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Nightmare Fuel / Show by Rock!!

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You think a Sanrio series about cute musical creatures wouldn't be so scary right? Well, you are WRONG!

In General

  • Specifically bands in the Purple group. To be fair, their element is darkness. Here are some examples:
    • Alice Beans go from cute to creepy
  • Not to mention Demon's Venom's "human" forms.


  • In Episode 1, when Cyan's game glitches, there's a sudden Jump Scare when Dagger appears on the screen. His maniacal laugh doesn't make things better either.
  • You think fighting a Dark Monster as a boss in the game was tough, imagine having to fight a Dark Monster from a Myumon's perspective in the show. Taken Up to Eleven when you realize they are actually Myumons whose Melodisian Stones have been corrupted and are forced to become monsters.
  • The beginning of episode 5 has Tsurezure fighting a Dark Monster. They thankfully escape offscreen but Daru Dayu gets injured in the process...
  • Episode 7 has a few jumpscares when Shingan Crimsonz encounter a few Yokai but its mostly Played for comedic effect. But...
    • Remember that comment about fighting a Dark Monster from before? Guess what they have to do? Even Rom had some trouble...
      • There's even a moment where Crow nearly gets crushed underfoot by it! If Rom hadn't showed up...
    • Not to mention a fragment of said monster possessing Aion leading to...
  • A possessed Aion in Episode 8.
  • The fate of Criticrista at the End of Episode 9. Even scarier is when the screen cuts to black, before we get a close up of the scared girls. Their ultimate fate is revealed in the eleventh episode...
  • Episode 10 has Chu-Chu getting brainwashed by Dagger. The music turns distorted and eerie, the background becomes corrupted and the sudden change in Chu-Chu's voice... Just see for yourself.
  • Episode 11 has a Bee-like Dark Monster Attacking trapping most of the character except Cyan, Shu⭐ Zo and Daru Dayu leaving them to fight on their own.
    • Good news, Daru Dayu can handle it.
    • Bad News: Towards the end, Well.. Remember what I said about Criticrista's fate...?
  • Episode 12 has our heroes defeat the Dark Monster!!! Now they have to deal with the REAL monster,Dagger in all his terrifying glory!!! Oh, Crap!!!!
  • The second season's 1st couple of MINUTES. If that's not Darker and Edgier, I don't know what it is.
  • The anime manages to make anytime Bud Virgin Logic appears a bit frightening....
  • In episode 8 of #, Arcareafact's manager's speech to the team except for Titan who was thankfully late.
    • What makes that more scary, check out their smiling faces, specifically: their eyes. Thank the rock gods they were purified by the end of the episode.
  • Episode 9 ends with BVL getting the dark monster treatment! It gets worse: remember back in season 1 when Dagger turned Criticrista because they lost to Plasmagica? Well here, the results were never announced because Dagger admitted he didn't care about the results. He wants Plasmagica dead.
  • In episode 10 of #, we see the REAL Queen of Darkness in all her glory. To give you a taste of her power: She defeats the BVL Dark Monster. Not Scary Enough for ya? Dagger was also a part of that Monster!