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  • Hyouka constantly wonders how pregnancy works in a society where anything deemed too sexual and lewd is censored from the general public. Could it be that artificial insemination is used as an alternative for reproduction in order to repress sexual knowledge?
    • Expanding upon this, how would bodily functions like menstruation and night time emissions be explained to a young adult who's experiencing these things the first time, in a society where anything remotely sexual is forbidden to discuss?
    • Probably with euphemisms and things like "it's just how the body works" for periods without explaining why it works like that. Though one must wonder: would tampons be deemed "dirty" and therefore not allowed as they must go inside the private parts? Is everyone with a period forced to use panty liners?
     The new Peacemaker design 
  • I really don't understand how the newest Peacemaker model as a chastity belt is a good idea in the first place. Not only does it seal off the genitals, but it also records everything you say and every movement you make? Talk about an invasion of personal privacy...
    • Exactly. The entire point is that the government has gotten screwed up to such a degree that even a blatantly horrible idea like speech- and movement-monitoring chastity belts can still nearly get passed.
     Is the Decency Squad useless? 
  • The one time when the Decency Squad is needed to keep public order, they couldn't even deal with Gathered Fabric terrorists hijacking 42 buses. I know that the hostages are held at gunpoint, but it's pathetic that the government organization had to rely on a high school scientist girl who happens to be smart enough to figure out the guns were fake. Is this a serious case of Adults Are Useless or We Have Become Complacent?
    • Until then, ero terrorist activity was harmless and could be likened to pranks (at best) and vandalism (at their worstnote ). The idea that any ero group would go so far as to highjack public transit was the type of situation the Decency Squad hadn't anticipated. They're used to stamping out small resistance, not something nearly on that scale, though it's likely they'll increase their taskforce as a result.
     About potential diplomatic relations issues 
  • Exactly how is Japan keeping foreign nationals like diplomats and their staff within their draconian definition of "under control"? Diplomatic immunity means they can't touch a diplomat or his senior staff, and most western countries would laugh in their faces if they tried to present obscenity crimes as grounds for deportation. On that note, how has the world press not smelled blood in the water at such an utterly insane news story? Surely sexual repression on this scale tips the scale and goes into human rights violations. An interview with SOX or any other major lewdness group would make a reporter's career.
    • Well keep in mind that almost completely sealing itself off from the outside world is something that Japan has been historically, very good at. As for diplomats, part of their job is respecting other cultures to a certain degree.
      • Even if you were to accept sealing an entire country off for an extended period of time, the way things are going, there's not going to BE any Japanese left in 50 years!
      • My theory is that the entire world not just Japan, is like this to an extent, which means this wouldn't be an issue and why international outcry hasn't taken place by now. There wouldn't be outcry if this level of censorship was internationally approved. One can only shudder imagining what places like the Middle East would be like with this technology. Imagine already repressive countries like Saudi Arabia combining their own sex-oppressive ideology (Wahabism) with Shimonetta's sex-oppressive ideology...
      • That means the entire planet is likely to see a drastic downturn in population growth. We're starting to grasp at Warhammer levels of crapsack and grimdark, now...
     About Oboro 
  • How is Oboro allowed to lead the Decency Prefects, considering he's a crossdresser? Even if it's on the order of Anna's father, shouldn't that raise a few eyebrows with other members of the committee?
  • For that matter, how is it possible for a guy to look and sound so convincingly like a girl, even under scrutiny? Including when Oboro strips down in episode 12, which shows he even has a woman's figure; excluding his bulge!
     Anna's Groin Attack 
  • After kicking that one Gathered Fabric terrorist in the junk on the bus, the guys grabbed theirs in sympathy, but my question is why that didn't trigger the PM bracelets? You think any contact at all down there would set it off, to cover all the bases just with the differences between how men and women get off.
    • The PM scanners are designed to track hand movement. Simply covering their crotch wouldn't be enough to set it off, as Anna did the same thing when she needed to pee.
    • The scanners' motion sensor also doesn't seem to be 1:1, since the OP shows Ayame blatantly using a pair of panties to clean a metal bar, by pretending to give it a handjob. In the first episode, she repeatedly jabs a toothpick in and out of the cream filling of an Oreo cookie. And in episode 9, Oboro was able to make a masturbatory gesture by inserting his finger in a roll of toilet paper. And in each instance, the PM scanner never went off.
     Ayame's Last Name 
  • In the light novels, her biological parents last name is Endou and, in the manga, her adoptive mother's last name is Kiyomonsou. So where does the Kajou name come from and how did Ayame get it?

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