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Yukki post badass upgrade.

In a World... where 12 individuals are granted the power of precognition and all of whom participate in a Deadly Game for Godhood . Awesomeness ensues

Spoilers Ahead!

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     Diary Holders 

Yukiteru (First):

  • How Yuki finishes the Sixth and the Fourth probably count.
    Yukiteru: [against the Sixth] Somehow no Dead End has been triggered for me. Which means I'm not checkmated yet. I still have options... options like this. I choose to live. I choose Yuno.
    Yukiteru: [against the Fourth] We'll go back together! Even if you give up, I won't! I won't give up because I love you, Yuno.
  • Yuki slapping Yuno’s face to stop her from killing his friends shows that he has no problems using violence when defending himself or others.
  • After Yuno kidnaps Yukiteru and chains him up in the hotel, he gets rescued by his friends and Yuno asks if she can come with them. Yuki tells her to go to hell - or, in the English dub, "SCREW YOU!"
  • Yukiteru after hearing "The Reason You Suck" Speech given by the Seventh, starts to reevaluate his relationship with Yuno. He even asks her this.
    Yukiteru: Yuno! Do you really love me? Or are you just insane?
    Yuno: I...
    Yukiteru: I can't tell for myself. Make me believe. Yuno.
  • The time Yuki went berserk after his father was killed and managed to take out most of Eleventh's men by himself, with Yuno only coming in to finish off the last one.
  • Yukiteru's entrance into the Hall of Causality (pictured above) after his Heroic BSoD is all kinds of badass. He then proceeds to tell the other players how he deduced the Eleventh's identity using his diary and declares that he will be the one who will win the game and become God. It's a bit mitigated by the fact that Yuno scripted their confrontation, but damned if that wasn't the moment Yukiteru finally got his shit together.
  • After dropping out of the spotlight for a few chapters, Yukki makes his re-entrance by saving Minene from 11th's henchmen with a machine-gun.

Yuno (Second):

  • Yuno has a lot of these moments throughout the manga. One of the most celebrated/hated is in Chapter 50/Episode 22, during the battle between Yuno and Akise, Akise seemingly destroys Yuno's diary. However, it's not long before we realize that Yuno is still kicking when she whips out her real diary while slashing opening Akise's chest. In other words, Akise is actually outsmarted by Yuno and gets owned by her at the same goddamned time.
    • The events leading up to that moment were pretty damn badass too. Yuno outsmarts Akise every step of the way, first by turning his own diary against him. His diary states that he would take down Yuno (though he had no intention of killing her) and once he pins her down, she stabs herself. The reason? She knew that Yuki would be furious if Akise murdered her, and she knew that Akise wouldn't want to lose Yuki's affection. This forces his hand and makes him release her and bandage her up. It also changes the future in her favor.
      • Afterwards he runs off to call Yuki and tries to call him to warn him, but Yuno is already a step ahead and calls Yuki first. And she uses both Yuki and her own diary masterfully, knowing full well that Yuki couldn't see what would happen to him and that his diary mentions that she had been stabbed, but not the details of the stabbing. And then comes her manipulation of Yuki that leads him into killing Hinata. Yuno is fatally bleeding as she works this manipulation. And then she almost dies laughing at its success. It's a truly Magnificent Bitch moment for her.
      • She thwarts his last effort to get a message across to Yuki. It seems any awesomeness done by Akise is responded to with more awesome from Yuno.
  • Yuno smashes the wall of space-time with a hammer!
  • Deflecting every one of Marco and Ai's knives with ease, simply because Yuki praises her the first time she did it.
  • Both her plan to kill Third and the way she determines which Twelfth is the real one shows just how clever and strategic Yuno can be. Violence is not her only solution for every problem.

Tsubaki (Sixth):

  • Manipulating the First, Second, and Fourth by using the captured Ninth as bait.
  • In the third world, her massive Rousing Speech that comes after Funatsu fails to kill her parents aka the leaders of the now beneficial Omekata cult.

Marco & Ai (7th):

  • Their introduction has them mowing down the security that Akise set up. When Yukiteru thinks they're cornered due to having their apprentice diaries disabled due to the signal cut-off from the cell tower, they just simply throw those diaries away and whip out their real diaries.
  • Marco delivering one of the most awesome verbal beatdowns to the main characters pointing out the flaws in their relationship at a collapsing tower, with a pipe in his gut to boot.

Kamado (Eighth):

  • Bestowing Kosaka the power of prediction via apprentice diary which helps save his and his friends' lives.
  • You have to admit, her making third place in the Survival Game is extremely badass, considering she and her orphans never kill any diary owners themselves.

Minene (Ninth):

  • Her fight with Nishijima against the Third. Forced to a corner, handcuffed to a cop and down to one last flash grenade, luring Hiyama into the Music Room, detonating the flashbang with sound amplification thus defeating Hiyama.
  • With her eye pierced and the Fourth saving that she has nowhere to run, she responds by breaking out smokescreen and escapes on a motorcycle.
  • Despite being captured by the Twelfth, she plays the Poisonous Captive to spite him.
  • Rescuing Yuki and Yuno from the Fifth's deathtrap, giving them the antidote to the poison and giving a warning to Yuki about Yuno.
  • Getting Nishijima to arrest the Fourth, by telling him that Fourth is the one behind the murder of Tenth, which Yuki and Yuno were framed for doing. The anime even adds that she had recorded her deal with him to solidify his guilt. Upon his arrest, his diary no longer works and is forced to commit suicide.
  • Appearing before Yuki, Yuno, John, and Kamado in a motorcycle with Akise in tow who has dirt to deliver on Yuno.
    • The best part is that she pulls a grenade so that all of them can listen.
  • Her raid of the Eleventh's base where she, Nishijima and three teenagers all exploit the weakness of his diary, by overwriting their entries confusing him. He gets a way around it though.
    • The above was only possible because she asks Deus how the Eleventh's diary worked and he complies, but not before piercing her with his arm.
  • Her blase reaction to her right arm being blown off. She actually shows more reaction to Nishijima getting shot.
    • She isn't even hampered one bit despite her right arm is now a bloody stump.
    • Later she hits Yukiteru with it. So hard that her eyepatch goes flying.
  • Arm blown off, shot in the gut. Losing a LOT of blood in both situations. Still manages to stay standing. Shocking both Yukiteru and the Eleventh. She resolves to use her final weapon against the Eleventh.
  • The world is collapsing, Yuno reveals her true intentions for an eternal survival game, and Yukiteru falls into an abyss. Suddenly, from out of the shadows, Minene comes flying and rescues Yukiteru, wearing a black robe with a new eyepatch.
  • When a surprised and angry Mur Mur asked Minene how is she still alive and attacks her, Minene responds by unveiling her newly restored right arm which is a human sized version of Deus's own arm.

John (Eleventh):

Yomotsu (Twelfth):

  • In the 3rd-world he proves his worth by successfully capturing and restraining Takao Hiyama.



  • Akise's decision to Screw Destiny and go save Yukiteru by creating his own diary. Right in Deus's face.
    • A chapter or two later, he is stabbed and slashed in the neck by Yuno. Knowing that he's pretty much screwed, he decides the most he can do is give Yukiteru a final warning about Yuno by texting it into his cell, running up a hill, and shoving the message in his face. And so he does. AFTER BEING DECAPITATED. What a Determinator...
    • Not to mention how out of every character in the series he manages to be the one who pisses Yuno off the most with the simple act of kissing Yuki in front of her. Why did he do it? He wanted to show Yuno that he could. He knew how Yuno would react but he still did it anyway before facing her in a fight. Though Yuno ends up getting the last laugh here (see her own awesome moment), anyone who is brave enough to make her mad on purpose should be called a badass.
  • Akise takes on Yuno multiple times. Multiple times. Anyone who fights her and lives to tell the tale deserves some serious respect. He could very well have killed her if he wanted to, the only thing stopping him from actually doing it was his love for Yuki combined with some legitimate pity for Yuno and her mental state.


  • While most of Kosaka's "Shining Moments" fall rather short, he does get his moments such as his rescuing Yuki when he is tied up as a hostage to Yuno.
    • His greatest moment comes when he calls out Yuki on killing off his other friends for his own selfish desires before getting shot as well.
    • That scene is a Moment of Awesome for Hinata and Mao as well. Both of them stand up to Yuki while he had a gun pointed straight at them.
  • Nishijima resolving his romantic dilemma of choosing between his job and his feelings for Minene in the most awesome way.
  • Deus, naturally, gets a few of these. One that leaves a particular impression is the instance of Minene's diary being turned into a future diary in her backstory in Mosaic. Having claimed repeatedly throughout the chapter that she thinks that the idea of God is a load of BS, Minene's zip line is shot during her escape. As she falls, she remembers saying she'd never pray to God, and sees an image of her younger self crying. Time freezes and her younger self comments that she is an interesting person with the strength to clear a path to the future. Her younger self's head then tears open to reveal Mur Mur, who upgrades Minene's diary to tell her future. Minene asks who this person is, and Mur Mur asks if she really wants to know. Cue Deus making a terrifying but lasting impression.
    Deus: I am God.




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