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Nightmare Fuel / Paprika

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  • People start going insane as their minds are hauled into a freakish dream parade full of THE creepiest dolls you will ever see. To make it worse, the dream parade ends up in real-world Tokyo, and a Godzilla-sized doll goes after the main characters with a glass-shattering Evil Laugh.
  • Depending of whose mind you're in, it can be easily one of them. And it don't have to be a megalomaniac to be one: Just take Himuro's.
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  • Tokita's faces as he's in the robot suit in the movie theater. His voice acting in the English dub makes him sound much more deranged, too.
  • "AND NOW, IT'S A-SHOW TIME!" The scene of the business men jumping off the roof with the same smiles as the one Tokita had earlier.
  • Everything about the doll. Every scene.
  • The DC Mini burrowing into Himuro's head.
  • The scene of the two doctors who went insane and had to be driven off in an ambulance.
  • The scene of Konakawa's panic attack is disturbingly realistic.
  • The rape-ish scene in the butterfly room.
    • "I love you, Paprika. I love you just the way you are."
  • The very first scene of the parade, with Dr. Shima jumping out of the window.
  • When the doll is speaking and the face morphs into Himuro's.
  • Himuro's creepy apartment, especially with the robot holding the "Help Me" sign, with Tokita's face pasted over its head...


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