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In general

  • Allows us to take moment to go over just how awesome the Venus Unit is.
    • The pool hockey match in chapter 8, highlighted their coordination and teamwork. Six chapters later, Akaya pits them against Takeru and his friends, but gives Venus specific instruction to hold back... and the Tenbi students barely survive against them. It isn't until chapters 76 onwards that we're finally allowed to see what they're truly capable of when fighting to the full extent of their ability. It's no wonder Akaya keeps them in check, he has to.
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    • There's also the fact that they worked for Ouken Yamato for years without him suspecting they were conducting covert ops to uncover the secret of his longevity. Which is proof of their discretion, since Ouken had eyes and ears everywhere.

Chapter 20

  • The fact that Demitra remained on her feet after taking a direct attack from Murakumo's unsheated blade and continued to fight, despite her injury.
  • When Demitra unleashes her ultimate attack, Haruko stands her ground and splits it in half!
  • The moment Haruko showed her why she's called "Tenbi's strongest maiden," by unleashing Kusanagi. It gives new meaning to: "Ho-ly shit".

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

  • Minori physically ripped apart one of Martha Minerva's barriers (an SS class ability user) — that even a specialist like Aki, and unsheathed Murakumo couldn't break — with only her unbridled fighting spirit. Jaws dropped everywhere]].

Chapter 25

Chapter 44

  • Gouken was able to take on Chacha and Azuki at the same time, with their Maken activated. Then nearly defeated Haruko as well, despite having drawn Murakumo from its sheath... and did it with martial arts skill and his passive ability alone. Total. Badass.

Chapter 48

  • Watching her friends rally to protect her from Gouken, finally gave Takaki the courage to briefly overcome her androphobia. She removes her glasses and lets down her hair for dramatic effect, before unsealing Habaya!
    Takaki: "Everyone... aren't you forgetting something? I am Tenbi Academy's student council president — Takaki Furan! My duty is not "to be protected by others". It is to protect the students of Tenbi Academy."

Chapter 53

Chapter 54

  • Yuuka stays behind to secure the islanders, while Takaki and the others take off to regroup with Takeru and Himegami. But when Misuou takes possession of Gouken Yamato's body, and goes after Himegami, Yuuka asks Haruko to keep an eye on things. Then uses her ninja speed to catch up to Furan in seconds, even though they had left minutes ago. The look she gives Yuuka over her shoulder can almost be interpreted as her saying, 'right on cue'.

Chapter 67

  • Kai took a level in badass, after spending his summer break training with Takeru's father. Which paid off during the pole toppling game, when he saved Azuki from Love Espada and Hoshii. Then repelled both of them with his newly acquired skill.

Chapter 75

  • The opening page reveals Yuuka has resisted repeat attempts to enslave her, via Otohime's new mind control apparatus. Meaning, her mental conditioning as an Amado Clan ninja enabled her to succeed where even the Four Pillars could not.

Chapter 76

  • After more than 20 chapters, Yan-Min's makes her return in dramatic fashion, by using her legendary speed to save Haruko from Idaten.
  • The ensuing fight in its entirety is a crowning moment for her:
    • She's established as a new woman, having ditched her military garb for an elegant full-length qipao. Likewise, her fighting style has also evolved; now relying more on precision, than raw power.
    • It also reveals the backstory of how Akaya met her. During which, he explains that Yan-Min advanced from F to S-rank in only three years time! And adds that it was because of her ability to advance at such an accelerated rate, that he first became aware of what he dubbed the "Evolve Gene".
    • Lastly, though she's perfected "Reilei", Akya tells Gen that she and her Jingu are still evolving.

Chapter 77

  • Haruko gets another Big Damn Heroes moment, when she blindsides Idanten to save Yan-Min. Thereby, returning the favor.
  • And just when Senri thinks she's got the drop on them, Haruko unleashes her new and improved 'Kusanagi'; cutting a trench over a mile long!

Chapter 83

  • After effortlessly dominating all opposition for almost 20 chapters, the unthinkable finally happens: Love Espada is defeated, by Celia.
    • The best part being, just as it seemed Espada had won yet again, Celia catches her completely off-guard by suddenly leaping back to her feet and clotheslining her hard enough to send her flying. Then explains that taking falls and playing the crowd are all a part of pro wrestling. Well played, Celia, well played.

Chapter 87

  • As if her previous showingnote . wasn't enough, Yan-Min tops herself by using her knowledge of Element to combine Azuki's and Celia's primary colors with her own. Thereby, gaining the ability to use "White" Element, which causes "Reileii" to evolve into "Bai-Lei" (lit. "White Thunder").
  • Pages 16-22 is a nonstop showcase of her newfound power and ability, as she proceeds to curbstomp Idaten, Jigoku, and Serin, in succession. That's three Shishigami, soldifying her as both a Lady of War and a One-Woman Army.

Chapter 97

  • Kimmi proves to Jigoku that she's not-so-harmless, by using her "Comic Star" ability to get the better of him twice. She mutes him when he tries to use his "Word Bullet," to nullify it. A few minutes later, she fools him by pretending to abandon her friends and uses the deception to trace an illusionary copy of Miyabi without him seeing her. The copy kicks Jigoku in the groin, which provides Gen with the opening he needs to destroy Jigoku's Maken.
    • It also counts as an offscreen moment of awesome for Minerva, whom Kimmi thanks for teaching her how to trace character models. Not to mention, Minerva exhausts herself defeating the real Miyabi, along with an army of Yamato Takeru clones, while her protege was dealing with Jigoku!

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