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  • The reason why Tanukichi admires Anna so much is during his childhood, Anna is the very first person who approached Tanukichi without any hostility or fear, even when everybody else ostracizes Tanukichi for being the son of an "Obscenity Terrorist".
    • Ayame is in the same boat with Tanukichi, where Anna helped her blend in with normal society (albeit barely) despite the fact that Ayame secretly loves all of the dirty jokes and punchlines. It helps when society represses an aspect of what defines your individuality.
  • Goriki in episode 4 peeled rabbit-shaped apples for a hospitalized Tanukichi goes to show how much he has come to trust Tanukichi. Considering his hostile attitude in the first episode, Goriki is pretty much a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
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  • Before Ayame proceeds to take on the Peace Maker Task Force all alone at the Yatsuga Forest, Ayame apologizes for dragging Tanukichi into her dirty jokes and SOX antics. She also insisted on Tanukichi staying behind so he wouldn't get caught and sent to prison for aiding a terrorist.
    Ayame: This is a fight I know I'm going to lose. Sorry I forced you to cooperate with me all this time. From now on, I fly solo.
  • Tanukichi had the opportunity to escape the forest as Ayame buys him time to get away from Anna. Instead of ditching Ayame, Tanukichi dons a naughty outfit as the co-founder of SOX and proceeds to rescue Blue Snow from Anna.
  • This can double as a crowning moment of funny, as a blushing Ayame compliments Tanukichi for saving her.
    Ayame: Listen, Tanukichi... You... have the most beautiful dirty mind!
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  • On Episode 7, Gouriki gave Tanukichi a character bento box for lunch. He even comments on making lunch for his little sister as well.
  • When Kosuri asks Tanukichi how he met Blue Snow, he said that it all started from the moment he was saved by Ayame as Blue Snow during his first day to school.
    Tanukichi: Although Kajo tells dirty jokes all the time... deep down, she's very pure-hearted. Very devoted. She never compromises her morals. She's strong. I wish I could be like her someday...
  • After Tanukichi had to come up with an excuse why he's carrying a bag of his own underwear, Gouriki promises not to tell anybody and accepts Tanukichi for who he is.
  • Ayame's heartfelt thanks to Tanukichi for all that he's done for her and SOX and the resultant exchange.
    Ayame: I'm serious... Thank you for being you, Tanukichi.
    Tanukichi: Why do you say that?
    Ayame: Who you are, the way you really are... Buck naked? [smiling to him] You're twisted, you're wrong. And I really love you!
    Tanukichi: [blushing] Huh?
    Ayame: As much as I love obscenity! [whips out her flip phone brightly.]
    Tanukichi: Kajou-sempai... [takes off his mask and stares at her] Who do you mean by "the real me?"
    Ayame: [takes off her own mask and smiles to him again] That's something you shouldn't have to hear from someone else. Find it by yourself! [starts poking him teasingly in the face, leading to her usual jokes]
    Tanukichi: [managing to smile again] Kajou-sempai, you're really an expert at ruining the moment.
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  • In episode 11, near the end when Kajo makes her speech about SOX, Sophia saying darling to her husband is kind of heartwarming in a sense that she genuinely believes in her cause and still wants what's best for the country.


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