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Nightmare Fuel / Golgo 13

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The Man Himself

  • Let's not forget to address the elephant in the room: Golgo himself. An unstoppable professional hitman who will not stop until the target is dead; a man who under any circumstances cannot be recalled and will resort to any means necessary to carry out the job. You can't bribe him, you can't escape him, and you can't beat him. No matter what you do, you are a dead man walking the moment he has you in his sights.
    • The sheer level of skill, cunning and intelligence Golgo displays deserves a mention. Not only does Golgo have all of the proper abilities required to be an assassin, he excels at them. In addition to his physical prowess and lightning quick agility he has proved time and time again to have a genius level intellect in the methods and strategies he uses to go after his targets. He knows how to avoid and minimize risk, plan his targets moves well in advance and always does his research to find a way to achieve his goals. You want to hide behind half a foot of bullet-proof glass? Golgo will focus all of his shots on a single point the size of a pinhead to drill through it and nail you with a killshot. You want to step inside a secure panic room with steel walls? He'll find a way to draw you out into the open where you won't even see him coming. You want to hide in some sort of maximum security prison surrounded by guards? He'll either find a way to get inside or shoot you through a tiny opening that only appears for a split second at a time. Duke Togo isn't a dangerous man because he can hit a target at impossible range or because he can take on an army and win. He's dangerous because he has a cold emotional detachment that would make a terminator jealous and can keep a cool head even in the most dire situations. He isn't just strong, he's smart... logical... and never lets his guard down. Most of his victims never even see him coming until he has a lock on them... and some don't see him coming at all.

The Professional

Queen Bee

  • Lieutenant Benning... where to begin? It's like the writers decided to read the entire Sociopathic Soldier page and condense it all into one character! Benning may have ultimately proved to be small fry compared to some of the guys Golgo has faced over the years, but he makes up for it in sheer depravity and ruthlessness. Called in by a corrupt general to kill Queen Bee by any means necessary Benning leads a band of soldiers on a raid of her home village, killing many noncombatants in the process. But even with the atrocities he commits onscreen it's implied to be nothing compared to what he got up to during the war...
    General Gordon: Of course you were, son. Your loyalty was never in question.
    Lt. Benning: I'd walk through the gates of hell if my superiors ordered me to!
    General Gordon: Oh, I know. I remember ordering you to destroy that village but your orders did not include cutting open a woman who was six months pregnant, dragging her back to camp and frying up strips of her flesh in a frying pan! Or returning to base with a chopper full of human heads, I don't recall ordering anything like that!
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  • While nowhere near as psychotically violent as Benning is, Thomas Waltham also is pretty creepy by himself. Not only did he have Robert Hardy's mistress murdered, he also raped their 10-year old daughter.

The Manga and 2009 Anime

  • Ross MacDonald and Ingmar Pettensen, Golgo's targets in "The Brutes' Banquet" live up to the title. Enthusiasts of human blood sport, they once led an army of mercenaries to massacre an entire village of innocent people. Then they fed the last survivor, a little girl, to pirannas just to see how long she'd last.
  • Volume 5 of the Viz release regales us with various tortures Golgo's faced. Some of the more horrifying ones include him being attacked by tsete flies, attacked by a giant eagle in the desert (under the midday heat and with nothing but pants on and his fists to fight with), and being made to listen to music at deafening volumes after three days of continual whipping.
  • "The Serizawa Family Murders" is pure Nightmare Fuel from start to finish. A multiple unsolved homicide? Check. A decades-old case involving a family of assassins? Check. Golgo's sinister shadow hanging behind it all? Double check.
  • Pandora Island Prison from "Sleep Inside the Cage" (episode 9 of the anime) is a truly nightmarish Hellhole Prison off the coast of Alaska. It's ruled over by a sadistic warden with a raging napoleon complex that loves spending his days making life hell for everyone under his control. When Golgo first arrives he sees a message written over the main gate "Be Hopeful" that the warden put up to demoralize the prisoners, all of whom have full life or death sentences. Over a dozen prisoners have tried to escape, all notched on the wardens sidearm once he has them tortured until they beg for execution, which he eventually grants them after he's had his fun. The whole place has a desperately bleak tone and makes it feel like even Golgo has managed to bite off more than he can chew.

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