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Analysis / Shimoneta

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Who's Really to Blame?

Note: This contains spoilers, so read at your own discretion.

  • Anna's predatory behavior towards Tanukichi is an oft debated subject - with most holding Anna solely responsible for her actions, as it isn't Tanukichi or Ayame's responsibility to teach Anna what is or isn't sexually appropriate behavior. The other side argues that they are, since both of them know the difference and are aware that Anna doesn't.
    • While those in the former group have a valid pointnote , it ignores the fact that Anna's parents can't be expected to correct the problem if they aren't aware that even exists. And neither, Tanukichi, Ayame, or Hyouka have ever thought to bring it to their attention.
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    • Simply running from the problem doesn't solve it either. Instead, it's led Anna to believe Tanukichi is playing hard to get, due to being given repeat assurances that he has feelings for her. Which in turn, makes her feel she has to try harder to win his affectionsnote .
    • Oboro's complicity can't be ignored either, since he's aware of Anna's actions, but can do nothing about it since he's been ordered to prioritize Anna's wishes above all else. Therefore, his hands are tied.

  • In a nutshell, they're all to blame. Tanukichi, Ayame, Hyouka, and Oboro are all aware that Anna can't distinguish love from lust, nor does she realize she's violating the very moral standards she's been sworn to uphold. Yet, they're all allowing it to continue by doing nothing about it; thereby enabling her.

Differences in the Locker-room Incident

Manga chapter 10/Anime episode 9
  • In the manga, Tanukichi wrestles Oboro to the floor after mistaking him for a member of Gathered Fabric, which ends with Tanukichi's foot pressed against Oboro's groin. It's at that moment that he realizes Oboro is a male, but double-checks to be sure. In the next set of panels, Oboro's back suddenly arches, then relaxes again as he breathes heavily with an empty eyed smile and a faint blush.
  • The anime version omits any such implication. Instead, Oboro stumbles into the room and lands facedown on the floor. Tanukichi assumes he's with Gathered Fabric and attacks by rapidly stomping his groin, 'til Oboro nearly passes out in agony.

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