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  • Azuma's Lock-and-Load Montage and subsequent actions are a fine example of how he's not someone to trifle with, even if he acts like a classic superhero.
  • The rescue of the hostages in chapter 24. Not only does it showcase Rinka's badass status, but it's caught on film and virtually everyone is cheering for her.
  • Chapter 25 has Rinka defeat Minami in an awesome, but brutal Cat Fight that ended up with her bending the girl's sword, the rescue party arriving and saving the team inside, before K.O'ing all the other espers using their abilities, and lastly Rinka's dad managing to slow down the fall of the building.
  • Chapter 26 is one awesome moment after another as Kobushi finally completely throws off her Faux Action Girl shell and actually saves the day. Rinka beating up goons left and right is just gravy.
    • To better elaborate, after the Starter Villain arc, Kobushi only ever lost fights, and came to the realization it was because she had let her proverbial claws grow dull making friends with the heroes. The Professor, being the smug guy he is, naturally dismisses Kobushi as a threat after 'freezing' her in illusory ice. Following Azuma coming in and shocking The Professor, along with Parrot suppressing his illusions, teleporters come in and aim their guns at Azuma while The Professor wastes time looking smug...only to realize a moment too late that a live grenade just tapped his shoe, with Kobushi looking beaten but determined to continue fighting. That's right. The up-to-then Jobber scored a victory against a Big Bad.
    • And then, to top it, Rinka shows She's Back for good by using The Professor's armlock against him by using the opportunity to shove her eskrima stick through her head and into his throat. She follows this up by throwing herself off the skytree with The Professor so she can deliver the Conspiracy Crushing Psy-Kick. For the first time, The Professor has no fallbacks. His illusions are disrupted by the presence of Parrot. His goons are getting their asses kicked by Kobushi. Minami and Kozuki aren't there to save him because he made them leave with the Ark. And Rinka, the girl he considered a pawn the entire time, is sending him hurtling to the ground at breakneck speeds. After making Rinka's life a living hell, he finally gets what's coming to him, and he is scared.
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  • Nene is the first character in Tokyo ESP to actually win in talking. She actually manages to calm down a rampaging ESPer through words and empathy, stopping a visit to a water park from getting too out of hand.
  • Zeusu, full stop. Whenever he's involved ass will be kicked.
  • In Chapter 36, we finally get to see Ren and Marume take steps towards being Action Girls. Ren calls the Front's bluff that they'll kill her friend, knowing that they need her to open the Covenant. She thus threatens to commit suicide unless she hears Marume's voice...which leads to perfect teamwork as this causes the Anti-ESP woman to turn off her Anti-ESP rings so she can offer to send them to Ren's room to stop her, giving Marume the chance to use her technomancy to make one of the Front member's cellphones silently call Zeusu's phone.
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  • Chapter 36: Rinka and Azuma return and takes down the weight manipulating esper in a single go.
  • During Chapter 38, Marume finally has enough of the Liberation Front's shit, and when some of the goons drive up next to her car and tell her to get out or they will kill her family, Marume goes berserk, yells at them to try, and uses her technomancy to screw up the goons' car engine, which, at the current speed it was going, causes it to launch into the air, and slam into the man with a Pegasus mask, taking him out of the fight instantly.
  • Chapter 43 features the return of Kobushi, who shows she's still in top form by beating the crap out of 12 Triad members.
  • Chapter 44: Vahalla Gantetsu vs Rinka. She takes him out in a single cross-counter strike despite this dude being the winner of the last tournament.
  • All of Rinka's fights throughout the underground tournament arc, even one time where she purposefully loses, meaning she'd need to spend a minimum of four more months from returning home just so they could lure the boss out for real. And even then, she manages to make losing heroic by using her loss to save the announcer's life, who had been turned into a live weapon by the geomancer beaver she was fighting.
    • And come her second tournament, she's casually beating everyone. Not a single person can take her in an honest fight, because while they all spent their time mastering their powers to make themselves unbeatable, Rinka spent her time simply training to make it so simple martial arts could take on pyromancers and telekinetics. It's cathartic to see her training from nearly 25 chapters ago really go a long way to making her the badass she is now.
  • Kobushi recalls the lessons and rules her grandmother gave her- never grow attached to people, never grow attached to objects, never grow attached to ideals- unless you can fight for them and are willing to break tradition. She breaks all those rules to see to it that Rinka makes it to the end of the tournament, all while recalling that, with her ESP, she could easily cut and run whenever she wants. This is taken to its logical, badass conclusion at the end of the arc. Nadja has Rinka and Wantan dead to rights- they don't see her, they're on an ice platform Nadja can easily crush with her psychic blasts, and Azuma and the CIA operatives with him are all dazed after getting blasted by one of Nadja's attacks. She's about to kill Rinka... only for Kobushi to catch her completely by surprise and punch her so hard she breaks the safety railing and sends Nadja careening into a chandelier. It's a shame that Nadja was carrying guns on her and was an expert shot, but at least Green Wantan returns the favor later.
  • In chapter 49, the brutal fight between Rinka and Nadja, two expert martial artists slugging it out at their best. Especially in concern to how Rinka wins. Nadja briefly gets ahead by channeling her rage in consideration to the fact Rinka is about to bring her only reason to live crashing down... only for Rinka to call Nadja out on how she's just an assassin, and sad childhood or not, her life is not noble, and she has no excuse for trying to justify a glorified slave ring as a 'means of life.' What follows is Rinka showing a mastery of Physical Permeation not yet seen in the manga, phasing underneath the elevator the two are fighting in while using one of her legs to keep her hooked to the elevator, confusing Nadja and opening her up to a bone-crushing kick to the nose. Then, Rinka rises back up, starts wailing on the assassin, and finishes by ducking under one of her kicks and kicking her right back, like how she finished off Minami, with such force she sends Nadja through the elevator AND steel doors leading out to the roof of the building, AND halfway across the helicopter tarmac.
  • Chapter 51 is an amazing display for Ren, who puts two and two together and figures out Orisube was trying to kill her by relating her voice to the voice of the woman who had tried to kill her during the whole fiasco with the terrorists. This completely blindsides the normally confident bomber.
    • Even after Orisube manages to shank Ren with a screwdriver and get away, Ren, through sheer willpower, crawls out of the bathroom and freezes Orisube's hand just as she's about to press the detonator. This is followed by Rinka flipping Orisube over like a stuffed toy after Ren begs her to stop Orisube. What a duo.
  • At the start of chapter 52, Rinka accidentally triggers a bomb in Orisube's molars by shoving her knee in the girl's face. Orisube makes the dumb choice to inform Rinka about the bomb. Rinka's solution is to grab Orisube, drag her to a window, and throw her out. This is somewhat subdued when it's revealed Orisube was bluffing, but it was still awesome seeing her get thrown onto a car.
  • In chapter 57, assailants try to capture Minami and Kozuki. They manage to knock Minami out with one electric grenade, with the leader wondering how it's taken this long to capture Minami...only for Kozuki, still naked from taking a shower, to punch the door down...or more accurately, a man with physical permeation as he phases through the door, creating a human/door/human sandwhich and stunning the other assailant, who she finishes off by summoning an AK-47 and filling him with lead.
    • This is followed by Kozuki taking a sniper shot in the leg, only to reveal that she and Minami already checked all possible sniper vantage points before choosing the room. Kozuki's powers are specifically that she can call any object she knows the location of and that she has touched to her... or that she can teleport any object she has to any location she's been through previously. Such as, say, the current location of the sniper. She does this with live grenades.
      • By the end of chapter 57, Kozuki is still protecting Minami. Bruised, battered, and exhausted, she only gets one good hit in on a merc before he's able to overwhelm her...before she uses her ability to summon items to her to summon a gun and fire on him while he has her in a headlock. The professor was right to pair the two up.
  • In chapter 59, after Zeusa manages to inform Nene of the Puppetmaster's power, Nene wastes no time in using her incredible hydromancy ESP to cause all the sewage grates in the vicinity to shoot up out of the crowd to cover the area in water, taking out nearly all the mind-controlled people in one go.
    • Just as the villains finally have Minami in their grasp, Rinka and Azuma pop out of nowhere so Rinka can deliver a bone-crushing kick to Amame, followed by Azuma grabbing Minami. They're there and out in less than ten panels. Amame's brother is left cursing Rinka's name.
  • In part 60, however brief it is, Marume is able to take over the Duke's supermech and kill one of Claudia's Elite Mooks, as well as nearly a dozen common foot soldiers.
  • How awesome has Rinka gotten since the timeskip? What used to be a difficult fight for her a year ago is effortless now. When a fully rested Minami gets into a rematch with Rinka, whose left arm is broken, by the way, Rinka wins in what can only be described as a manga version of a One-Shot. In fact, the only reason Minami is able to put up a fight after the opening barrage is because Rinka is handicapping herself by trying to hold onto her. And Minami STILL loses in the end!
  • Chapter 62 ends on a badass note, with Kobushi getting the first hit on Claudia in the entire manga, saving her sister from getting her mouth cut open.
  • Chapter 63 has Kobushi trick her mother by dropping a load of grenades, knowing that Claudia will absorb the explosions and release them her time to cut and run with Kozuki. Well played.
    • Even better, Kozuki and Kobushi team up to run roughshod through enemy HQ, with Kozuki summoning a car for Kobushi to ride through the building over guards. The sisters finally get to work together for once, and it's glorious what they can accomplish.
  • Of all people in chapter 64, Nadja ends up saving the day, double-crossing ARES, having already made a deal with the CIA.
    • By the end of 64, we have the ultimate Amazon Brigade of Rinka, Nadja, Kozuki, Kobushi, and Minami standing over the entire Defense Corps that were sent to stop them.
  • 65 delivers on all the build up as the five women utterly demolish every rank and file mook. It's been previously established these are all Elite Mooks; just one was an issue for Kozuki when he knew what she was capable of. But now that the heroes are working in tandem with each other, they don't stand a chance. Standouts include;
    • Nadja getting into a Beam-O-War with the Deva Brother. You know, the guy whose fire blew up the Skytree. Her psychokinetic blasts are strong enough to keep up with that.
    • Kobushi catching Dionysus Plants off guard after Dionysus Plants catches Rinka off guard, utterly demolishing her plant golem with one punch.
    • Rinka using the possessed Marume to her advantage, fighting the rank-and-file while Marume wastes minigun bullets trying to tag her- he ends up hitting his grunts instead.
    • Claudia masterstrokes everyone and drops warheads on the building while she gets away with Orisube, now with the thought body in her. When next we see Zeusu, he's still composed, but it's quite clear he was not quite expecting that.
  • In 66, how does Nadja fight back against the mind control affecting her right hand so that she'll shoot herself? By cutting off the fingers holding the gun so she can't fire on herself. It's not so much the fact Nadja was able to go through with it; it's more that she does it without a moment of delay. To add to the awesome, up to this point, anyone who heard the Puppet Master's whistling instantly were under his control...except for Nadja, who is still able to keep herself mostly in control.
    • This gets even more awesome when it turns out that it's all an illusion from The Professor. Why? First of all, his illusions feel so real they were able to make Rinka and Kobushi think they were frozen in a block of ice to the point they were certain they'd die of suffocation. Nadja was able to barely flinch as she honestly believed she'd just cut her fingers off. And secondly, The Professor delivers some long overdue payback on the Puppet Master. He may be the Big Bad, but when it comes to Evil vs. Evil, he doesn't take half-measures.
  • The moment the Messiah's power affects Claudia. She becomes so supercharged she casually warps entire buildings with just a thought, raining the buildings down on Dionysus Plants like a hail of spears.
  • In 69, Ren and Nene combine their powers to take out a whole block of the Electron King's soldiers.
    • At the end of 69, things look bleak. Nene is dying fast, Electron King still has a firm hold of Marume, Dionysus Plants and Claudia are duking it out with Claudia clearly taking a lead with her new god-like power, The Professor has most of his crew back and clearly has something planned, and Tokyo has become an utter warzone. Nadja, no stranger to terrible situations, tells Rinka up front that this is the final battle, and that civilization may not survive. Whoever is left standing with the Messiah could end up the god of the next new world. At which point, Rinka says,
      Rinka: We don't need a "God." I will end everything here.
  • Anija's suicide attack that finally ends the grudge between ARES and the Professor. It's not Rinka or Kobushi or Azuma who brings The Professor down once and for all...just a very pissed-off brother/sister team who saw their parental substitute get shot to death.
  • Claudia has become so powerful by 72 she casually teleports an entire section of Tokyo, with Dionysus Plants, over to Mt. Fuji.
  • Ren manages to beat the Electron King with a theory. What if, given the nature of Marume's power, and the fact Electron King couldn't force Marume's body to finish off Ren and Azuma, Marume had been scattering herself across every digital interface she had ever interacted with... including the one in the suit Electron King was controlling? This utterly flabbergasts Electron King and scares him for just long enough that Zeusu is able to show up in time to utterly trash Electron King's mech.
    • And by chapter 73, Ren manages to get away with Talking the Monster to Death, realizing that by saying 'hero' and 'justice' Marume is able to get she keeps yelling at the Electron King to be a hero of justice, erasing the will of a man who has lived for the past century and a half by casually stealing the will of women and bringing Marume back to her body.
  • At the end of Chapter 74, Claudia has beaten the stuffing out of Zeusu, reflected one of Nadja's biggest blasts back at her, and reduced Ayumu to cowering in the car. She has just punched Kobushi hard enough in the face to make a crater in the concrete. So Rinka comes in to save the day, right? Not quite. Kobushi slaps an ESP Seal Cuff on her mother before she can even notice it, removing her ability to teleport objects. Way to go, Kobushi.
    • And of course, Rinka, not being one to be outdone, immediately opens with her Skull Crushing Psy Kick. It's been awhile since we last saw it, and it has lost none of its glory.
    • But neither of those are as good as the final part; Rinka and Kobushi are teleported away, leaving Ren and Zeusu alone with the most powerful ESP user in the world. She's about to kill them... only for Murasaki to come in at the nick of time. Zeusu distracts Claudia by stabbing her in the throat with a steel spike, allowing Ren to place her hand on Claudia's chest and freeze part of her heart. Claudia still teleports them into freefall...allowing Murasaki to fly Peggy right at Orisube, empowering the Penguin's ability to collect the shining fish. Peggy covers all of Tokyo with the fish eating shark, removing Claudia's powers and finally ending everything.
    • In the finale, when everything is said and done and Ren is walking over to Zeusu, we are told as an aside by some scientists that the reason the shining fish only affected some people was because those people had powers, just not the impetus to trigger them. So, Rinka always could phase through objects, she just couldn't activate it yet, for example. As Ren approaches Zeusu, she sneezes... and a small ice cube clinks onto the floor.

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