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Tear Jerker / Shimoneta

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  • Poor Tanukichi didn't deserve to be isolated from his peers after his father got arrested as an "Obscenity Terrorist". All these years of loneliness caused Tanukichi to hate his father and anything regarding sex-related matters. It was a torturous period of his life until he met Anna, and from there, another hard period for a teenager until he met Ayame and started accepting his own sexuality.
  • The reason why Ayame adopted the Blue Snow persona is due to her father being framed for having sex with a teenager, causing a political scandal and imprisoning him for a crime he supposedly didn't commit. All Ayame has left for her father's memento is a special flip phone that allows her to say any blacklisted words without triggering the alarm in the Peace Makers for 3 minutes/day.
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  • Not once did Anna ever visit Tanukichi in the hospital, when the rest of the main cast did. It's understandable considering how Tanukichi feels guilty about the Accidental Kiss he shared with Anna in the previous episode, thus assuming that Anna hates him because of that incident.
  • The fates of Kosuri's Puppet Council when Kosuri manipulated a different student council by a "love scandal". She first seduced the male president and vice president into infatuation, and then befriending the female secretary and treasurer on the first day of her infiltration. On the second day, Kosuri convinced the president and vice president to confess their love toward the secretary and treasurer respectively, only to have their relationships soured up and awkward after two rejected love confessions. To add insult to injury, Kosuri "devotes" her attention to the third guy that she previously ignored, thus causing a fall out among the poor unsuspecting Puppet Council. It's safe to say that Kosuri is a complete Manipulative Bitch after what she had done for SOX's agenda.
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  • The truth about Oboro is somewhat disheartening, once it's revealed that he's biologically male, but is forced to adopt a female persona for 'her' job. The same is true of his thoughts, opinions, and motives, which he'll readily change, according to the will of his superiors. In hindsight, jokes about him being comically serious aren't as funny, when you realise that he basically lives as an emotionless doll to be used by Anna's father.
  • Anna becomes a tragic figure, once you stop to consider the fact she's become the way she is due to a combination of her sheltered upbringing, her parents push for stricter censorship laws, and the mixed signalsnote  she's getting from Tanukichi. Her parents believe she's a perfect example that their laws and ideals work, but they are not realizing those same laws have left their daughter incapable of distinguishing love from lust, nor does she know how to properly express her newfound feelings toward Tanukichi. Compounded by the fact that neither he, or her chaperone (Oboro), ever try correcting her by explaining WHY her advances are improper (thus, enabling her behaviour). Meaning, not only is Anna destined to never win Tanukichi's affections, if left unchecked it's only a matter of time before the public becomes aware of her crimes, making her a victim of the system and extenuating circumstances.
    • Worse still, once someone with less moral fiber than SOX's members finds out what Anna's really like, they will almost certainly use it to destroy not only Anna, but also her parents, calling them massive hypocrites and displaying their daughter as the "final result" of the anti-obscenity laws. Some might think it karmic, and it would likely destroy the law's credibility, but ultimately, an innocent girl's life would be ruined, and her well-meaning but ignorant parents' careers would be destroyed.
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    • Considering how tyrannical and borderline sociopathic in their medieval convictions the Nishikinomiyas are, it's really, really hard to feel sorry for them. Anna is only partly to blame, but let's remember... she almost raped Okuma.
    • To be honest, she could easily plead insanity and get off scott-free if this ever got into court. Besides that, people don't take female on male rape seriously especially if it's an adult male and the girl is hot.
  • Meta example: Nearly one month after the final episode aired, Miyu Matsuki passed away. It's sad watching her role knowing that it was one of her last.


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