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Awesome / Battle Spirits Sword Eyes

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  • The final battle. Garudos attempts to use his ridiculously powerful Sword Brave Spirit to finish off Tsurugi, however Tsurugi counters with Sword Destiny, letting him create a TRIPLE Brave Spirit.
    • it only gets better. Judgment-Dragonis catches Shining-Dragon-Overray in its hands and starts to crush it:
    Garudos: My BP is higher! Humans can never win against God!
    Tsurugi: Flash timing! Emerald Field! *Garudos gives a perfect Oh, Crap! face* Our spirit gets 2000 BP! The total is 31000 BP!
    • Shining-Dragon-Overray proceeds to break free and fly at Judgment-Dragonis, deflecting a hail of swords effortlessly before finally striking down the other Brave Spirit in a mutual kill.

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