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The Professional

  • One of Golgo's contracts early in the film is a former nazi SS captain living under an alias who is secured in a luxury penthouse outfitted with bulletproof glass. It's the last night before the contract expires so Golgo has to make a move or lose his perfect professional reputation. How does he do it? By using a modified M16 he got earlier he takes aim at the penthouse... or he would if another building wasn't standing right in his line of fire. Confused over his actions the goons hired by Dawson to tail him ask if it's possible to have a clear shot at the penthouse from his position. Cue the answer as Golgo opens fire and drills through several windows on the obscuring building to hit the penthouse on the other side. The nazi captain turns around just in time to catch a bullet to the face, never knowing what even hit him. The goons furious reactions are just the icing on the cake.
  • The entire final twenty minutes of the movie are one moment after another as Golgo 13 finally decides to cut the bullshit and go after Dawson in his tower.
    • To start things off Golgo rides up to the Pertrolneum Building on a motorcycle, hops off as he storms through the front entrance and lights up the discarded vehicle with a hail of gunfire to either serve as a distraction or let Dawson know he's here to settle things.
    • Shortly after he begins his climb to Dawson's office the billionaire CEO sends out his ace in the hole, the cruel killer known as Snake. After disarming Golgo of his prized M16 rifle the two clash in a brutal close quarters fight while trapped inside a moving elevator, making for one of the best battles in the franchise as the two elite assassins trade blows. Just when it looks like Snake has the upper hand and might finally put an end to Golgo 13 once and for all a helicopter arrives and opens fire on the pair. Golgo manages to dodge at the last minute but Snake is caught in the line of fired and turned into swiss cheese, putting a fitting conclusion to the psychotic madman.
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    • With his best man killed Dawson sends out his trump card and last line of defense: a pair of elite soldiers known as Gold & Silver. Golgo puts several rounds into both men with his revolver, seemingly ending the fight before it could really begin... only for them to get back up like he had just shot them with a nerf gun. Gold manages to pin Golgo and begins torturing him by squeezing his bullet wound while giggling like a school boy and very nearly tears his stomach open, only for Golgo to retaliate by bashing his head in with the butt of his revolver. Afterwards Gold is killed with a few final shots and Duke Togo heads onward to finish Silver as well. Enraged at the death of his partner Silver rushes Golgo head on, which he responds to by simply pulling out a grenade, sticking it in Silver's mouth and walking away from the inevitable explosion. Cue one extra crispy headless corpse joining Gold in death as the professional makes his way to his final target.
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    • His army defeated and his will drained by constant failure Leonard Dawson calls off the last of his troops and accepts his defeat at Golgo's hands. Afterwards he engages in one final conversation with Golgo before throwing himself out the window of the Pertrolneum Building to his assured death. Not content to let his mentally shattered adversary simply off himself with a suicide Golgo 13 fires one last shot to complete his final hit, ending the movie with a bang.

Queen Bee

  • Queen Bee herself. She's been proven to be as every bit as dangerous and as deadly as Golgo himself multiple times in the OVA.
    • Their final showdown deserves a special mention. Both draw their guns and fire a single shot each, with Queen Bee's grazing Golgo's cheek as the camera pans out to show that his shot got her right in the chest. Had Sonia been a split second quicker on the trigger she would have nailed Golgo 13, the world's greatest hitman, with a fatal headshot. Even as she's bleeding out she doesn't cry or beg for her life and instead calmly requests that Golgo complete her original request to kill Thomas before sharing one last goodbye kiss with him. Even in the world of Golgo 13 she is a badass among badasses and fully deserving of her own movie.

The Manga

  • The fact that the series itself is approaching 200 tankobon volumes as of 2019, the creator STILL writing stories since he started 1968, and the series having NEVER missed an issue of its parent magazine (which started as monthly, then twice a month publication). Not bad for a series that stars a Villain Protagonist hitman virtually devoid of any morality or heroic values.
    • As a bonus, the Viz release says that the creative team typically has a week or two to create one manga chapter. While that seems like a reasonable deadline on paper, you also have to realize that the manga is FULL of Gun Porn and is quite heavy on both the technical and exposition sides.
  • "Wasteland": Golgo is hired to shoot a rocket grenade in the heart of a failing nuclear reactor that could turn the Greater Los Angeles area into a desert for 25,000 years. He didn't miss, despite the steam and radioactivity in the reactor.
  • Though it hasn't been released in English yet, Golgo takes a particularly painful punishment in the story "Statistically Explained Sniping" (mentioned in the File G13 section of Viz's Volume 5) - being forced to listen to Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy" on a speaker system at full blast. He he survived without a complaint or begging for mercy.
    • The rest of the volume also details 23 other torture methods that involve him being beat up, almost fed alive to wild animals, drugged, starved and straight-up jailed in hellish conditions.
  • The small laugh he gives to a South African customs agent who's bull-whipping him in "Power To The People".
  • The Bond One-Liner he gives to a Corrupt Hick sheriff at the end of "The Dark-Skinned Sniper":
    Golgo: "Are you too afraid to beg or do you know it's just useless?"
    jump cut to the sheriff's corpse abandoned on the highway
  • Any time Golgo takes down a target who's a total monster.
  • The ending of "One Minute Past Midnight": the whole story makes it look as if his target is an ex-CIA mole locked up tight in Death Row. He's not. His real target is the Georgia state governor, safe in his mansion negotiating with the prisoner's old CIA handler for his commutation. The reason being, if the ex-CIA agent is executed, all of the secrets he collected while an operative will be released to the public. Golgo shoots the bulletproof windows protecting the governor just before he can make the call to stop the execution.

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