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Awesome / Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns

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  • Mewtwo himself IS the awesome for this movie. Everything he does is awesome. No matter what the "official" rulebooks say, Mewtwo is the most powerful and most awesome pokemon ever.
    • At the end, he unleashes a huge wave of psychic energy that crashes Giovanni's helicopter and teleports an entire lake and its surrounding ecosystem UNDERGROUND, inhabitants included. This is after having been brought back from the dead when thrown into a Healing Spring.
      • The speech he makes just before is awesome too:
        "You will not defile this place. It does not belong to you - any more than I do!"
      • Both accompanied by the awesome musical piece from the first movie that plays at the end of the Mewtwo vs Mew fight and when Ash is turned to stone.
      • And guess who gets yet another one risking his life to destroy the machines holding him prisoner? You got it, Mewtwo.
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  • There's something kinda awesome about Jessie and James making the floor super slippery, which makes Domino flail around like an idiot. Whether they meant to or not, this also helps the Pokémon that she was fighting.
  • A lot of the stuff Domino does when she's not kicking the dog counts, particularly since she has no Pokémon of her own, only incredible athletic skills and electric flowers.
  • Afterwards, Meowth of all Pokémon gets one by making a speech to Mewtwo on why he should NOT erase everyone's memories again, because the cloned Pokémon have as much right to remember their pasts and heritages as any other Pokémon. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    Meowth: It's only natural to wonder about who and where you came from and someday these little ones are gonna want some answers. Only there won't be any, not if you make everybody forget! So what if their parents were clones? They're all living creatures. They deserve to live, and they deserve to know about themselves as much as you, or me, or anybody does!
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  • Bug Pokémon everywhere got theirs in when, after our heroes have been captured. Along with all the other clone Pokémon by Team Rocket, the local Bug Pokémon show up and take down an entire Team Rocket Base. That's right, Bug Pokémon got a CMOA.


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