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Tear Jerker / Parallel Paradise

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It never gets any easier.

Paradise? Hah. The parallel world is messed up to its core, and ripe for heartstring-shredding tragedy. Case in point:

  • Haru's death. Even Youta, who only just met her a few days before, is openly crying. The apparent lack of sadness from the surviving members of the Quintet just drives home how messed up the world is, and hardens Youta's resolve to fix it...and then he notices that the others aren't keeping it together all that well, as the page picture shows.
  • Pinako's utterly horrid circumstances when she's first introduced: duped by Kai into being both her mole and sex slave, on top of having her little sister paralyzed by a curse (thanks to the aformentioned Kai). Despite her blase attitude, she's clearly beaten down by the weight of what she's going through.
  • The part after the shipwreck when Lumi finds out Youta didn't wash up on shore with her, Manaka and Rino: just look at her goddamn expression! She immediately grabs her sword and limps out of the cottage, screaming for Youta, and quickly starts breaking down when she realizes he's nowhere to be found.
  • Whatever one's opinion on Erza is, her death was still hard to watch, mainly because of Youta's desperation in trying to save her: he's taking no pleasure in mating with her, rather doing all he possibly can to keep her from succumbing to the agonizing death curse. It's all for naught, and when Vanille bursts into the room, she finds Youta sitting silently by Erza's empty clothes. It's a sobering sight.

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