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Nightmare Fuel / Paprika

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  • People start going insane as their minds are hauled into a freakish dream parade full of THE creepiest dolls you will ever see. To make it worse, the dream parade ends up in real-world Tokyo, and a Godzilla-sized doll goes after the main characters with a glass-shattering Evil Laugh.
    • The dream parade is full of disturbing imagery: salarymen committing suicide like synchronized swimmers, women and their children turning into golden statues, grown men with cellphone heads looking up the skirts of schoolgirls, hordes of homeless people and people trapped in miniature houses marching down streets, dwarvish men wrestling over who will be emperor and religious statues in drag proclaiming that God and Buddha will change religions. All of which represent real life problems and trends in Japanese society.
  • Depending of whose mind you're in, it can be easily one of them. And it doesn't have to be a megalomaniac to be one: Just take Himuro's.
  • Tokita's faces as he's in the robot suit in the movie theater. His voice acting in the English dub makes him sound much more deranged, too.
  • "AND NOW, IT'S A-SHOW TIME!" The scene of the businessmen jumping off the roof, like synchronized swimmers, with the same smiles as the one Tokita had earlier.
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  • Everything about the doll. Every scene.
  • The DC Mini burrowing into Himuro's head.
  • The scene of the two doctors who went insane and had to be driven off in an ambulance.
  • The scene of Konakawa's panic attack is disturbingly realistic.
  • The rape-ish scene in the butterfly room.
    • "I love you, Paprika. I love you just the way you are."
  • The very first scene of the parade, with Dr. Shima jumping out of the window.
  • When the doll is speaking and the face morphs into Himuro's.
  • Himuro's creepy apartment, especially with the robot holding the "Help Me" sign, with Tokita's face pasted over its head...