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Heartwarming / Parallel Paradise

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  • Yes, it's a sex scene, but the sheer adorable joy on Lumi's face when she and Youta make love for the first time puts it in this category, as is the moment afterwards when Youta tenderly strokes the unconscious Lumi's head.
  • Misaki selflessly giving up the chance to travel with Youta to Lumi after seeing how badly Lumi was taking the idea of Youta leaving. Between this and their reactions to Haru's death, it's clear that the Quintet are as much dear friends as they are teammates.
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  • Later, when Youta learns that the God of Deep Jealousy is dead and there's no way to save Lumi, Lumi tells him that it's fine: she had made peace with her death a long time ago, but she's glad that Youta has no reason to continue a dangerous quest and put himself in danger because she couldn't bear to lose him. It's at that point that Youta realizes that she's truly in love with him. He gives her a kiss, and before the two go ahead and get busy again he vows that he won't let her die at 20: he'll find a way to break the curse, save her, and live a long, happy life together with her.
  • Noa reuniting with her mother after centuries is a touching scene (enough so that even Tia tears up).
  • Lumi's love for Youta is plain to see, but when she arrives in Sendorio screaming for him, Youta hears or senses her over the rumbling of the sandstorm outside, fearlessly climbs out the window, and moves to scale the building so he can reunite with her. When Vanille demands to know what the hell he's doing, his answer is right to the point and shows without a shadow of a doubt he reciprocates Lumi's feelings.
    Youta: Lumi is calling me.
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  • An understated example after Youta and Katsuchi mate for the second time: to clarify, Katsuchi is deep in a Heroic BSoD after Galia forced her to humiliate herself in front of everyone. The next day, Katsuchi is already up and dressed while Youta is asleep, and she firmly wakes him up, telling him to put 'that crude thing away'. Youta's reaction is a relieved smile that she's back to normal.

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