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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Cinnabar has a very understated Awesome by Analysis moment during Ventricosus arc: they can tell that what is thought to be Phos in a snail form is just a 'regular' snail and that real Phos is somewhere else with only one look and a little explanation from Diamond.
  • Antarcticite manages to defeat a New Model by themselves, despite having a lower hardness than Phos. What is impressive is that they seemingly have to defeat the invaders during the winter months and this is a common occurrence, given how they have been the Winter Guardian for so long.
    • The same fight has Antarcticite using their sword to skate over the Lunarians and also managing to break the New Model in half just by pulling from its hooks with more force.
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  • Chapter 20, when we see how far Phos has matured as a fighter. They went from not even being able to run away from the Lunarians to killing them as if it was just another job.
  • Dia vs Shiro. Its an all-out fight in which Diamond gives everything and seems to win while completely breaking themselves in the process. At the end, they ends up slicing Shiro in two by using their own cut-off arm against him.
    • Regarding Shiro, seeing Phos and Bortz working together to try to take him down and Red Alex trouncing him into bits are also both pretty awesome moments.
  • In Chapter 53, Phos finally gets entirely fed up with the Lunarians upon finally hearing them talk. They proceed to kill every single one of them they can see in their run on the Moon, including even slashing their leader in half. Of course, this being Land of the Lustrous, it leads to a traumatic reveal.
  • Cinnabar cutting Phos down to size every time Phos asks the gem to go to the Moon with them. No matter how many times they try to appeal to Cinnabar's reasoning, emotions, or even their insecurities, Cinnabar doesn't waver. It has a lot to do with their wounded pride and feelings, whatever they may be, for Phos, but it's nice to see someone challenge them.
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  • Chapter 79: Despite how horrifying it is, seeing Phos finally snap and force Adamant to pray is kinda cool. Phos has been treated like the universe's chew toy, so them getting what they want is cathartic for those who were sympathetic to Phos' plight.
  • Chapter 81: Padsparacha suddenly appearing on Earth to save Phos. Literally taking a piece of themselves, pulling it out, and then tossing it to Rutile to use "as a reference".


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