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Kouga is Saori and Seiya's biological son.

Okay, I have to call this out since seems it obvious (or at least easy to speculate), Seiya and Saori indeed got intimate with each other, but since she is a Goddess and he is merely her Saint, such relationship can't be made public, so the couple made the pregnancy a secret (quite easy since only a few people can enter Athena's chamber); when the baby was born the rest of the Sanctuary was told that Kouga has been found in the Sanctuary's vicinity, and that Athena took a liking to him and wanted to raise him herself.
  • I'm gonna be more upset if Kouga is not Seiya's son. >:(
    • You DO know Omega happens 13 years after the original, and that, as Koga IS 13 in Omega, it would mean Seiya and Saori had a child when they were both 13?
      • Omega is 25 years after the original, Seiya and Saori are both 38 at the start of the series which would make them 25 when Kouga was born, a point they were more than old enough to figure out having a child, specially since they both had their... career paths, so to speak, figured out in their early teens.

Shiryu is a Gold Saint, Libra Shiryu.

If he gave his Dragon Cloth to Ryuuhou, he must have been promoted to a Gold Saint, wearing the Cloth from his master that aided him as much as Sagittarius did for Seiya.

Kouga is Mars' son.

Admittedly, I originally came up with this theory simply because the entire "Saori and Seiya are Kouga's parents" thing is just so typical that it almost counts as an UnTwist. Keep in mind that Omega is a retooling of Saint Seiya for a new generation. Today's kids are better at guessing whats going to happen next and want plot twists deeper than that. Perhaps Athena rescued Kouga from Mars as a child for his saintly status, and that was what Revoked Mars' initial attack. And for less speculative in-universe evidence, Mars is shown to be distinctly interested when Kouga's element is revealed to be light. Maybe he knew that light was his son's element?
  • From what I've seen; Light is a very rare element to develop and it looks more like Mars was shocked that a Light user arose, since it very obviously opposes his dark power. Kouga being Seiya's son while cliched would be expected and welcomed. I'm more upset about the main characters not being the five man band; specially since there is a more likely Cygnus heir that wouldn't be somebody's son. (The little kid that used to watch Hyoga train. But since this show is seemingly based all around element battles and Ice would be a repeat of water well.. *sigh*)
    • No. Mars IS the father of a main Bronze though, Eden.

This series is the Dying Dream of Seiya, after he is mortally wounded by Hades sword at the end of the Hades arc.

That would explain all strange things that happen in this series (such as Mars weird appearance and the changes of the cloths).
  • That would also explain why the second series is identical to the Sanctuary Arc.

Seiya is actually dead.

Following the series tradition of having the Sagittarius Saints being more spiritual guides.
  • Sysiphus would like to have a word with you. Also, he's alive, unless you're going to tell me his fight against Titan was a fever dream by everyone involved.


Eden and Aria are related

It's either that, or there's a Villainous Crush involved. Or both. Please don't let it be both..

Aria is the Human Incarnation of Niké

Niké is the Goddess of Victory and companion of Athena; after Aioros took Saori away from the Sanctuary, she became the staff Saori wielded through her battles and Saga described it as the main reason Seiya and friends won all of their fights. Look at Niké in staff form. Look at the entrance to Aria's room shown back in episode 10.
  • That better be true on the writers part.

Genbu was/is Shiryu's student

His reaction when Shiryu attempted to stop him igniting his Cosmo sounded more concerning than frightened and besides, he seemed totally uninterested in capturing Aria.

Kouga and Aria are siblings.

Both have the Light Element, they both Lamp Shade how they never knew their parents, both seem drawn to one another by some unexplained bond...

Mar's attacked Saori when Kouga was a baby specifically to kidnap Kouga.
Episodes 24 and 26 were massive Wham Episodes that reveal that Kouga and Aria were born from the meteor that caused most of the radical changes in status quo between the series, and that Kouga was a darkness user, and that Mars has been wanting to reunite Kouga and Aria for a long time now. Mars original plan was probably to snatch Kouga as a baby and get all of this done a lot sooner, but Seiya's intervention essentially threw a monkey wrench in his plans and delayed it a good fourteen years.

Ryuhou will have a special revival.
It's quite likely that he died after being beaten up by Hateful Paradox at the end of episode 31 (neither him nor Paradox are seen in the preview for episode 32). Because of his heritage, he will probably be revived in a different way than the others (in case the others do get killed as well), probably through a Cosmo conversation with his father, coupled with his mother's prayers.


One of the future sagas will be against the demigods sons of Mars.

Mars, in both Greek and Roman mythology, had a huge bunch of sons, being them minor gods, demigods or mortal heros. Those would be the ones called "Berserkers" and they will be a bit weaker than Hypnos and Thanatos, but many more in number. In essence making each one of them a great challenge for a Gold Saint. And also Eris, maybe the same one from the movie, will come back, and Phobos & Deimos will be Mars' CoDragons and even have an agenda of his own. They will, likely, wield some magical weapons like spears and swords, being them responsible for the Dark Curse of Bronze Saints.

Marin died and her Cloth was downgraded to Bronze before the events of Omega.

Thus explaining her absence. Either that or she was upranked to Gold Pisces Saint.
  • The Gold Pisces Saint part is jossed, as the Pisces Saint is a new character named Amor.

The real reason why Amazons have to always wear masks is...

To keep saints and saint wannabes - from both genders - from doing anything stupid and staying focused on their tasks/training. Stupid like, say, falling in love. The rule to "love or kill anyone who see your face" was set in place to get the boys and girls as far from each other as possible. It may look a little extreme but saints have been around for a long time and there are probably no better alternatives.

It even have the side effect of making the Saints too awkward around people from the opposite gender to even think about romance. Since previous experiences involved risk of execution/having to commit murder.

  • I think the real reason is that if the Amazon retires and decide to start a family, her sons, or herself when pregnant, would be at great danger if some survivor enemy wants to take revenge.

The Pisces Gold Saint was sending the white rose petals that jumpstarted Eden's visions and his Heel–Face Turn.

It would make more sense than Aria sending signals from the afterlife. Aside from the obvious reasons, also because Aria has never been associated with white roses before.

The next Libra Saint will have a "Vermillion Bird" motif.

The Libra Cloth was first worn by Dohko (tiger), then by Shiryu (dragon), and now by Genbu (turtle). It would pretty much complete the cycle.

Ryuhou has a kakoushibori (hidden tattoo) on his back just like his father.

The reason we didn't see it in episode 33 is because he couldn't feel his Cosmo at the time.
  • As of episode 55, I can gladly say this... I Knew It!!

Hades will be reveled to be The Man Behind the Man to Mars

Because it isn't Saint Seiya without Hades being the True Final Boss yet again.

Theories on the next arc

The Mars saga is coming to a conclusion, and the series has been green lit for another season. What do you think will happen? Personally, my money's on Poseidon.
  • You weren't entirely wrong, Poseidon did show up in the PSP Game. The following arc was about Pallas, however.

The Brazilian dub will air on the local Nickelodeon.

It would make sense, since several of the Brazilian voice actors have had roles on Nickelodeon shows:

The Four Pallasite Kings are based on The Four Gods and the four Classic Elementals
Titan is Seiryu the Azure Dragon and Wind, Hyperion is Suzakku Vermilion Bird and Fire, Gallia is Byakko the White Tiger and Earth, while Aegaeon is Genbu the Black Tortoise and Water. Their color scheme and the design of their personal Chronotectors seems to also lend plausibility to this.

Subaru is the host of Chronos.
Think about it last season had a God of Darkness and the enemies wield dark cosmos this time could work out similar. He did No-Sell Hati's Chrono Delay.
  • He was actually Saturn. Which... Is the same god but with a different name.

Aside from Gold Cloths, all cloths automatically revert to Bronze upon the wearer's death/retirement and then either remain Bronze or are upgraded to Silver based on the wearer's performance.
It would explain why a cloth that was Silver in the original (Aquila) became Bronze and how a cloth that was Bronze (Caelum) became Silver. This would also explain the Saint Fight, where the winner was offered the chance to become a Silver Saint. Clearly most of the Silvers in this generation must have started out Bronze, attended the Palaestra, and won an upgrade through the Saint Fight or particularly "loyal" service. As for why this happens...probably it was the meteor's fault again.

The Roman and Greek gods are actually different gods
Instead of, you know, being the same with different names. This would explain why Mars and Saturn are in the same universe as Athena without being reffered to by their greek names.

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