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     Episode 1: Whom Public Order and Morality Serve? 
  • Tanukichi's quick thinking saved Goriki from being framed as The Chikan when a woman accused Goriki just to turn him to the authorities for the sake of making some quick cash.
  • Despite revealing herself as the "Blue Snow", Ayame managed to coerce a hesitant Tanukichi into becoming her accomplice. She did so by warning Tanukichi that should he ever turn Ayame to the authorities, not only will Tanukichi get arrested as well (the rope used to escape from the scene of the crime can be traced back to his DNA), the scandal will also damage Anna's credibility as the student council president along with the school's moral reputation.
  • While Tanukichi acts as the decoy "Blue Snow", Ayame in the gymnasium broadcasts a video of two flies mating together and does erotic voice overs like it's a XXX-rated movie. This made the entire students in the gymnasium hot and bothered to the point where their repressed sexualities explode.
    • Keep in mind that the teachers were about to intervene, but Ayame "informs" the student council and teachers that "Blue Snow" is making havoc at the track and field.

     Episode 2: The Mysteries of Pregnancy 
  • Ayame's speech about how sex isn't some filthy thing to be shunned, but a beautiful connection between two people.
  • Anna proceeds to pull Decoy!Blue Snow's escape rope all by herself, showing off her Charles Atlas Superpower when she takes things seriously such as capturing Blue Snow to protect moral decency.
  • Once again, Blue Snow's Bait-and-Switch strategies saved Tanukichi from being busted by the Student Council. The only thing that made this crowning moment of awesomeness into a letdown is that the school's resident artist caught a wind of Tanukichi unmasking his decoy Blue Snow outfit.

     Episode 3: How to Love Someone 
  • After Anna's stalkers revealed themselves to attack Anna's date (Ayame in disguise), the first stalker is neutralized with a Groin Attack from Ayame, followed by Tanukichi throwing a right cross punch at the second stalker. Even though Ayame finished off the third stalker with a leg sweep, the third stalker managed to smash Tanukichi's head while falling down.

     Episode 4: The Saying Goes... Love Is Justice 
  • The fact that Saotome can bypass the PM restriction of tracing any movements of drawing filthy pictures by drawing with her mouth shows her artistic skills are not just for show.

     Episode 5: For Whom the Dirty Terrorism Benefits? 
  • Hyouka Fuwa of all people leads the cavalry of students to the forest in order to find the hidden stash of pornography. Even when the Peace Maker Task Force are already there to barricade the forest, Hyouka sent the girls to convince the task force to prevent the boys (albeit unwitting decoys) from finding the dirty books. The girls may not be SOX terrorists, but their coordination and resourcefulness is impressive enough to buy time for Ayame and Tanukichi.
  • Tanukichi had the chance to get away from Anna and finally be free from being affiliated with SOX. Instead, he proceeds to don a new uniform (consisting of wearing just panties on his face and a lower body lingerie attached with a garter belt) and rescues Blue Snow from Anna's clutches.
    • After Anna witnesses the debut of Tanukichi's alter ego, she proceeds to charge ahead, only to be incapacitated subconsciously by the familiarity of Tanukichi's body and felt so ashamed about her physical attraction towards the erotic terrorist. This leads to Anna jumping off the cliff after she couldn't handle the embarrassment.
  • Sophia made a conference call to demonstrate how many signatures she collected from the students for the "X Prohibition Act" petition. Instead of the student signatures, she accidentally holds an erotic picture from Saotome's sketches. To add insult to injury, all the student signatures are all replaced with lewd pictures thanks to SOX, which forces Sophia to cut the live camera feed a little too late.

     Episode 6: Handmade Warmth! 
  • A real life meta example that there is a live action video of tutoring viewers on how to create their homemade sex aid using just potato starch and water.
  • Hyouka Fuwa managed to recreate wireless vibrators despite not having blueprints of the banned commercial product. Her only complaint about her gadgets is that she couldn't reduce the size of the remote controller any further (it's the same size as a pen).
  • Tanukichi may have been forcefully pinned down by Anna's upper body, but he managed to restrain himself from ejaculating from the sexual stimulations made by Anna's vibrator pendant on her chest long enough to overheat the vibrator and break it. It was a close call, but Tanukichi just barely managed to pull through.

     Episode 7: What SOX Created 
  • Because of SOX's recent successes, multiple erotic terrorist groups band together and form a partnership with SOX. However, that leads to...
    • Another perverted organization dubbing itself Gathered Fabric, which consists of underwear thieves runned by their leader called White Peak. Not much is known about the leader, but he's charismatic enough to gain so many followers that subscribe to his extreme underwear fetishism.
  • Ayame actually manages to outrun Anna, if only for a short while. But when it becomes clear that escape isn't possible, she pulls a heroic sacrifice by tossing Tanukichi down the hill, while using herself as a decoy. That took guts, because Ayame knew she didn't stand a chance against her.
  • During the stinger, Anna finally accepts that she can't stop SOX's activities on her own, so she calls her father to for help. The scene shift's to his office as he assures his daughter that he's sending one of his best. At that moment, the camera pans to left, revealing Oboro standing behind him.

     Episode 8: The Devil Blows His Own Trumpet 
  • Hyouka manages to persuade the head of the Decency Prefects (Oboro) to not ban her Yaoi doujinshi by claiming it was research material. Despite Oboro's initial reservations, he updates the ban list and approves of the books.
  • Kosuri manages to gather information by infiltrating a different school campus to learn everything from campus blueprints to patrol routines in just 3 days. SOX has quite the resourceful member in this episode.
  • Ayame and Tanukichi initially assume Oboro is harmless, after her initial inspection around the school. But in the week that follows, she shows just how shrewd and efficient she can be, by recruiting members of the student body who are loyal to Anna, and can also recognize lewd material, thanks to SOX. Under her leadership, the newly formed Prefects begin a systematic sweep of the school, confiscates nearly all of SOX's hidden porn caches, and has them burned.
    Female student #1: (whispering) The new girl looks like she means business.
    Female student #2: (in reply) No kidding. SOX doesn't have a chance with HER around!

     Episode 9: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Masseurs? 
  • Tanukichi's wrestling moves can knock down any Gathered Fabric goon with just one German suplex. In fact, he captured 10 of the goons in a short period of time!
  • Fuwa demonstrated her moment of Awesome by Analysis skills by deducing how Kosuri makes each of her gestures and movements appear innocent and friendly when being approached by the SOX member.

     Episode 10: Masturb*tion Quest 
  • When White Peak makes his intentions known by staging outright terrorism by hijacking buses, our heroes retaliate in true SOX-and-student-council-unintended-collaboration style. Sadly Ayame and Kosuri get left out, but we do get:
    • Fuwa, apprehended by an armed terrorist, figures out that the gun isn't even real and basically talks her into submission with one Armor-Piercing Question after another. Thanks to Fuwa, the other passengers take the hijacker down for her. What would the others do without Fuwa's knowledge though?
    • Anna is basically going through withdrawal, thinking she's not doing enough to gain Okuma's love (and the smell of his underpants, but mostly his love) when the terrorist pulling the gun on her causes her to snap, swat the gun out of his hand and through a window, and basically trash the fucker. And Tsukimigusa didn't need to lift a finger!
    • Okuma fortunately has Goriki on his bus when the terrorist hits, but not for the reason you think - Gathered Fabric is basically taking everyone's underwear for themselves, but Goriki, for reasons known only to himself, is in women's underwear. A few sizes too small, so possibly girls' underwear. Which causes the terrorist and everybody else in the bus to puke.
  • Tanukichi scored not one, but two early knockdowns on White Peak by a left cross and a superkick, and even after being beaten down by him as an answer, he still managed to capitalize on an opportunity to tackle and pin him from behind with a hammerlock. Had not Kosuri betrayed them shortly after, the battle would have been over for White Peak. This becomes even more awesome when White Peak is later revealed to be strong enough to take on Tanukichi, Ayame, Anna and Oboro at the same time if not caught off guard.
    • White Peak's own Muay Thai teh chiang-sok klap-mat wiang san combo on Tanukichi is quite amazing as well.

     Episode 11: Techno Break 
  • Saotome's artistic skill is put into good use: she drew a replica of the hostages (including her) so lifelike that it fooled the "Gathered Fabric" goons into thinking they're sitting still.
  • SOX teams up with the Student Council plus the Decency Prefects to takedown the Gathered Fabric goons and rescue the hostages.
  • This exchange from the English dub between Sophia and her husband, Matsukage, while receiving live reports from the hostage situation:
    Sophia: Tell me you're joking! Why is Anna there with those terrorists?!
    Matsukage: (smirking) Relax, dear.
    Sophia: Huh?
    Matsukage: I'm sure she's just gathering intel. Oboro is with her.
    Sophia: (exasperated) You really think that clueless dummy can protect our little girl?
    (cue Oboro sprinting down the hallway to Anna's location)
    • Followed by this brief scene:
      (spots three members of Gathered Fabric)
      Oboro: The wearing of undergarments over one's face is considered lewd. I must REMOVE THEM!!
      (screen goes black amidst three strikes)
      (scenes fades back in, showing Oboro behind them in semi-crouch position, as three fall unconscious)
  • White Peak being able to block at least one kick from Anna is impressive considering how Anna can One-Hit KO her opponents with her Charles Atlas Superpower. That said, the entire final battle is practically straight out of Kamen Rider (ignoring the penetration bits).


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