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  • The first time we get to see Goki’s power is when he stops a brutal accident that would have turned Jiro into mush. We see a gigantic silhouette of him pressed against a concrete wall as if Jiro had caused it.
  • Miyuki choosing to follow Jiro through time is an amazing feat of character even if it is an useless and dangerous decision. The poor girl has been kidnapped and sexually harassed nonstop through the series and that’s the only thing that waits for her in the world of demons – and yet, she’s willing to accompany him out of love.
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  • Jiro killing Kaiser once for all by summoning lightning.
  • Jiro and Goki slaying dozens of oni at their arrival to Ongokukai. By this point, Jiro is at his limit: he’s tired after his battle with Iron Kaiser, is in an unknown hell surrounded by enemies, his clothes have been reduced to a ragged loincloth, and has no more weapon than his mystic sword. And yet, he fights and kills with the same ferocity as Goki, his oni servant, who now fights at his side.
    • No less awesome is Senki doing it fine in his improvised task to protect the vulnerable Miyuki. With the girl perched on his shoulder, he manages to both kept her safe and kill a few ogres while he’s at it.
  • Just how tough and determined the final oni is, despite being a villain. He not only literally turns every wound into an advantage, but also keeps coming after every real hit. Even after losing hold of Jiro, he still blocks Senki’s laser with his wings and spears him with his tentacles; when his arm is cut, he uses his acidic blood to burn and stop Goki; and it takes stab him in the head an summoning freaking lightning to take him down. And even then, he falls slowly and giving until the last moment the terrible vibe that he will get up again.

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