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Drinking Game / Future Diary

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  • Sip your drink every time Yuno acts Ax-Crazy.
  • Down your drink every time Yuno kills somebody (mass events count as one drink).
  • Take a drink every time there is Disproportionate Retribution.
  • Take a drink every time there is pointless Fanservice.
  • Whenever Minene blows something up or acts Tsundere, take a drink.
  • Take a drink whenever Yuki's mom makes a suggestive remark about the nature of her son's relationship with Yuno.
  • For the dub: Take a drink whenever Yuno calls Yuki by a treacly pet name.
    • Drain the whole bottle if she just refers to him by his name.
      • Just for the love of god don't do this in the Japanese dub. You will die on the first episode.
  • When Reisuke does something evil and/or completely inappropriate for a kid, drink.
    • For extra liver damage, drink when he says something evil and/or inappropriate for a kid his age.
  • Drink whenever you notice an Off-Model character, or whenever a character's face is drawn in a way that differs from other scenes in the anime.


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