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Losing 5 Senses = Being counted as useless/unactive for combat; since when?

It seems Omega's writing staff simply do not know how Saints and their senses work. It was always commented upon that Cosmo energy is basically the 6th, 7th and 8th senses, the first five is not important to a true Cosmo enlightened Saint, in fact, that's how Ikki achieved his 7th sense by having Shaka block all of his 5 others. In Omega we have Shiryu, a Saint of Legend as the series describe him and his friends, who apparently lost his 5 senses in battle, possibly against Mars, and the series treats him as if he became a vegetable. Shiryu can't see, can't feel, can't smell, can't hear, can't talk/taste, that's really bad, but that doesn't imply he can't move thus still being able to fight like usual, he should actually be stronger if any else by having those "five hindrances" removed; in short terms, I can't see how losing 5 senses makes him a cripple in his world.
  • I don't think anybody said Shiryu was useless or unable to fight. Quite the contrary, it was stated that, even without five of his senses, he was still competent enough to train his son, and is able to communicate via Cosmo just fine. Ryuho wants to help his father because missing 5 senses sucks even if you are a Saint, not because Shiryu is helpless without them.
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  • I think another reason why they would have Shiryu lose all 5 of his senses in the show is because if you look behind the scenes, the original seiyuu for Shiryu died and since the production company brought back Seiya's, Shaina's, and Tatsumi's voices from the OG series, it probably wouldn't feel right to have Shiryu being voiced by another seiyuu since some people did not like how the cast was The Other Darrin 'd from Inferno onwards from the Hades Chapters. Unless they find someone that sounds like Hirotaka Suzuoki to voice Shiryu, it's most likely that it will be a while until we see our beloved Dragon Saint back in action once more.
  • He's infected with the negative cosmo from Mars and that's what caused him losing his five senses; it's been explained/hinted at that burning cosmo spreads the infection; so we can infer that Mars did this to prevent the most powerful saints from interfering wdirectly with his plans. Shiryu must have blocked his senses on purpose to use Cosmo without much risk, and even then when facing the new Libra saint he risks spreading the infection and scares him off. A inmobile man makes another one run just by showing the extent of his power.

So the Southern Cross Saint is considered a loser

... but why? Because he died in battle, like every single other dead Saint in the franchise? As far as we know, he didn't surrender, he didn't beg for his life or tried to escape, he didn't betray anybody (and if he did, nobody was there to witness it). He was just overpowered by his enemy and lost. In any case, he should be an example of a true Saint who is willing to give up his life to defend Athena's ideals. I don't get why he's considered a failure to the extent that people look down on his son for it.

  • It's sounds more like a case of My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad since Geki never had a low opinion of him and if anyhting, it was more the younger Saints who constantly call this on Souma.
  • Kids Are Cruel, and once the rumor got out that Souma was an orphan because his dad, a saint, died in battle, they just decided to screw logic (saying he was a loser and coward) just to mess with him.
  • It might also be a case of the Mars-influenced Saints tainting his reputation to stop anyone from following his example. The corruption was running deep on Palaestra, even before Mars attacked head on.


Saints believing Mars is a good guy

As far as the series has shown Mars went to war with Athena, in this cannon, once before the meteor strike. So, did every saint who knew this get killed, get Laser-Guided Amnesia thanks to the Magic Meteor or somehow get hit with Mind Control of some sort? Is there an All There in the Manual kind of entry saying that the fake Athena and Capricorn Ionia told everyone Mars was trustworthy?

  • One could argue that all saints that knew of Mars true intentions are now serving as a living battery to Babel Tower, and the remaining are either aware of Mars intentions and work with him willingly or he used the influence of the recent "kidnapping" of Aria (the fake Athena) and framing them of traitors since no one save for one or two Saints are aware that Saori Kido IS Athena (creating a subtle nod to the Sanctuary Arc in the original).

  • Well, having Ionia on his side must have helped a little, since everyone knew how much of Psycho Supporter and Love Martyr he was for Athena. Nobody would expect a Face–Heel Turn from him, even if done in the name of Athena herself.

Seiya's promotion to Gold Saint

So, why exactly was Seiya the only one among the five original Bronze Saints who got promoted to Gold Saint? All of them (taking the original series as reference, for how much Omega differs from it is yet unclear) have shown to be just as brave, powerful and worthy of inheriting the Gold Clothes as he was. And yet he was the only one ascended to Gold in the Saint hierarchy.
  • While they all appeared as Bronze Saints in Shun's memories, that doesn't necessarily mean they weren't promoted later. Shiryu was pretty much confirmed as the Libra Saint when he lent the Libra Sword to Ryuho, as only Athena and the Libra Gold Saint can authorize the use of weapons. Genbu stole the Cloth from him, but we'll see how that works out.
    • Later on, Genbu confirms that Shiryu was the Libra Saint after Dohko and before himself.
    • Not so much steal as reclaim, since Shiryu can't actually use the cloth and we know cloths are semi sentient; the cloth went to a new user who can actually wear it. Those born under the sign of Libra are thought to be the best judges and the most fair; and in order for a cloth to refuse a bearer that person has to be blatantly evil and twisted. A casual "I'm siding with the winners" stance is not enough for the cloth to refuse a new bearer.
    • However, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun and (probably) Ikki have that weird Cosmo sickness that prevents them from using it much, and it's mentioned that it started when the meteor falls. Well, when the meteor fell, we saw that only Seiya was wearing a Gold Cloth, while the others were using their traditional Bronze Cloths. So, no, they didn't wear Gold Cloths (with the possible exception of Shiryu, who might have used the Libra Cloth, as its guardian, while in his "stasis" condition).

The inheritance of previous Saints' Cloths

This one goes back to how much Omega differs from the original series. So, we know the whereabouts of some of the original Saints who have passed on their Clothes to this new generation, like Seiya and Shiryu. But what about other previously established characters whose Clothes are being used by a new Saint and whose current whereabouts (or even existence) weren't even acknowledged? It gets even weirder in Haruto's case, as he's not even the first one to inherit Nachi's Wolf Cloth, taking after Yoshitomi.
  • Nachi and Ban probably just retired, like Jab/Jabu did. We know for a fact that even Geki, who is still working with the Saints, isn't using his Cloth anymore. Now, the real question is... what happened to Marin?

Why didn't Koga immediately take the Pegasus Clothstone to Kiki and have it fixed?

He had a freaking year. And on top of that, the Sagittarius cloth was also repaired in that timeframe. Sure, the war with Mars was over at that point, but history has proven that there are plenty of gods Athena regularly has to fend off. On top of that it's a legendary cloth that needs to be inherited by someone one day. And even if it were any other bronze cloth... It's a cloth, a powerful weapon that allows its wearer to stand on par with powerful supernatural beings and, once again, one that will be inherited by someone one day.

Aquila Cloth

In the original series, Marin was the Silver Saint of the Aquila constellation. Here Yuna is the Bronze Saint of the same constellation, and wears a completely different cloth. What happened?

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