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The Professional

  • For all of his many, many, faults Leonard Dawson was shown to truly love his son Robert and legitimately cared for him all his life, including baking him a homemade cake for his 6th birthday and crying tears of joy at his graduation. He's also shown to have been on good terms with Laura and his granddaughter. Granted, this love is quickly twisted as he goes off the deep end trying to kill Golgo 13 for his son's untimely murder, but it shows that Dawson was more than just a Corrupt Corporate Executive and actually had a heart up until his obsession with revenge ended up ruining the lives of his remaining family.
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  • The manga chapter the story was adapted from makes this hit even harder when we see flashbacks of both the younger and elder Dawson enjoying golfing and hunting together.

Queen Bee

  • Despite initially coming across as a classic Femme Fatale who uses her sexuality to manipulate her subordinates it's quickly shown that Queen Bee really does care for her men and loves them as much as they revere her. When one of her supposed allies betrays their group and forces her to sacrifice one of her men so that she and the others can escape she wastes no time in finding and pulling the trigger on the guy who sold them out.

2008 Series and Manga

  • At the end of one of the Special Edition chapters, Golgo returns a favor from a young disabled butterfly collector by giving him a rare butterfly specimen. This is one of the rare moments where Golgo's professional demeanor shows its magnanimity. If you betray Golgo, he will not hesitate to end you, but if you assist him, (especially if the help is a deciding factor), he will return the favor.
  • Golgo's relationship with Dave McCartrney is full of funny moments, especially in the manga where Dave is almost always exasperated by Golgo's unusual requests. However the anime makes it all the more heartwarming by introducing Dave as a regular character; he's the man Golgo always turns to when he needs a special weapon or a tune-up for his M16, even appearing in episodes adapted from manga chapters where he never even appeared in originally.
    • As a mark of this, there's a brief moment in Episode 12 where he helps Golgo escape quarantine in order for him to destroy the supercomputer the police are using to reconstruct one of his hits. He even comes with a batch of flowers to help the facade.
    • It helps that Dave is extremely good at his job, and never fails to meet a deadline, even when he's hired to modify a gun that would take three days to do within three hours. It's clear by the bonuses and big payoffs that Golgo gives is as close a mark of appreciation the craftsmanship and professionalism Dave holds himself to.
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  • Golgo accepting Spartacus' contract in "The Brutes' Banquet" to kill his employers, who had set both men up for entertainment. He also has respect for Spartacus as a professional, pointing out that he's almost just as good as he is.
  • Golgo pays his respects to one of his illegitimate children's graves at the end of the story "Cold-Hearted Catharine", and in "Ebony Eyes", he fulfills the request of one of his exes to see their child before he leaves town.
  • Meta one: the fact that Takao Saito trusted his assistants to carry on the series without him. He may have had emergency plans for the series should it have been canceled, but ultimately, he decided that his most famous character would do just fine without him.