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  • Ai starts off being a woobie and spends much of the series being victimized by different characters - including Koga, angry spirits, and Detective Gada. But she eventually reaches a turning point, while Misaki's on vacation, and starts to develop some backbone. Near the end of chapter 12, she even saves Misaki's life.
  • Misaki gets two, in chapter 17, when she finally meets Yuo.
    • The first, is when she enters the interrogation room to talk to him and sees he's surrounded by a group of his familiars. She tells them to hit the bricks and the very next panel, they're gone. Then she walks up to the guy who's manipulated dozens to commit suicide, including Haru, who was a stronger necromancer than herself, and calls him "dickless". And if you think that was just bravado, that was after having his cuffs removed.
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    • Then she has a internal conversation with him, during which, he tries to convince her that they're Not So Different. Misaki shuts him down by telling him they're not alike, then calls him on his insecurities and weaknesses, causing Yuo to actually become angry enough to end their conversation by running away.


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