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Awesome / Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior

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  • Shaymin transforming into "Sky Warrior" form and fighting Giratina. It seemed like such a pathetic creature in the beginning, so the change was very satisfying.
    • Well, pathetic for those who (somehow) didn't find the Land Forme adorable. Still, there was the revival of Giratina using Aromatherapy...
    • It's real awesome to see all the Pokemon, including a just-transformed Sky Forme Shaymin, fighting Magnezone and his army of Magnimites on the train.
  • Giratina and Shaymin VS Zero. You do the math.
  • Giratina's "Reverse World" form is all about the awesome.
  • Giratina attacking Dialga in the beginning.
    • It says something about Giratina that the God of Time is bat-shit terrified of it.
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  • Zero's rampage in the Reverse World causes the mountain glacier to move, destroying everything in its path. The Pokémon in the valley try their best to stop the Advancing Wall of Doom, but to no avail. As the glacier breaks apart, we cut to a small temple hidden deep in the mountains, where the legendary Regigigas slumbers. The giant awakens, and sensing that his domain and everything living in it is in peril, moves out and, together with a herd of Mamoswine that he summons, holds the glacier back. They weren't able to completely stop the glacier, but they bought enough time for the heroes to undo Zero's damage.


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