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Nightmare Fuel / Parallel Paradise

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Don't. French. A Kall.

Nice to see Lynn Okamoto hasn't lost his touch.

  • The Kall. The motherfucking Kall: nude, faceless humanoid demons that roam the lands and kill any girl they come across by injecting them with a lethal poison that kills in mere seconds. How do they inject said poison? Why, by RAPING it into them, of course. Barring that, they can also poison their prey with a gruesome, maggot-like 'tongue' like what nearly happened to Momo (shown in the page picture). Oh, what's that? Not terrifying enough? Well guess what, there are gigantic ones too! Thank goodness for their inexplicable fear of Youta...
  • The fate of the girls whose moons break, as shown by what happens to Haru. In true Lynn Okamoto fashion, they slowly and gruesomely melt.
  • The ghastly faces the Bicorn makes when approached by a virgin, particularly as it had been drawn to look cute and majestic up until that point.
  • Kai is friggin' terrifying: a 'bishop' in the cult that worships the God of Deep Jealousy, she's been empowered by the aforementioned deity, her foremost ability being immortality. Said immortality is fueled by human gallbladders, and she's spent millennia devouring the girls of Lille to keep herself alive. She only gets worse when she's cornered and transforms into the monstrous, hideous Cetus...
  • All seems well and good after Kai is defeated, Noa is restored to her true mermaid form and reunited with her mother, and the team has their next destination in their quest to kill the God of Deep Jealousy. Youta reaffirms his vow to break the death curse on the world and we get a nice shot of him framed against the twin moons...or rather a single moon and a HUGE EYE GLARING DOWN AT HIM. Could we have gotten our first glimpse at the God of Deep Jealousy? Perhaps. Whatever the case, Youta and his harem have caught the attention of SOMETHING.
  • The thing that takes Youta into another world to begin with. The first supernatural element we and Youta see is this figure walking through the school courtyard wearing a blood-splattered mantle and a dome over its head. A dome with a wide-open, stitched together mouth and eye-holes spaced farther apart vertically than horizontally. The instant Youta turns away from the window, it’s right there by his desk glowering at him and then it picks him up with one hand and throws him out the window.
    • And then it shows up a second time at the hospital. Youta is entirely ready to voluntarily jump and get it over with when he sees it again, only to be stopped by Nishina walking in and, not knowing what is happening, begging that Youta not try to kill himself again. The instant he relents, this thing gets right under his windowsill grabs Youta by the back of his hospital gown with a metallic, clawed hand, and chucks him straight to the ground, and NISHINA IS DRAGGED DOWN TOO!
    • And then it shows up a THIRD time in the hospital room where a critically injured Youta is lying, apparently without anyone being able to prevent it from doing so. When Youta asks it why it's doing this, it takes its disguise off and reveals itself to be the seemingly cute and harmless Lilia, who reveals that she's doing all of this because she loves Youta. All of this with an horrifically dissonant happy smile that conveys just how fucked up in the head that girl is.
  • There's a certain kind of horror to just how Youta can affect the women of this world. Any female who even looks at or touches him even without knowing he's male is at risk of being overcome with uncontrollable arousal, which their bodies have no idea how to react to since 'sex' has been an unknown concept in this world for millennia. To the point that even women who openly despise him have embarrassed themselves in public after he simply touched them. Yumi is almost unable to control her body as she finds herself being drawn to have sex with this man shes only just met. The look in her eyes as she pounces on Youta for the first time looked like she was deep in madness.
  • Youta captured by the Cult of Sendorio. The Manga finishes subverting the isekai male power fantasy completely by portraying the main character tied down and gangraped on an endless basis. He's strapped to a bed and forced to mate day in and day out, completely powerless to prevent it. And before the Double Standard can set in, chapter 67 shows him being additionally tortured and degraded by a sadistic guardswoman.
  • Since her existence was revealed, Galia has been touted as even more depraved and powerful than the above-mentioned Kai. Once she shows up, we see that such claims were severely understated: within moments, the witch has the heroes entirely at her mercy, after revealing that she has both an impenetrable Deflector Shield and the ability to decapitate people with but a thought. Sound familiar? And unlike diclonius, Galia doesn't have to worry about range, since she also has explosive balls of dark magic that can reduce people to skeletons in a single blast.
    • After taking her leave of the heroes, Galia pays a visit to the Resistance, a group of people who had believed her to be their comrade. She ties them up and essentially forces them to watch as she devours their leader and then eats the rest of them. Afterwards, we see their skeletal remains strewn about her feeding ground. Then she realizes afterwards she's still hungry, and turns her eye to Lumi's home city of Mille, where an oblivious Misaki, Lilia and Momo reside...
    • And oh yeah: she's got a One-Winged Angel form like Kai does: a huge, hideous snake-worm thing.
  • Let's take a break from the fantasy realm and discuss the elephant in the room: what's happening to Youta from the perspective of his home time. His parents, childhood friend, and doctors don't know anything about his adventures or who keeps bringing him back to the other realm, but from their side of things all they're seeing is a traumatized boy who increasingly and desperately keeps trying to kill himself whenever he's left alone. Sometimes it shouldn't even be possible, but he somehow overcomes the odds and continues to subject himself to painful high drops.
    • And it's not even that great for Youta, either. Every time he wakes up, he's slightly more paralyzed than before. At first, he lost a limb falling, but the next time he's lost mobility, the third time he needs to be fed through a tube and lost his eye, and the final time he's completely on life support until his parents decide to pull the plug on him.