulls a Face–Heel Turn out of pure pride. He lays a beatdown on Soma Yuna and Kouga. Following a Heroic Second Wind and "Reason You Suck" Speech Kouga wrecks his new cloth and trashes his ass.
  • Episode 17: A Silver Saint with the ability to split into three threatens the lives of Kouga and friends but with some good old thorough Cosmo Burning Kouga saves the day.
  • Episode 18: Soma faces the Martian who killed his father; Sonia and unleashes total hell on her. Sounds epic because of how many examples of this working out beneficially right? To the contrary this is one big ass backfire as Soma is in a mix of Tranquil Fury Ax-Crazy state of mind, which if he spent any longer time in, Sonia planned to use against him. Thanks to Kouga reminding Soma what his father fought for, he was able to return to his usual behavior, and still laid an incredible beatdown on Sonia.
  • Episode 19: Ryuho bests his father in the situation which the Perseus saint petrifies his companions and has to avoid making direct eye contact with the shield which will petrify him if not. Ryuho does better than Shiryu for two reasons in this fight than his father: 1. Not a single part of him is turned to stone like his father was in the fight. 2. there is no Eye Scream like there was with his father.
    • Shiryu still manages to impress just as much as his son and gets a newly debuting character named Genbu (who takes the Libra cloth) to piss off after flaring up his Cosmo a little bit. Take note: in the battle in the beginning of the series, he was one of the many who was afflicted with a horrible curse that will kill them if they burn their cosmo.
  • Episode 20: Eden lays out both Kouga and Yuna with little to no effort whatsoever. Needless to say, it's all one big curbstomp battle.
  • Episode 21: Hyoga re-appears and Kouga undergoes a test by the legendary saint who plays Stealth Mentor to regain his confidence and rescue Aria.
  • Episode 23: Soma returns after leaving due to being consumed by his anger. He demonstrates the fruits of his training by besting a Silver Saint who gave Kouga and Yuna a run for their money. Next Soma clashes with Sonia and shows us an awesome battle.
  • Episode 26: After storming the final (not really though) Cosmo ruins, Kouga comes face to face with Eden and engages in a battle with him. Last time both he and Yuna were effortlessly stomped. This time around Kouga holds his own and his increase in power is even mentally noted Eden.
  • Episode 28: Despite originally being the Damsel in Distress Aria shines like the other Saints and shows the potential of her Cosmo of light and frees both Eden and Kouga from the illusions of the darkness ruins caused by the awakening of Kouga's Darkness Cosmo.
    • She also fights Mars alongside the Bronze's with her Athena-like staff. She doesn't show any fear towards the person who tormented her for years.
  • Episode 30: In the Omega series Gold saints temples arc, we're finally introduced to the first Gold: Taurus Harbinger. In the original series the guy was an all-around nice-guy and let everyone through no questions asked. Harbinger? His M.O is crush, smash and total fuck over. In short: Breaking bones. After having his cloth repaired by Aries Kiki, Kouga moves ahead of his friends who are having their cloths repaired and fights Harbinger. Harbinger even though a Mighty Glacier in figure, is still plenty fast and little by little breaks Kouga. When the other Bronze's arrive it looks like Kouga flares his Cosmo up to the point where he'll be able to own Harbibinger who has an Oh, Crap! look on his face... for exactly like 5 seconds before shouting his signature move "Greatest Horn". Nearly every bone in Kouga's body is a mess.
  • Episode 31: After disposing of Kouga, Harbinger examines the physical conditions of the Bronze's and while dodging their attacks points out which bones he'll break. After the initial attacks he makes good on his word and breaks them.
    • Round two: Ryuho plans out a strategy to find out how to avoid Harbinger's "Greatest Horn"... It blows up in their face and they end up lying on the ground only able to play listener while Harbinger explains how he became the strong and magnificent badass before them.
    • Kouga gets his Heroic Second Wind and rises to his feet to re-engage Harbinger in battle. Despite the twisting and breaking of nearly all his bones Kouga is able to stand once more. And what's more he is able to match blow for blow with Harbinger.
  • Episode 32: After Harbinger knocks away all the Bronze saints (save Kouga) from his house Ryuho finds himself at the entrance to house of Gemini. Ryuho fights the Gemini Saint, Paradox, and is easily and laughably beaten by the Yandere-like Saint. He get a first-hand display of a Saint who is able to knock the wind out of Ryuho just by kissing him on the cheek.
    • Paradox does her move Cross Road Mirage which provides two futures the opponent will face depending on their choices. Ryu decides to Take a Third Option and promptly kicks her ass. The moment lasts very VERY briefly for him
  • Episode 33: In this episode we go back and forth between Yuna's battle with the Cancer Saint Cancer Schiller and Taurus Harbinger. To start with the first battle that ends:
    • The fight with Kouga and Harbinger is like seeing Marvel Comics Hercules fighting someone. Harbinger delivers a powerful kick to to Kouga's leg; breaking those bones and continues taunting him for continuing on when he's only inches away from getting a full dirt nap. Kouga like any other Saint in a determined mode gets his Cosmo swelling twice the size it was before. The two have a sort of Single-Stroke Battle. Kouga uses his Pegasus Ryuseiken and Harbinger his Greatest Horn attack. Kouga emerges from the clash unscathed but exhausted. Harbinger is brought to his knees by Kouga's Heroic Will Power fueled attack. Unlike the classic series Saint Seiya Harbinger isn't all chummy like Aldebaran, who was all "Aye, I like you buddy. You gave me the best ass-kicking I've ever had." No, he wants Kouga to get stronger so he can break his bones when he's stronger than ever before. That's bloodlust on the level of the most infamous of Shounen Jump's top three manga Bleach Kenpachi.
  • Episode 34: Kouga enters Gemini Paradox's garden and shows that he still has that Cosmo laden Heroic Will power strength from his fight with Harbinger. He knocks her out cold with the Ryuseiken.
    Paradox: What are you saying?
    Ryuho: You've just been taking the easier path each time. Is this really the best future for you? Is this the future you wanted?
    Paradox: (Visibly shocked and angered by Ryuho inquiry)
    Ryuho: No matter how hard it is,(has flashback of flashback to Palaestra and fighting alongside friends) I want to create my own future. So I have always made my own choices. And this is the future I wanted.
    • Paradox unable to come up with a proper retort she punches Ryuho in the back and then beats him down and uses the move "Final Destination" a move which like Virgo Shaka strips the target of all their senses.
Ryuho powers through and in a grand display activates the Seventh Sense and regains all the senses which Paradox took from him. After the two clash of blows Ryuho shows he's able to not only withstand the former attacks which overwhelmed him from Paradox of Hatred but is shown as her better. Even after using the terrifying Final Destination Ryuho is able to swat it aside and continues walking slowly towards her. Gemini shows her via reciting the creed of the "Gemini Saint of Love and hate" and her hair being a mix of her love side blue and hatred side black.
Ryuho: Your love isn't true love.
Paradox: What?
  • Ryuho follows up with Seven Sense move Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha.
  • Episode 35: Returning to Yuna whose fate in episode 31 was being cast into the world of the dead by Cancer Schiller she's reduced to a frightened child by the amount of death around her.
    • Because Kouga is injured and Ryuho are too they're unable to put up as much of a good fight against the Cancer Saint, Kouga prioritizes Yuna's well-being and pulls a Taking You with Me on Schiller so they can go to the world of the dead.
    • Because of a lot of his mocking about Aria who Schiller says her fate is Fate Worse than Death rather than just dying because she opposed Mars. As a result of this, Kouga uses his Dark Cosmo and does an Unstoppable Rage on Schiller. Kouga's rampage only comes to a halt when Yuna pulls a Cooldown Hug on him and reminds him of what Aria went through to put a lid on his Darkness Cosmo.
    • Schiller who is all about bringing death to people but hating it opts to kill Kouga but Yuna puts herself between him and Kouga. Subsequently she is knocked out senseless leaving Schiller to do as he pleases. Yuna awakens to her Seventh Sense and does her special move "Aquila Shining Blaster" in a Beam-O-War battle which she overwhelms Schiller and knocks him into one of the lava pools in the world of the dead. This fight makes her one of the only ones who has killed a Gold Saint in this arc.
  • Episode 36:
    • Both Soma and Haruto make it to the house of Leo and face off against Mycenae. In episode 10 both were among the three whom Mycenae effortlessly stomped. As the two fight Mycenae notes midway through the battle that their Cosmo continues to increase more than it did before. Mycenae throws the two a bone and tells them how his trademark attack "King's Roar" works. After continuous tries the two manage to defeat the attack which Mycenae congratulates doing his most powerful move "King's Emblem". Haruto pulls off a Taking the Bullet to protect Soma who was paralyzed with fear.
    • Mycenae along with most of the Gold Saints under Mars' thrall is unknowingly brainwashed by his logic and asks why Haruto would take the blow for Soma. Haruto notes how they're Nakama and will willingly sacrifice themselves for each other and will move on if another fails. Mycenae is awed by this and goes through a Heel Realization at the same point Soma shouts Lionet Bomber!
    • While Mycenae isn't killed he gives Soma props for denting his Gold cloth and allows both them to pass due to sensing that Eden has lost his hesitation (i.e. no longer in Heroic BSoD mode )
    • In the sub-plot Eden has made his decision and brought out of his 10-Minute Retirement coming the conclusion his father must be stopped. Just describing it doesn't do justice, the dialogue will do that:
    Eden: (stands up and wipes his tears) Father... The world you will create is not the one I desire. I... I will correct your mistakes. As one of Athena's Saints... I, Orion Eden, will correct your mistake (flaring up his cosmo). And if you still won't wake up... If you still won't wake up... I will protect this world,, even if it costs my life! (Tears of Blood forms in eyes and flow down cheek)
  • Episode 37: Both Soma and Haruto advance to the house of Virgo and we're introduced to Virgo Fudo the reincarnation of the steadfast Buddhist guardian deity Acala. With little effort Fudo is able to lay the clapper on both Soma and Haruto. We get a Hope Spot when the other three Bronze saints Kouga, Ryuho and Yuna arrive and are able to lend a hand. I know what you're think: Yes, more reinforcements means it'll look up for them. Wrong. Fudo still wrecks them. Even easier, harder and like he did before the other three arrived: with zero effort. The most memorable bit of this little spectacle is that Fudo is doing all this without his gold cloth.
    • In the mid-point of the episode the Bronze's prove how regardless of how Determinator they are to stop Mars and refuse to lie down despite being bound by Fudo's holy ropes. Fudo is genuinely touched and sheds tears. We then see why he like most Virgo saints has his eyes closed Mismatched Eyes. Donning his cloth Fudo gives them a beating far more severe than he did before and too injured to rise again.
    • Eden pulls off a Big Damn Heroes and saves the other Bronze's before Fudo can put them down for the count.
  • Episode 38: Continuing from last time Eden sporting Disease Bleach and a tranquil expression we see him smacking away any (and practically every) blow Fudo delivered at the five other Bronze Saints with ease. To fight without distractions Eden kicks out Kouga and the others near the Aquarius House. Fudo pulls Eden into a sort of realm which he is subjected to Fudo's mercy and must answer his questions. Eden explains the holes in his father's plans for the world and uses his seventh sense attack Orion's Devastation.
  • Episode 39: Like the classic series, we get a Gold Saint vs Gold Saint battle. We did not get to see much movement in the last one, but in this one we do. And fittingly we see the reason for why Gold Saints are Faster than the Speed of light. One which Genbu shows us in a unbelievably sweet and epic way beyond belief. To put in perspective: Aquarius Saint Tokisada does his Time Master abilities to cut Genbu's speed in half Genbu goes twice as fast he usually does. As it says in his bio in the characters section: that would be twice the speed of light.
  • Episode 40: Sonia, who like the Silver saint of Horologium, gets a Rank Up and is the Gold Saint of the Scorpion cloth. Sadly, the experience isn't as thrilling as one would think.
  • Episode 41: Both Haruto and Ryuho fight against the time powered user Tokisada in the sandy world called "The End Of Time". While they are initially able to land a hit on him he gains a Field Power Effect and is able to use his time powers with a grander deal more efficiency. After Ryuho is struck a devastating blow and put out of the fight Haruto has to face Tokisada alone. After a lot of Kick the Dog talk from him Haruto cedes that no matter what he does his brother is dead. Haruto gains his Seventh Sense and uses his special move Toga Shissou and Tokisada gets a taste of his own time altering powers.
  • Episode 42: Kouga and Yuna face the opponent who handed Kouga his ass 38 episodes ago. Like last time Ionia is able to ruin Kouga's shit by forcing him to obey what he says and does the same to Yuna. Kouga is able to shake off Ionia's Words May Break My Bones but once that happens Ionia switches up his methods and has Kouga unleash his Darkness Cosmo. Kouga remembering Saori/Athena's words and Aria's he stops flaring up his Darkness Cosmo. Ionia enacts the last of his special abilities restores his youth and unleashes a beating like nothing gone through from the previous Gold Saints. Near losing consciousness Kouga is wondering if he is head when looking at nothing but pitch-dark around him. After a little while he begins to feel his senses strengthen and realizes it's the Seventh Sense. Awakening to it he then uses Sui Sei Ken and becomes the second person to kill a Gold Saint next to Yuna.
  • Episode 43: Arriving at the house of Pisces all of the five Bronze saints meet the most versatile and mischievously skilled Gold Saint Pisces Amor. What makes him more different than the rest of the Gold Saints? The fact that he utilizes Darkness. He summons Mar's Quirky Miniboss Squad, the Heavenly Kings of Mars, who fight Souma Ryuho and Haruto while imprisoning Kouga with rods of darkness apart of his Arrested Judgement technique. All the more hilariously he is able to make flirtatious comments towards Yuna as he taunts Kouga on choosing the powers of Darkness to free himself (which is the only thing that can save him) or else risk his friends dying. By the end of the episode when Yuna and the rest of his friends are about to die he calls forth his Darkness Cosmo. So in short: The Bad Guy Wins for this episode.
  • Episode 44: Using his Superpowered Evil Side Kouga one-shots one of the four kings of Mars (The same enemies whom Seiya and his team had difficulty fighting and had to be sealed by Athena)
    • Following Kouga advancing to the next floor to meet and defeat Mars to save Earth Souma, Ryuho and Haruto activate their Seventh Sense attacks and lays the epic smack down on the four kings of Mars in a Beam-O-War.
  • Episode 45: While tragic-sounding, Mars reveals how far and dedicated he is willing to go to succeed Athena/Saori as creator and protector of his new world. To the point he no longer cares about whether he lives or dies.
  • Episode 46: Eden jumps back in the fray after being crushed by Mars and aids Kouga in defeating his father. When seeing this it is reminiscent of the Hades saga when both Seiya and Ikki combined their Cosmo to destroy jar which held Saori Kido/Athena. Charging at Mars along with Kouga; Eden withholds his strike when he notices a fragment of Mars sanity back when he was known as Ludwig and reformulates their strategy. The next time they strike Eden takes a blow and is Impaled with Extreme Prejudice while and questioning if he'll really be alright with killing him and losing someone else like he lost his wife Mischa and recently Sonia. As Eden sheds tears and causes Mars to hesitate this gives Kouga the opportunity to strike with his Pegasus Sui Sei Ken. As a result of Eden's plan, Mars is imbued with the light from Kouga's Sui Sei Ken and his sanity returned.
  • Episode 47:
    • The Bad Guy Wins nuff said. First time in forever that Saints don't reach the deadline to accomplish a particular goal.
    • In this episode Amor shows us not only is he the most hilarious and Affably Evil saint in the Saint Seiya franchise but the silliest Large Ham. Additionally he does his whole Just Toying with Them Routine, (and this tropers favorite moment: "Amor Puppet Show") while simultaneously whupping the shit out of Eden and Kouga.
  • Episode 48: God Of Darkness Abzu is summoned into Kouga's body by Medea and one-shots Amor with a single punch
  • Episode 49: Eden cements his Ikki status by taking on a Kouga possessed Abzu and matching the demonically possessed Saint blow for blow and being able to keep up with him. Eden knocks him against rocky walls and hits him with his electrocuting sphere attacks. Various points in the fight he is able to wipe the Slasher Smile off Kouga-Abzu's face and get him to use more deadlier attacks on Eden to hold the momentum in the fight (I.E. The Darkness Cosmo induced corruption).
    • Kouga-Abzu lays the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on all the Bronze saints who utilize their Seventh Sense moves but to no avail. Special mention goes to Souma,who despite like everyone else has darkness inflicted wounds stands up and tries to call out to Kouga. He is thoroughly silenced when Abzu-Kouga blitzes him.
  • Episode 50: All the Bronze saints are out of commission and Yuna is the only one standing between Abzu and Athena. Even though she has darkness inflicted wounds as well she continues to fight and call out to Kouga despite being unbelievably outclassed.
    • The battle of I Know Youre Still In There Somewhere Fight is Up to Eleven with the wishes of Yuna, the defeated Bronze Saints and Athena reaching Seiya who was imprisoned on planet Mars because he sensed a Bigger Bad looming over Mars and sought to combat it seeing it as a bigger threat (which is clearly evident by now, given how far shit has gone). Even though just as messed up with the darkness wounds Seiya proves to be a formidable foe for Abzu. However, the wounds still impede Seiya's fighting and Yuna jumps in the fray. They launch a two-pronged assault with both receiving a more doubled ass-kicking. Seiya using one last Ryu Sei Ken he is able to allow Kouga to try and regain control. Yuna leaps to the Kouga-Abzu hanging in mid-air and gives him a Cool Down Hug and shouts for him to chase Abzu out of his soul. It works.
    • Following the brief respite after exorcising Kouga, Abzu kidnaps Athena and takes her into the darkness. Kouga takes his win to new levels and is given the Sagittarius cloth by Seiya to combat Abzu.
  • Episode 51:
    • Stupendous, tremendous and above all extraordinary final battle for a first season! Kouga fights Abzu and is the only one whose Cosmo isn't contaminated by the darkness wounds (that is to say, he is outright immune to it). Kouga fights a difficult battle against a god and the one who calls himself The Maker. Little by little Kouga's Sagittarius cloth is torn to scrap by Abzu's deadly assault. Despite this he still pushes on and even without the two-thirds of the gold cloth being gone he '''WOUNDS THE GOD OF DARKNESS'''. Even by classic series, Next Dimension, Lost Canvas, and Episode G standards that's impressive.
    • Kouga's arm is in cinders due to an attack by Abzu rendering it useless. Hanging off the ledge and he's just about to get the clap from the god of darkness. Souma and the rest sensing this send their Cosmo to Kouga. Despite their darkness wounds they remain adamant about helping their friend. This particular moment is the best and probably one of the top 5 most badass moments for Omega and Saint Seiya franchise all in all:
    Souma: We'll send our Cosmo to Kouga!
    (Everyone stands up and prepares to send their Cosmo to Kouga)
    Yuna: Kouga!
    Haruto: Kouga!
    Eden: Pegasus!
    Ryuho: Kouga-kun!
    (The respective color of everyone Cosmo shines as they flare up their Cosmos and send it to Kouga)
    Kouga: (Kouga sees the colored spheres of the cosmos of his friends) Soma,Yuna,Ryuho,Haruto,Eden...
    Kouga: Everyone I will take your Cosmo!
    Kouga: (Kouga sees the colored spheres of the cosmos of his friends) Souma,Yuna,Ryuho,Haruto,Eden...
    Kouga: (Kouga stands up and faces Abzu)
    Kouga: (pictures faces of Souma has he says their respective Cosmo elements in his head) ''Burn!(Souma),Soar!(Yuna),Boil!(Ryuho),Howl!(Haruto) Rumble!(Eden) And...let our Cosmo shine!
    (The Cosmos of his friends wraps around his cindered arm and glows gold)
    • Kouga's gold aura reflecting the Ultimate Seventh sense which is shown by the Bronze saints in the Poseidon arc and Hades arc he hits Abzu with it.
    • While he doesn't much do any damage he plays Did You Punch Out Cthulhu correctly and knocks back Abzu and shakes up his domain.
    • Feeling that he has defeated Abzu, Kouga takes Athena back to the regular area of Mars. He then receives a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Abzu, and is downright pissed by the pounding he got from him a little while ago. Nevertheless, Kouga isn't at all startled by this, nor is he disheartened. As Abzu is about to strike him in the abdomen, Aria's will residing in her staff flies in front of him and stops Abzu from attacking Kouga.
      • The animation then goes in several different weird here although at the same time epic. A good way to understand which way it does? Picture Simon when he attacks the Anti-Spiral in the final battle of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
    Kouga: Begone Abzu! (Kouga knocks the holy freaking hell out of Abzu with three consecutive blows then lands a final one destroying him forever)

    Season 2 
  • Episode 74: After repairing the group's Cloths, Kiki challenges Dione to a duel, with the Pallasites to withdraw if Kiki wins. During the battle he remains completely still as Dione repeatedly hits him with his whip, leading the others to worry that he may be more exhausted from the repairs than they thought. When Dione launches an attack at full-power however, Kiki quickly moves to just in front of him, places a single finger on Dione's Chronotector, and completely shatters it.
  • Episode 75: The introduction of Integra, Paradox's twin sister and the new Gemini Saint. Best summed up in two words: Galaxian Explosion!
  • Episode 76: The pallasites are in trouble, Ikki comes back.
    • Why does nobody mention that Ikki actually cracks a Holy Blade? If you remember, Genbu has to sacrifice his life just to deal a dent. Ikki? He just suffered an injury.
    • Even Ikki's reintroduction is badass. A group of Pallasites are sent to kill a wounded Saint resting in Kanon Island. The group broke in, declare their intention to kill him. Ikki just smirks. Less than 5 seconds later, all the Pallasites are down, with Ikki never moving from his sitting position.
  • Episode 77: Ikki, Shun, Hyoga, and Shiryu (now rocking the Gold Cloth of Libra!) return and help aid Athena and the Bronze and Gold saints! Even more, now that the 5 original Bronze Saints are together, it's safe to say that the boys are back in town!
    • Kouga energized by the cosmos of the old cast of bronze's, his friends and Gold Saints is wrested from his time frozen form and destroys the Time Gate.
  • Episode 78: After Saori's team breaks through, they are nearly attacked by a group of mooks until Shaina and the 4 second-tier Bronze Saints appear along with the original Steel Saints to hold them off.
    • Europa giving his "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Athena and the Saints and getting away with it. On top of it he intentionally lets Subaru hit him.
    • The eye catch of this arc. Kouga does a Pegasus Meteor Punch and it shows off our original 5 heroes(Seiya and Shiryu as Gold Saints and Hyoga, Shun, and Ikki in their newest Cloth forms) and Saori in her Athena armor. After the commercial, Seiya does Aioria's Lightning Plasma and it shows the 6 current Bronze Saints and Subaru.
  • Episode 79: Shun helps Kouga, Yuna, and Souma defeat a Pallasite, and the Nebula Stream and Nebula Storm returns!
  • Episode 80: Hyoga gives Tokisada a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Hyoga calls Tokisada weak as compared to his friends and his Master Camus, whom he had fought. Hyoga goes on to say that said people never feared pain and kept getting back up no matter how badly they were beaten and grew stronger with every fight. He tears into Tokisada more by saying he hides behind his powers over time that were never even his and him just trying to insult his Master's cloth is just downright hilarious. Hyoga then uses the Aurora Execution on Tokisada, and also hoping to leave him frozen alive, he also uses the Freezing Coffin, which encases the victim in a block of ice that will never melt or break. Now Tokisada is forever left in a block of ice that can never melt and can never be broken.
  • Episode 81: After going through a Heroic Second Wind and giving a "World of Cardboard" Speech Kouga does the Pegasus Sui Sei Ken and makes a crack in Aegaeon's Heavy Lightning Striker (becoming the only one next to Ikki having done so).
    • Just as Shun, Kouga, Yuna, and Souma are about to be done in by Aegaeon's Heavy Lightning Striker, Phoenix Ikki appears to save his brother and the current Bronze Saints, and to finish a previous fight between himself and Aegaeon.
  • Episode 87: Hyperion vs. the Athena Exclamation performed by Shiryu, Kiki, and Fudo as pictured above. After being outmatched by Hyperion and running out of options because of how much more powerful Hyperion is compared to them, the trio decide to use the Athena Exclamation, not caring if they were going to be branded as traitors for using the forbidden technique. If they can save the world, then being denounced as Saints after death is a small price to pay. The scene ends with the trio (with the help of Genbu's spirit) finally destroying Hyperion's Cataclysm Slash. The song playing also adds to the awesomeness of this scene.
  • Episode 90: This episode was Harbinger's moment to shine. To start of, Harbinger taunts Titan and challenges the Holy Sword wielder to a one-on-one battle by putting Athena's Cloth on the line. Harbinger, at first, is no match for Titan as the Pallasite continues to block his attacks and damage his Gold Cloth. Eventually, after a Heroic Second Wind and finding the resolve to become a Gold Saint to protect the world, he burns his Cosmo to the maximum and unleashes a powerful Great Horn against Titan. However, Harbinger planned this Great Horn to distract Titan by redirecting part of the energy towards Pallas herself. Titan, seeing this, quickly plants his sword on the ground and rushes over to where Pallas is to shield her. With Titan's sword left wide open, Harbinger then focuses his Great Horn in order to destroy it. Not bad for the new Taurus Saint.
  • Episode 91: After Athena defeats Pallas rather quickly, she prepares to finish her when Titan blocks the incoming attack and counter attacks trying to stab Athena, this time Seiya blocks the Holy Sword with HIS BARE HANDS ! Needless to say that Titan is impressed by the feat. Seiya then makes his cosmo explode to god like levels which upgrades his Sagittarius Cloth to a newer form.

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