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  • Fan Nickname:
    • Saint Seiya GT, both made by Toei Animation, with no input from their original creators, set many years after the original series' ending, not canon to the original universe and with polarizing fan reactions.
    • Saint Seiya GX, both spin-offs of a popular anime, focusing on a younger cast, introducing a controversial school that teaches each universe's concepts, and also with polarizing fan reactions.
  • The Other Darrin:
  • Playing Against Type: Hikaru Midorikawa (Kouga), as he tends to play cool, collected characters.
  • Recycled Script: The whole first season was heavily based on the Sanctuary arc of the original series, to the point of being called just a rehash. Bronze Saint tournament, journey overlapping with battle against the Silver Saints, and then another "climb the Twelve Temples" arc. Many new characters are very similar to old ones, too.
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  • Real-Life Relative: In the Latin American Spanish dub, real-life brothers Luis Fernando and Alejandro Orozco play Max Brilliant Methone and Soul Killer Cyllene, respectively.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: They don't just bring in HeartCatch Pretty Cure!'s Character Designer, but also two cast members from them... though Dune is now the Idiot Hero while Yuri/Cure Moonlight is the Dark Action Girl.
  • Role Reprise:
    • Mami Koyama reprises her role as Shaina, and Yukitoshi Hori reprises his role as Tatsumi. Toru Furuya returns as Seiya after 6 years.
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    • Many of the Latin American Spanish dubbers from the original series got to keep their roles as well. Some of the few exceptions include Jesse Conde voicing Dohko after the passing of his original VA Eduardo Borja, but even that's a reprise from the Hades Saga's T.V. Dub.
  • Romance on the Set: Gerardo Alonso and Jahel Morga, the Latin American Spanish voice actors for Wolf Haruto and Aquila Yuna, married in October 2013, two months after recording the first season of Omega.
  • Talking to Himself: Yukana voices both Paradox and her twin sister Integra. She spends a good portion of episodes 75 and 84 switching between the two characters.
    • The same trick was used in the Latin American Spanish dub, with Adriana Casas switching between one twin and the other.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Yamil Atala originally replaced Jesús Barrero as Pegasus Seiya due to the latter's disagreement with the budget and Atala even recorded some of his lines as Seiya for the first episode. However, this ended up being a case of The Other Marty when Barrero amicably settled his budget dispute and reprised his role, re-dubbing Atala's dialogue from the first episodes. As a bonus, Atala stayed in the cast and went on to voice both Libra Genbu and Marine Ushio.
    • Also from the Latin American Spanish dub: Mireya Mendoza (Relena from Gundam Wing, Shizune from Naruto, Penny from The Big Bang Theory, etc) was at first contacted to play Saori/Athena, a role she also played in the TV dub of the Hades OVAs, but she told the casting people to contact Saori's classic VA María Fernanda Morales and offer her the role, which Mendoza would only take if Morales was unavaliable. They did, and Morales accepted to voice Saori again.

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