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  • After the surgery, Shiomi ends up in the school where he later meets:
  1. the guy who helped him;
  2. his ex girlfriend, Mariko Kiba;
  3. his son, Ichiro Kiba, whose existence he did not know. All coincidences?

Or is all part of plan of Kuro Hazama ?

  • Mariko is a nurse/doctor. In Tezuka's manga, Hazama has a lot of acquaintances between doctors with bizarre lives. Therefore, it is possible, perhaps...

  • Because of this crazy surgery, Gen Shiomi has come to know the existence of his son. Useful, given the subsequent developments.
Moreover, because of his look as a girl, it was not a destructive first encounter. (Not like otherwise. And, however, adequately silly and embarrassing).

  • If it is all a plan, is Tatsuya Umemiya really a moron? (See Chp.7). Or is he an accomplice of Kuro Hazama, too?
  • And what would be Hazama's aim ? (Apart from making us laugh a lot?)

  • "Shitei Bouryoku Shoujo Shiomi-chan" is the Yakuza version of Sailor Moon. In fact, like Usagi Tsukino, Shiomi Iwao has a previous life; the transformation of Gen Shiomi from big man to little girl is scientifically impossible so that it needed magic (or perhaps alien tech); Shiomi has odangos, a sort of; the hitmen seem yoma or similar.

Or, more probably, is a spoof also of the Magical Girl genre.


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