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  • First of all, he won the Blade Dance when he was thirteen. There is a reason "Ren Ashbell" is called the Strongest Blade Dancer.
  • His fight with Jio is all kinds of awesome. The two of them are in the middle of a cave, and begin using three-dimensional combat techniques to jump all over the place like Spiderman on drugs.
  • Fighting and defeating Velsaria, who is known as the strongest elementalist of Areshia Academy, with a giant hole in his chest.
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  • Kamito generally has a one-on-one battle with the opposing ace of an enemy team, which get increasingly epic (and destructive) as the series continues.
  • Any time he dual wields Est and Restia, infinite amounts of badass is unleashed.
  • Muir is a super-assassin who can control spirits that are physically impossible for humans to control. She has never defeated Kamito.
  • In volume 9 chapter 7 part 1, Kamito jumps and stands onto Ellis's Ray Hawk that had been embedded into the ground. Ellis uses a wind power so that Kamito SURFS ON HER ELEMENTAL WAFFE THAT HAS BEEN SHOT FROM THE GROUND INTO THE AIR towards a giant spirit flame demon summoned by Muir. He then JUMPS OFF RIGHT ABOVE IT and UNLEASHES BURSTING BLOSSOM SPIRAL BLADE DANCE EIGHTEEN CONSECUTIVE STRIKES.


  • After Restia sends Kamito into a HBSOD, she saves him from a rampaging spirit and wakes him up with a kiss.
  • Her strategies have saved Team Scarlet from defeat more than once.
  • Unlocking Scarlet's true name allows her to single handedly wipe out an entire team of elementalists, including one who gave Kamito as Ren a hard time.
  • She is able to fight off Rubia's Mind Rape and turn the situation against her by awakening Kamito from his Demon King Form.



  • Her reasons for being in Raven class, which is comprised of gifted problem children. Claire is there because of Rubia. Rinslet is there because she went full-on Mama Bear on anyone who mocked or bullied Claire in front of her.

Alternative Title(s): Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance


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