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Awesome / Pokémon: The Movie Black/White

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  • During the opening, when Damon's legendary first appears. Both pull off excellent Big Damn Heroes moments.
    • In White, a dust storm causes a herd of Bouffalant to stampede towards the village Damon came to visit. Damon summons Reshiram, who promptly dispels the dust storm with ease.
    • In Black, Damon instead visits a town on a frozen tundra to discuss the matter of the Kingdom of the Vale's revival with the residents. When he's about to leave a giant iceberg collides, causing a small boy to fall. As his mother tries to rescue him, the ice they are standing upon breaks off, stranding everybody. Damon then appears with Zekrom, and the legendary destroys the iceberg and rescues everybody.
  • Zekrom awakening before Ash.
    • Reshiram awakening before Ash also counts.
  • As Damon's legendary delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to Golurk, Ash shows up, riding the other legendary. What ensues is an epic dogfight which includes tons of nuclear fireballs, flame blasts, electric bolts and giant beams being tossed around.
  • While saving Victini, Ash delivers a great Shut Up, Hannibal! towards Damon, for which Damon has no reply.
    Damon: In the pursuit of ideals, sacrifices are required.
    Ash: Yeah, well my ideals don't need sacrifice!
  • Victini, using V-Create to blow up the magic cage trapping Ash. Also doubles as a Tearjerker since Victini seemingly perishes due to it.