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Anna's mother is trying to create a world where she rules unknowing sex slaves
First off, she's behind the PM's in the first place. Secondly, she's trying to raise a generation that literally doesn't understand the concept of lewdness. Third, she's trying to make the PM's even stricter, thereby allowing her to eliminate older individuals that could inhibit her rule.All in all, she's trying to take over the world and raise up own personal army to fulfill her sexual wishes, not one of which would understand what they're doing. It may have already started with her father who programmed Tsukimigusa into ignoring whatever obscenity Anna does.

Anna's going to break and become a nymphomaniac
Ayame's already said that Anna breaking could cause them trouble, but what if she means her breaking mentally as well? As in, what happens if Anna finally understands obscenity and just can't handle the sudden intake?She's going to develop a split personality to deal with it: one the sweet charming girl she is right now, the other a lewd, crude nymphomaniac like hinted at in Tanukichi's visions in the ED. At this point she'll become a double agent for the main cast in their bid to overthrow society.

The series takes place in the same universe as Ninja Sex Party's music videos
The reason for the strict censorship laws in the first place is a consequence of Samurai Abstinence Patrol's arrival in the present, and it eventually culminates in the dystopian future seen in 6969. Danny is regarded as a legendary hero among ero-terrorists.

Kosuri just wants some sex slaves
After what went down towards the end of episode 8, it wouldn't be out there to think that Manipulative Bitch Kosuri is some kind of femdom, so what if she just wants to get rid of the censorship laws so she can abuse her men with complete freedom?

The politician that advocates the decency laws is the biggest pervert of this series
Let's face it, I'm not surprised by the amount of hypocritical politicians that we have in real life. It could also contribute the plot with Hypocritical Humour, but for now, let's stick to No Real Life Examples, Please! to prevent generalization backlash.
  • Trying to catch, implicate, or even frame Anna or her parents for a sex scandal would be a great climax to the series' story arc. It's an ethical dilemma: on one side, you have SOX, who believes that this quick and dirty solution is morally wrong, and not worth it in the long run; and on the other side you have more militant groups like Gathered Fabric, who would most definitely blackmail the hell out of Anna's family if they learned what a maniac the girl has become. However it plays out, it will likely strike a massive blow to the decency laws by showing just what sort of horrible people they create.

The absurd current in-universe morality/lewdless and their proposed step up amendments as given by Anna's mother when showing the chastity belt things laws are trying to dumb down knowledge about sex and how to do it for a reason outside of what is given by Anna's family and is actually a long term attack on Japan by outside power on it's population exploiting Japan's low birth rate to eventually cause native Japanese to die out to the point everything in Japan can be taken over by said outside power.

Such policies would eventually make people clueless on how to reproduce outside of instinct but as that as we all know we are the only species that are capable of being able to suppress our instincts to such a high degree even when it would put us unto danger so it would be easy to account for instinctual stuff which is the current problem with the current in-universe laws.


Basically since Japan is known for it's low birth rate to death rate these laws increase the sexual repression and thus depress the birth rate even more eventually there will be so little Japanese left that some outside power can come in and claim everything of Japanese origin and take over, Anna's family might be pawns to get the scheme rolling as this would take ages to take effect until enough of the target population is gone for such a scheme.

Anna's mother or whoever is behind her is a leader in the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement... and they've removed 'voluntary' from their name in this universe.
Basically, they've slipped into Animal Wrongs Group levels of obsession with their goal. The anti-obscenity laws, as mentioned above, are likely to crush Japan's already abysmal birth rate into nothing, potentially wiping out an entire ethnic portion of humanity. Japan is merely their prototype for the overarching goal of purging the virus that is mankind from the world. And despite the efforts of groups like SOX... it's working, as there are similar movements developing elsewhere in the world.

Anna is the key to the fall of the regime
Basically, she was raised as the forefront, of how good these laws are and how they benefited society. Only thing is, without a proper "sex talk", she has no clue how to healthily express her love. If any of the other ero terrorist groups caught wind of Anna's... tendencies, they'll use her as an example to show how far society has been sent to hell. You can just imagine how fast public support will leave Anna's parents after that.

Children in the world of Shimonetta are born through in-vitro fertilization
Because how else are there still children existing in Japan, despite people having little to no knowledge of how sexuality works? Gynecologists still exist in this world, so clearly, childbirth is still going on despite the lack of education. Therefore it's safe to assume that children are probably born externally (using the genetic material of both parents), and the zygote is implanted into the mother. How this ties into their explanation for how children are made ("when a man and woman love each other they hold hands at a respectable distance"), is that during the procedure, the couple is told to hold hands and look away while it is taking place.

The world of Shimonetta is also grossly homophobic and being LGBT is a higher obscenity crime than expressing heterosexual desires
Think about it, what must it be like to be LGBT in these conditions? It's bad enough that heterosexual relationships are scrutinized, so imagine gay and lesbian ones? People in the less morality oriented areas are at least aware that LGBT exists, and would have probably had it categorized as a "perversion" and what have you. However, purer areas are probably so heteronormative that they have no clue. Characters like Otome and Kosuri (and possibly Gouriki) would have probably faced complete confusion when faced with their desires for the same gender (just like what happens to real LGBT people), but would have probably also had to face even more stringent punishments and would be under higher scrutiny than their heterosexual counterparts.

Tanukichi and Ayame will have glorious victory sex when they finally reach their goals
  • What better way to celebrate?
    • Not unless Ayame's feelings toward him changed radically. The anime gave them a moment of ship tease at the end of episode 11, but the series ends with them still being friends. Whereas in the manga, she's repeatedly put-off by the idea of anything happening between them, to the point of literally threatening to jump off the school's roof if he came near her (chapter 10).
    • Both versions also has her eagerly join Saotome in shipping Tanukichi with Gouriki.
    • Jossed. The light novel and the anime adaptation both conclude with Ayame and Tanukichi still being friends. They closest either version comes is a brief moment of ship tease where Ayame says she loves "the real him".

Oboro is the identical fraternal twin brother of Sakaki

Ayame is secretly Panty
Explains why they both act and sound so much alike.

Oboro is a hermaphrodite
  • Despite his insistence that he's male, evidence suggests he may actually be a hermaphrodite, such as his face, hair, and figure all being distinctly feminine in appearance.
    • The ED credits of episode 9 shows him fully nude. If one pauses and looks closely, you'll see that his pectoral muscles look more like B-Cup breasts. Further implicated by the fact he's seen with his arms crossed over his chest (breasts?) just as a woman does when topless.
    • There's also a discrepancy in the size of his "bulge". In episodes 9 and 12, it's noticeable due to its size and it's obviously functional given he can feel pleasure from it. Yet, during the aforementioned credits scene, it's hidden behind a portion of the bubble filter that should be too small to conceal it.


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