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Awesome / Afro Samurai

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  • Afro killing the bounty hunters in the first episode.
  • Both of Afro's fights with Afro-Droid count.
    • For the first time Afro is faced with an opponent who can keep up with and possibly surpass him even when in peak condition. The only way Afro wins is by remembering his master and fights unexpectedly by dodging all of Afro Droid's moves; eventually cornering the droid and ending the fight with a single strike. The bridge is then blown up with Afro and Ninja Ninja successfully escaping the explosion while Afro-Droid is sent in the river.
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    • Afro Droid somehow survives this and makes it to a room before Afro does despite being in a river. Unlike the last battle, this one isn't anywhere near as close. Afro successfully counters nearly all of Afro Droid's attacks even when it relies on its more robotic enhancements such as rocket powered attacks and Frickin' Laser Beams.
      • Afro-Droid takes the fight in mid-air and takes advantage of his rocket-powered flight abilities while Afro is free-falling. Afro still wins. Afro-Droid makes an attempt at a Desperation Attack but is finally killed by Afro's sword falling into him.

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