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  • Lilia nailing the lizards attacking the city gates: three arrows, three dead lizards, from all the way up in a belltower, no big deal for her.
  • Lumi showing that she's not just a pretty face and effortlessly killing a towering terra golem: bounding up a cliff face like a ninja and driving her sword square into the monster's weak point. Youta, who had been acting like a bit of a jerk in the previous chapter, is shocked into humility and realizes that he's the small fry in the Parallel World, and immediately apologizes to Lumi for how he was acting.
  • Another moment from Lumi as she lies bleeding and broken on the ground after Cetus worked her over. Cetus offers to spare her in return for servitude, but Lumi has none of it, delivering this to the beast with a glare worthy of Lucy herself:
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  • Youta gets his moment upon his return to the parallel world, armed with knowledge on how to defeat the monstrous Cetus attacking his friends. While Cetus regenerates from any wound, including severed limbs, that doesn't mean Youta can't just keep on the pressure and stop her from escaping the sun. And he makes his entrance dropping from above, grabbing Lumi's sword out of Cetus's back and slashing off the monster's head.
    Youta: So that you can't move until daybreak...I'LL CUT AND CUT AND CUT AND CUT!
  • Tia, despite having gotten the crap beaten out of her by Cetus, still manages to leap in the way of the beast's Breath Weapon with her trident, nullifying the blast and saving Youta's life.
  • Another moment from Youta: after spending an extended period of time imprisoned and gang-raped in Sendorio, with Erza subjecting him to Cold-Blooded Torture including watersports, he finally gets a hand free in chapter 68: cue him backfisting Erza across the face so hard she's sent flying.
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  • Vanille draws her guns on Lumi when the paladin asks her to let her through to Sendorio, calmly stating that if Lumi presses her, she'll shoot her hands out before she even draws her sword. Lumi slices through Vanille's guns with one impossible-to-follow swing. Vanille is left holding the remains of her weapons, a stunned expression on her face as Lumi demands to see Youta.
  • Galia seems unstoppable when she launches her attack on Caesar, intent on devouring everyone in the city. The idea of staying out of her "Instant Death" Radius is shot down when she reveals the ability to shoot huge blasts of dark energy that obliterate everything they hit. All hope seems lost for the Guardians...until Nagomi, one of the two replacement Guardians, though sheer gumption and blind luck, manages to Flash Step out of the way of one of Galia's blasts, zoom up behind the Monster Clown and drive her lance right through the thoroughly-shocked Galia's back and out her front! Turns out that whenever Galia casts a spell, her Deflector Shield drops for a moment, and the Guardian capitalizes on this ruthlessly, slicing, dicing and stabbing the witch until she's left a bloody mess on the ground...unfortunately, Galia goes One-Winged Angel at this point and devours Nagomi in a single bite. Even this is a Moment of Awesome for Nagomi: realizing there's no way for her to beat the monster, she willingly throws herself into the beast's maw to stop Galia's further rampage since Galia has promised earlier to only eat one person per day.
  • In a moment that's as much awesome as it is hilarious, Youta defeats Amane in a Single-Stroke Battle with his bare hands, dodging her sword and touching her on the cheek, with obvious results.
  • Despite putting up a good showing against Galia, Misaki is ensnared by the witch's magic strings. Galia starts pulling, and the chapter ends with an arm going's Galia's! Youta has dashed up behind her and finally puts his katana to use by hacking her arm off, and stopping her counterattack by stabbing her through the back of the head! Galia goes into monster form for his trouble, though, but it was still one of his finest moments.
  • Romi's rematch with Mimi. Another abject pummeling courtesy of Romi like her first bout with Mimi...that she delivers with half of her face burned off by a lantern Mimi had smashed her with. Had Yuuma and Tris not shown up, Romi would have followed through with her earlier threats and killed Mimi with her bare hands.