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Nightmare Fuel / Shimoneta

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  • Japan is already a country that reinforces the ideal policies of being non-obscene to the point of fault. But what happens when Japanese society dictates what its citizens cannot do based on the perceived lewdness of actions? We get meticulous taskforces destroying all that is deemed "filthy" in the name of a pure and innocent world. But to do so means the government will crackdown on even minors and send them to prison labour camp based on the lewdness of their swear words, dirty magazines, and/or sexual depictions. Privacy means nothing when "Peacemakers" are mandatory collars and wristbands that can potentially record every word you say and every action you make.
    • It gets worse once you realize the consequences of effectively banning romance and sex education, what not with Japan's already low birth rate.... Oh my God.
    • Let's jump into Fridge Nightmare Fuel, now: imagine the diplomatic and political horror that will result when all of this is eventually exposed, mostly likely by a lucky reporter who locates and gets an interview with SOX or another rebel group. International condemnations, sanctions due to human rights violations, repeated invocations of diplomatic immunity, massive protests, attacks on Japanese embassies, citizens, companies, deployment of UN peacekeepers, if not an outright invasion by a major power - South Korea and China would both probably start salivating at a chance to attack their ancient rival with the UN's blessing - countless death threats and even outright assassination attempts directed at Anna's parents for creating the laws in the first place... And all this is due to this version of Japan's perception of lewdness.
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    • But the Fridge Nightmare Fuel does not even stop there. The fact that nothing of the aforementioned happens or is mentioned in the series's worldbuilding, might hint that the rest of the world is just the same and sexuality is being persecuted in all of the First World. In the anime this is left ambiguous, but the light novels reveal there's at least an international anti-obscenity organization with a lot of power whose officers are definitely trying to reach to all countries.
  • How about the fact that Anna's parents brainwashed their own daughter into subscribing to their X Prohibition ideals, leading to Anna becoming so twisted that all actions are acceptable so long as they fit the criteria of the Decency Squad's "justice". It becomes more pitiable than scary, as she's so clueless about love that she can't distinguish lust from genuine affection and rape from consent. So her attempts to get closer to Tanukichi drive him further away instead.
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  • Anna having received creepy pictures of her private moments from multiple Stalker with a Crush in Episode 3 really made her nervous to the point where just a single fallen plastic bottle startled her.
  • What Anna did to Tanukichi in the end of episode 4 DEFINITELY counts. Where the series has stuck to raunchy humour before this point, a rape scene that comes out of nowhere is really disturbing. There are no Double Standards here, Takunichi is outright horrified by the idea of Anna trying to rape him. Made even worse by the fact that Anna has no idea what rape even means.
  • This may be Black Comedy in Episode 5, but poor Ayame was forcibly held hostage by a Yandere Anna with a pair of scissors close to the neck. How Anna grabbed Ayame is even scarier considering Anna sliced the chain linked fence that stands between her and Ayame, her supposed long-time friend and colleague in the student council, all because she suspects Ayame of getting real close and intimate with Tanukichi. Poor girl's legs are shaking so hard that she might as well have peed herself witless.
  • Anna definitely upped her Yandere game at the beginning of episode 8, where she's holding a kitchen knife in Tanukichi's house. Kosuri may have saved Tanukichi's bacon by pretending to be his little sister, but not even she is spared from Anna's unrestrained wrath. Anna proceeds to pin down Kosuri and stabs an outline of Kosuri's body in a Finger Fillet style as a warning not to get too intimate with Tanukichi. At this rate, breaking and entering is the least frightening crime Anna has committed as a stalker.
  • The way Kosuri manipulates Tanukichi in episode 8. After pouring out her Manipulative Bitch methods of creating the puppet student council to him, after calling him her slave, she then reveals that she told him all that because she knows he won't do something so 'pathetic' as to run off to Ayame, because he has feelings for her. She then uses his reaction as a confirmation and remains safe in the knowledge that she basically has him trapped and can do whatever the hell she wants with him. Then comes Tanukichi's 'punishment', which for now, is just to lick her foot, but given the Bitch in Sheep's Clothing of Kosuri, things could end up much worse for him (not that the humiliation of being forced to lick another human being's feet is a cakewalk, unless you're into that, of course).
  • Anna's persistence in her quest for love shows how frightening she can be. She's pretty much an unstoppable juggernaut. Not even the scandalously athletic Blue Snow can take Anna one-on-one when Anna grabs her by the throat. If it wasn't for Tanukichi intervening, Anna would have surely sent Ayame to jail for all of the dirty terrorism she committed since episode 1.
  • Underwear thieves have never seem so menacing until Gathered Fabric has come into fruition. Their leader White Peak wears nothing but white underwear stitched together to form a jumpsuit. If Gathered Fabric seems too silly to the viewers, it's only because they haven't demonstrated the full potential of their terrorism yet.
    • Episode 10 shows that Gathered Fabric is capable of hijacking as many as 42 buses after cutting the power line of the monorail. The Decency Squad couldn't do anything to compromise the safety of the civilians because they aren't that well experienced in hostage situations after years of peaceful public order. Without the action of the main characters, people wouldn't recognize that the guns are fake and would be forced to do the hijackers' bidding haplessly.


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