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Nightmare Fuel / Future Diary

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In accordance with Nightmare Fuel policy, all spoilers are unmarked!


If you don't find Yuno "Yandere Queen" Gasai to be very endearing and Moe, you'll most likely find her to be one of the scariest, craziest, most deranged girls in anime. Here are some examples:
  • Her initial introduction. It's made very apparent that she stalks Yukiteru. The one part that stands out the most is when she's looking through the mail slip in the door.
  • Her digging a massive hole in her house while singing about Yukiteru... then forgetting why she was digging the hole at all in the first place.
  • The crowner for this is when she first comes to the realization that everything will be okay if Tsubaki just disappeared. The pleased-as-punch look on her face as her alignment shifts permanently to Chainsaw Good is downright unsettling.
  • Yuno's Death Glare in episode 4 after overhearing that Tsubaki insulted her and told Yuki to avoid Yuno. Said scowl with shrunken irises is also used in this action figure as well.
  • During the event with Hinata, Yuno admits without blinking that she wants Yukiteru to be all alone with no friends because she wants to be the center of his world. Had Yukiteru not resigned himself to referring to her as his girlfriend to calm her down, she literally would have killed Akise, Hinata, Mao and Kosaka on the spot.
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  • When she drugs and locks up Yuki with the intention of keeping him safe and together with her. Forever. Shudder. Of course, this is after we learn that she killed her parents.
  • When you find out that this Yuno is from an earlier timeline. She's essentially gone back in time and killed herself so she could be with Yuki. There is nothing this girl won't do.
  • Then there's the implication that Yuno was going to torture Yukiteru's mother with her "tools" (weapons) unless she approved of Yuno as a potential bride for her son. She says to herself at night while giving a creepy unblinking stare in bed in the anime that it's a good thing that Yuki's mother was so nice because that way Yuno didn't have to use her "tools" (weapons) to persuade her. Also there was her suddenly opening her eyes in the anime after taking a shower and going into a Troubled Fetal Position. The music made it even creepier.
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  • This last point gets a Call-Back when Yuki's dad comes back into his life. Yuno spends the day spying on the two and Minene planning on stabbing his dad if the opportunity arises. She only backs out on the idea after believing that he's understanding like Yuki's mom.
  • The idea that Yuno was invited into the game of death together with the one she loved, killed him and everyone else and became god, only to finally reverse time to before her becoming god for the sole reason of a few hours alone with Yukiteru, only to later kill him and do it again is more scarier than anything else she had ever done in this series. Capable of making the rest of eternity be about a time loop where she kills everyone for the sake of her loved one over and over and over?
  • Yuno allowed Yuki to kill himself so she could become God and bring him back to life. When this failed she jumped back so she could be with him again for two-three months, killing all the while. When Yuki once again refuses to kill her, she intends to kill him and go back to do it all over again. Presumably indefinitely. Luckily this is only the 2nd-world.
  • A particularly disturbing mention must be given to Yuno in Chapter 49/Episode 22: Yuno has stabbed herself and Akise has left her for dead, and is trying to reach Yukiteru before he kills the Eighth and Hinata/Mao/Kousaka. Yuno, seemingly bleeding to death on the ground, calls Yuki and tells him that her diary told her that they were going to betray and kill him. Yuki, in the middle of a mental breakdown at the time, believes her and shoots (and kills) Hinata. Yuno, on the other line, starts laughing her butt off, while a shot of her diary reveals that, no, Yuki's friends weren't lying. She just didn't want them to have him. Good Lord.
  • Yuno's cheerful smile in Chapter 50/Episode 22 after stabbing Akise. There's also her furious expression in the same chapter/episode as she's watching Akise kiss Yuki and how she tells Akise completely seriously "You die here and now!"
  • In the following chapter there's also her slicing Akise across the throat and later decapitating him. Also counts as a Tearjerker.
  • The part where it's revealed that Yuno's control-freak mother, who measured everything she did from how many hours she got to sleep to how many calories she had a day, used to keep her in a cage and starve her in an effort to raise her to be a model person. Her father, meanwhile, was so busy with his job that he completely missed any of this happening. To top it off, she eventually kept them in the cage when she had enough of their treatment of her and starved them to the point where they died. What's worse is that it started out as a lesson. "This is what you were doing to me. If you promise not to do it, I'll let you go and we can be a happy family again." When they spurned her, she just left them there. Yuno now keeps her parent's corpses in a cage and talks with them. Later, she chops off their heads and carries them around with her.
  • Yuno has a unnerving habit of staring creepily at people. One notable scene is when she finds out Kurou Amano is trying to find and destroy Yuki's phone which will kill Yuki in the process.
  • When Yuno first meets Yuki she surprises him with a kiss. It's creepy rather than romantic.
  • Chapter 53/Episode 23: Yuno suddenly sitting up and spitting out the pills after she had supposedly committed a 'lovers suicide' with Yukiteru.
  • 1st-world Yuno killing 2nd-world Yuno and saying "I don't need two of me." Followed by 2nd-world Yuno writing "Help me" on the wall with her own blood upon hearing Yukiteru's voice.
  • In the follow-up manga titled Redial... Yuno Gasai of the 3rd-world is shown to be a normal school girl. With friends and family. Just one problem with that. She is haunted by the dreams that contain details of this story, the first Yuno's story. It make her feel like something, someone is missing... and the FIRST thing that she goes and does is begin stalking her world's Yuki
    • SUPPOSEDLY normal. In the anime, she's sitting with her friends when she looks out the window and sees 3rd-world Yuki with the girl he'd originally been crushing on. Her hands tremble as she clutches her cup of tea and her voice sounds a little strained as she tells her friends she's fine. For the observant it suggests that 1st-world Yuno supplanted her analog AGAIN in this new world, if only to observe Yuki from a distance.
  • Any form of Fan Disservice with Yuno involved, ranging from holding her parents' skulls whilst in her underwear to her clothes being ripped and on the verge of being gang-raped by Tsubaki's gang members.

Other Diary Users

  • The Third Diary Owner is Takao Hiyama, homeroom teacher of Yuna and Yukiteru. He's different from the other diary owners though. While the others were mayors, terrorists, cops, or even school children, this guy is a SERIAL KILLER. Oh, and boy is he paranoid about being caught. As the serial killer he is, Hiyama wears a hat/wig thingy to hide his identity, a gas mask with goggles and a bulletproof and apparently EXPLOSIVE-proof jacket. This makes him impervious to almost ANYTHING. His trademark weapon is a MACHETE. Oh, he also keeps a diary that records his victims and decides how to best corner and inevitably kill them. He didn't get much screen time in the end, but if it wasn't for him, Yukiteru's identity as First most likely would have stayed secret for longer as he was the first one to discover him (with possibly the exception of Eleventh, but he had hax). This guy is THE killer.
  • Reisuke (The Fifth) is a prime example. A 4-year-old who floods the entire Yuki household with poisonous gas in order to kill Yuki and Yuno. The innocent expression he keeps throughout just makes it creepier.
  • Tsubaki aka the Sixth's back story and what she threatened Yuno with.
  • John aka the Eleventh's ideals: He's basically a Hitler who can see the future.
  • Yuki's transformation into a Well-Intentioned Extremist bordering on Axe-Crazy almost as frightening as Yuno. It's Break the Cutie, Corrupt the Cutie, Start of Darkness, Sanity Slippage, and Toxic Friend Influence all rolled up into a drawn out, horrifying ordeal. And he is just a fourteen year old boy... What makes this worse is that some viewers/readers were actually cheering when Yuki finally snaps and starts killing people wantonly. Sure, he Took a Level in Badass, but when he's killing Eighth's orphans, using Minene and Nishijima as bait to lure Eleventh and his goons, and murdering his friends in cold blood, you almost start missing the old Yuki.
  • Chapter 57 also has Yuno releasing the seals on Mur Mur. Which in turns makes Mur Mur rabid. Which in turn has her bite off Uryuu's arm. Christ.
  • Yukiteru attempts to destroy Minene's cell phone by throwing a dart, but she moves the phone away from her face, resulting in the dart meeting her eye. She gets second scoop of Eye Scream, when she is drugged by Twelfth, and unable to fight back, has her bad eye plucked out of her head. By hand.


  • Kurou Amano, Yuki's dad, appears in Chapter 30 claiming to just want to check on his son, but it turns out that he has only returned to destroy Yukiteru's diary in order to fulfill a deal with Eleventh. Despite his only clear desire being to free himself from his debts, he does try to save Yuki when the latter almost falls to his death, but takes the parachute away from Yuki before the tower crumbles soon after. He then stabs his wife when she tries to take him to the police and escapes, though is stabbed to death himself two chapters later by the Eleventh's men.
  • The third opening of the anime is downright gruesome - a naked Yuno is seen standing in an iron maiden (a torture device) just as the spiked door closes, all the diary owners are seen dying or dead, mostly Impaled with Extreme Prejudice. Twelfth, Fifth and Third are all bleeding from their faces or drowning in their own blood, Eighth explodes into a pile of blood, Eleventh dies with a goblet of his own blood, Seventh die in each other's arms whilst bleeding and stabbed, Ninth and Fourth shoot each other, and Sixth crying tears of blood in a room filled with dead naked men. And then Yuno steps towards a guillotine as the blade comes down. Tenth's bloody fate is not shown but maybe that's for the best.
  • Mur Mur's One-Winged Angel, while she is normally cute and bratty then JESUSCHRIST!
  • A few of the OST tracks count. "Cries from Avici" is a very good example, and it's even worse when you translate the lyrics, which are all about her not fearing Hell because it's what she lives every single day. Brrr... And the rabid, wild pace of Third's theme "Antares CR 302", fits perfectly for a Serial Killer.

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