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  • You might not believe it, but Ojamajo Doremi has one. And it is Robo-Doremi◊. While in the illusion of a comic book, Doremi/Dorie gets turned from a little dog inexplicably into a giant robot. She even fights giant space aliens and causes massive explosions. However, what makes it a crowning moment is when she imitates the time when the RX 78-GUNDAM stood for the first time, pretty much frame by frame. Finishes with a classic gaze into the sunset and narrator's commentary. Considering how the rest of the show is, it's pretty awesome. Anyone got a better crowning moment?

    • "Hey, when am I gonna change back?"
  • Doremi gets one in Sharp episode 46, when her determination to get back Hana-chan breaks her out of the FLAT 4's shield.
  • All four girls get one for their Heroic Sacrifice in the Sharp finale.
  • Momoko standing up to Majo Reed in Motto.
  • The entire second half of the Grand Finale, but especially Hana-chan threatening to get Doremi out of the Maho-dou by using magic, only to reveal it was a Batman Gambit when she forces herself out: she was bluffing.
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  • Leon's Establishing Character Moment during his focus episode had him single-handedly defeating an entire basketball team. Aiko gets one of her own during that episode by beating him every time he challenged her.
  • Onpu continuing to act as well as tell off Tooru even after she suffers an injury.
  • Pop passing her first witch apprentice test in Sharp and saving the other Ojamajos from a milk flood and becoming a Level 6 witch.
  • Masaru Yada pulling out his trumpet and getting into a trumpet playing contest when Fujio tries his hand at it to woo Hazuki. Masaru wins when Fujio gets dizzy from blowing too hard.


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