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  • In the first episode/first manga chapter, Ataru saved the world from an alien invasion.
  • The rescue effort by Ataru, Megane, and the rest of Lum's Stormtroopers after Lum crashes onto the Mendou estate, loses her memory, and Shutarou convinces her that she's his fiancee.
  • Ataru gets one in the 2008 OVA when he fights off a giant sea snake and rescues Lum from drowning.
  • Ataru often asserts his Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass status by being able to grope any female in the series. Doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment, but at least three have Super Strength, one shoots lightning, another one is a walking blizzard and one is a badass Bare-Fisted Monk. Of particular note is how he managed to stop Benten and Ryunosuke from punching each other while Air Jousting… with a towel and bathroom supplies… in the air.
    • And in Asuka Mizunokoji's intro, while she's in the middle of some of her crazy training, the helmet of her oversized armor opens allowing Ataru to see there's a cute girl inside. He charges the field with one of Asuka's guards noting he did 100m in 7 seconds.
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  • Kotatsu Neko easily defeating Kenshiro
  • In Inaba's debut arc we're shown that the future is fixed, and that Ataru is fated to marry Shinobu and Lum is fated to marry Rei (both to Lum's horror). It's fate, they can't do anything to stop it, right? Wrong. In the greatest instance of Screw Destiny in Japanese animation, all the characters systematically destroyed the doors that kept destiny in place (with Ataru personally taking down the possible future where he had a harem because Lum was not in it), until the future was not fixed anymore.
    • Another for Ataru: after seeing that future and the Ataru in it was wondering why Lum left, he called him out and beat some sense into him. This being Ataru he then started wondering if the harem seeker had a point, but it ultimately ended in the moment above-Ataru destroying the future where he had driven away Lum.


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